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    I’m starting a boutique, fresh, fun tour company in sunny Perth, Western Australia…the tours take people on day trips to sightsee nature, wilderness and animals. The coast where I go is affectionately called “the torquiose coast” so thats where i get the name torquoise from, and the ocean water is torquoise….

    A few names I have come up with so far:

    torquoise tours

    torquoise trail blazers

    torquoise coast trail blazers


    I wanna get peoples thoughts on whether its better to go shorter or go with the longer name torquoise coast trailblazers ( i think that name is the best but it would be very long as a domain name. Could the domain name be    BUT   keep the longer name torquoise coast trailblazers OR torquoise trailblazers???

    I think tours is a better key word BUT trailblazers is a far better word to describe my company and it has trail in it so is linked to travel…

    Do you think torquoise is too obscure a word for the general public to understand??

    Is trail blazers relevant enough a word to be linked to tours??

    So what do you think?

    Any suggestions???



    – have a nice day 🙂





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    I like both Turquoise Tours & Turquoise Coast Trailblazers. For example,

    Turquoise Tours | trailblazing day trips in sunny Perth

    Turquoise Coast Trailblazers | experience the natural beauty of Perth


    – keep domain name & biz name same

    – heads up: Turkey has a turquoise coast too

    – no, “turquoise” not too obscure

    – as for using “trailblazers,” I’d say it depends on what kind of day trips/tours you offer. more passive/sightseeing or active/adventure?

    hope that’s helpful. good luck, masterblaster


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      Thats some really great advice….

      The tours are funky and fresh. My commentary is similar to a radio host or MC, and we would have little quizzes, competitions, treasure hunts, australian themes like music, food and pop culture….its a full day of awesome entertainment not just a same lame boring coach tour for the masses!! haha

      So i would like to go with something fresh fun and funky to go with the style of the tours that I run!!

      I do like the – trailblazing day tours in sunny perth ( so i could still keep trailblazing which i like )

      The only reason i dont like torquoise coast trailblazers is the length of the name, but thats also the reason i like it too. the length makes it cool and memorable!

      Its a dilemma!


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    hi i need a littres names for my resturand

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