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    • Researcher
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      I am about to open a new business which will provide the following services:

      • Web design
      • Web development
      • Website makeover
      • Branding
      • Web hosting and domain name registration
      • E-marketing
      • Virtual IT assistance (Facebook page management, website content management, Email replies and Technology consultancy, On call IT hardware and network support).

      We will be dealing with business owners as their IT department / support. (Some of the suggested slogans: Your IT partner, Your IT department, Your Tech virtual office.)


      • To enable business owners to rise through technology and make them present themselves through the web professionally and elegantly.
      • To be their wise and trusted friend/support/help/aid/team in their everyday IT tasks.
      • To be the first thing comes in mind when any business owner wants reliable, trusted solution for anything related to the IT and technology.

      Your ideas are highly appreciated.

      Thank you.

    • snark
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      IT House

      The IT Stop

      Web Dynamics



      IT Connection

      Flying Bits

      Plug N Play


    • Researcher
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      Thanks a lot for the names, IT House and IT stop are closer to the idea but if there is a name from 1 word, something like : “Innovix” I liked that company name because it’s a one word, so it’s easy to remember and also holds the company message which is “Innovation”.


    • Jane
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      Hardware and network support seem to me to be so separate from branding and web design that I’m having trouble thinking of a word that encompasses both, never mind E marketing.

      However, with that in mind, and looking at snark’s list, something with the word Connect or Connection or Connecting might work, as that could denote internal connections (the IT part) as well as external (the web, branding, design, marketing part).

    • Researcher
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      Hello Jane,

      I loved your way of thinking about it as internal and external.

      It feels like the business will provide ‘Whole’ or ‘Complete’ IT services/Solutions for the customers.

      I will consider this idea too.


      Thank you.

    • Bass
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      How about SourceIT ?  one word that’s suggestive of getting IT services.

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