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Need name for coffee / candy store (04/05/04)

My hubby and I are opening a coffee / candy store and are coming up short on name ideas. We will be selling old fashioned bagged candy (from gummies, to chocolates, to mints, to Swedish fish) as well as mixed nuts, and peanuts in bulk (up to 20lb bags). We will also be selling gourmet coffee beans and coffee supplies and accessories (grinders, coffee pots, filters, flavored creams…), not quite so much actual cups of coffee or lattes or things like that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Afternoon Delight
Bean Me Up
Beans & BonBons
BonBons & Beans
Candy Cafe
Chewy Brewy
Hubby’s Cafe
Jellies and Java
Le Bon Bean
Lumps and Brewses
Sipp & Nibble
Snack Shack
Sweet Brews
Sweet Confections
Sweet Java
The Candy Grinder
The Caffeine Confectionary
The Jumping Bean
The Sweet Life
The Sweet Shop Coffee House
Treat & Bean

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  1. rebrandingmybusiness

    Like: Beans & BonBons…Could also read “Beans ‘n BonBons” (rolls easily off the tongue)
    Also like: Jellies & Java…but the word jellies is too specific compared to bon bons.

    I do really like the concept of the 1st letters matching, if possible. It also makes for a very nice logo; for example, with the second letter B horizontally mirrored/backwards (not using the & sign).

    Dislike: Afternoon delight… because (if you’re perhaps unaware?) it’s a reference to having sex in the afternoon. Unless you also plan to sell products with crude/crass names & sayings, this reference may deter a large segment of potential customers.

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