When you have heard the sound of one hound laughing, you’ll know. When you’ve absorbed the fluid of these 276 mindstains, you’ll flow:

100 Snoring Elephants
A boiling coy gathers no flan.
A boy, a bean, and twelve small stones.
A Buddy Holly Past Life
A Dumb Doodle-Head Who Only Eats Once Every Three Months
A Frailty of Meadow
A hod carrier wipes his brow, clears his throat, spits.
A Jury of One’s Periodondists
A Merry Rice Can Dream
A Millipede Dreams of Christmas
A Minute in the Life
A Moratorium of Good Health
A Noble Asking
A Picture of Parables
A Pigeon Fortnight
A Pillow For a Floormat
A Plate of Paté on a Pate
A Portal of Insignificance
A Portion of Infinity
A Prawn of Jellies
A psychological offering to the pigeons.
A Rotary Dialer Ought Naught To Rush
A Self-Perplexed Stumped Antelope
A Sentence of Cages
A Shadow of Sunlight
A Shaquille of Sheqels
A Silence of Moments
A slow-motion shower of Kudos falling.
A Smack of Consciousness
A Swelter of Saints
A Telling of Bees
A Well Meaning Old Toad
Absinthe makes the mime grow fondler.
Absinthe makes the mind grow fondler.
After the bone is thrown the dog pets its tail.
Age makes Buddhists of us all.
All Hype is 50% Truth
All the World is Staged
All the World’s A Sage
An enemy of gravity weighs in.
An eternity is a very long day.
Are We Dying Vain to Do It?
Are you from the peanut gallery or what?
Aura Imploring Alice
Bark to the four directions and paw the ground in sparrow.
Be a Green Thumb in Your Mind Garden
Being and Fluffiness
Beneath A Rock and A Hard Place
Bliss Turd
Bone Afraid
Bring your wishes and your well.
Bring your wishes and you’re well, come.
Buddha My
Bull Throttle
Bygones Be Gone
Cabbage Training
Conned, Some Are Confidants
Crossing two rivers on one bridge
Daddy elephant has a goatee.
Degree in measure is truth
Do not tarry when submitting to the queen
Do You Haiku?
Doctor Dartania Will See You Now
Door Number Three is locked.
Dot Commm…
Ear Blind
Eclipting Moonhead
El Toro Why
Eugene’s wife is also Eugene’s cousin.
Everything – it’s just a small part of Something.
Exhaustion is the springboard to dreams.
Expect the unexpected and it won’t happen.
Eye Deaf
Faraway Nearness
Folding the River
Foodchain Hummingbird
For Whom the Goldfish Trolls
Forget the taste of my button. Enter remains before trumpet.
Fossils Age of Mineral Springs
Free Chi
Free the Bees
Glass Salad
Go to your Rumi, young man.
Gobi or not Gobi, that is the question.
God is my Buddha
Haiku do you think you are?
Half a fool is the empty glass.
Half full is the empty glass
Hallo Hollow
Handwriting on the Wallpaper
Harry Cane an Able Gail
Has anyone seen my glass eye?
Have Full
He Wept All His Invisibles
He who has not grinned may flash the first passerby.
He who was not stoned may cast the first sin.
Hearts of Palm Inc.
Himalayan Pool Party
Hold the Mayflower
Hot Bowl of Ice
How can you not like peanut flavor?
I changed my different mind.
I gnu I could count on ewe.
I have leapt tranquillity, and vaulted straight for the obscure.
I Rewrote Yardi In Helix
I Speak to No One
Idle Hands are the Devil’s PlayStation
If all the world’s a stage then this is live television.
Ignore Ants
In cases of unusual punishment swallow the hallucinations whole.
Inevitable Aesthetic
Infinity Miles Per Hour
Ink Festival
Intrepid Sludge
Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?
It’s all fun and games till somebody gets lice!
Jovian Windsock
Just Say Know
Kissing Buddha
Lack of Planet
Life Without Prawns
Life’s Ebola Cherries
Like nature needs a handout.
Loathsome And Then Some
Logic Has No Owner
Look Beyond the Beyond
Lounging in a Miser’s Cochlea
Magellanic Penguin Cloud
Mayhem Introduce Myself
Memory Breathes Desire
Miami Over Moon
Mind You Speak
Monkey Buzz-Cuts
Moses Supposes
Mourn the Iguana
Mumble Be
My eyes are filled with moss and turnips.
Mystic Blowout
Neau Whirled
Negative Toad
Neitsche Forest
Never look a zen horse in the third eye.
New Whirled Order
New World Same People
No Ledge
Nose Blind
Note the knot on the wall, knocked, into the hall.
Nothing More Than Nothing
Notify monument
Null Ocean
Nun Conundrum
Odd Belgium
Old Men Eat Cookies
Old Money Problems
On We
One little child understands Tuesday’s lunch
One who is in love with an old tree has the clout of a flea.
Only paranoiacs sell chocolate standing.
Opportunity is tragedy spelled backwards.
Or Dusty Baker’s dozen lozenges tip-toeing lockstep into a proto-Arabian forest of tuna, wet sockets, and cream cheese.
Orange bird fly alone.
Ovals are Forever
Over there in a ditch, on the hill, lies the picnic still.
Ox Eat Moron
Pandora’s Bush
Pastor Present
Play Chicken with Your Karma
Poetic Justice of the Peace
Pontoon Eternity
Poor Trot of a Horse Player
Prod the Red Tree
Pulse me into daylight swarming.
Putting your face where your feet should be.
Pyroclastic Northampton Ureter
Quality is a Grain of Sand
Quant You Want
Quarks Don’t Care!
Question Quest
Raffling Feathers for Birds of all Stripes
Rain Monkey
Remember the good ol’ days when we thought things were bad?
Remembrance of Bruises in Places
Remind your superiority complex to plant their feet without smoking grass.
Rude, A Walking Ham
Rule Oar
Sand Waves
Save the Ants
Secrets of Turtle
Self is Team
She doesn’t appreciate Burl.
Show Me the Monkey
Silver of Mine
Six Degrees of Jesus Snacks
Smores and Greedy Ants
So Long Barleycorn
Some old guy in Podunk hasn’t opened the envelope yet.
Somewhere an octopus is snoring.
Soul You Know
Sow the Know
Spoiling the crack of dawn casts the first anchor.
Stuck on Your Flower
Subtle Little One
Swallow the Porcupine
Syndrome and Katie
Tail of the Snail
the alphabet predicts our memories.
The Anti Matters
The Beginning of the End of the Road
The Days of Zero
The End of Now
The End of the End of the Road
The ending is always a beginning.
The Glass is Half Fool
The glass is half full of emptiness.
The glass is neither half full nor half empty.
The Guru is You
The Hip Knows Therapy
The last song in the jukebox has never been played.
The Opportunity of Knocks
The Pizza Will Kiss You
The Potato Constant
The price of nature has just gone up.
The Pull It’s Ear Prize
The shortest distance between two points is irrelevant.
The sleep of reason may breed monsters, but the sleep of automobiles breeds Dan’s Towing.
The smell of one hand clapping
The Sound of Kudos Falling
The Sound of Musak Falling
The Truth and the Whey
The Veracity of Slugs
There are no atheists on the benches.
To dig a pig pit you gotta’ get up very early.
Tomorrow is the next day of the rest of your life.
Tomorrow is the second day of the rest of your life.
Tomorrow Never Comes…Easy
Tomorrow Never Drives
Tooth Biter
Torn – A Doe Heads Forest
Tournequet Umbrella
Trance Action
Turned On By a Dime
Twenty Thousand Leaves Under the Tree
Two Birds
Two book ends with the Universe between them.
Upper In The Lower
Visions from the Snail’s Mind
Visualize World Piecemeal
Watering Whole
Wax Nest
We love to seethe. You smile?
Welcome To Mind
What Ice Age Goes
What’s That I Fear?
Where have all the data gone?
Whey Grace
Who are you now?
Who pee bird pay?
Why Tokyo Que?
Wilted Perch
Witness A Thyroid
Word of Moths
Working in an echo chamber with legs.
Xeno Knows What Shirt You Wear
Yesteryear the Fear of Future
Yogurt Transformation
You are the nipple of my eye.
You have the bragging rights to remain silent.
You Live, You Lean, You Die
You’re as Old as You’ll Never Be
You’re as Young as You’ll Ever Be

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