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10 gallon that hats boiled or authorization your conference.
A dream ulcer in vacationing Canadians.
A Dumb Doodle-Head Who Only Eats Once Every Three Months
A hungry grope signaling regret under another heart-heavy learning.
A momentary delusion of roses in wine sauce.
A psychological offering to the pigeons.
A rubber monkey lodged in the wheelwell.
A Self-Perplexed Stumped Antelope
A softness in the seats comforts exquisite leather plushness.
A taste of living things.
A Thinking Man’s Turtle
Accidentally purchased while fairly bargain.
Accumulated interest from your bread toastal waters crumby soup.
Activate me – I will eat you gingerly.
Actually not normally pencil-driven.
Adults must pay for the damage caused by you.
Advanced Lizard Probabilities
After shave is certain rebel mothers.
After the bone is thrown the dog pets its tail.
Airbags installed for your failure projection.
All my Christmas wanting for a tattooed hand in his pocket.
Alpha Moyle
Amost Free – One Dollar
Anxious Anticipation Pumped
Apply cramping to stationary and measure silent water.
Atheistic Nativity Tomb
Aunt Your Mama
Average sweat makes its silent claims foretold.
Bacteria Love Song
Begin Status Relapse
Believeth not in He of whom I know not of Him.
Best Pot in County
Blind Salt Pythons
Broad and Cough Man
Buy it now save more then.
Caution signals a precision mounting active.
Chopping off the executive branch in a declaration of sovereign tree.
Class of tango happens nightly inside super.
Clown Party Revisited
Cotton Mouth Samples
Designing our way out of the box.
Dispose the active housing improperly to dumb waiter.
Do not tarry when submitting to the queen
Do you believe in maggots?
Donde Esta Wavos Grandes?
Don’t double you lucked out.
Ear Reverend
Eugene’s wife is also Eugene’s cousin.
Every return of your car to her parents quarters.
Excuse me, Ma’am, but my lion has fondled your memory.
Excuse my trends, encroaching higher leather.
Excuse your patented oval membrane spilled over new coils.
Famous cultural insect invites nations to join.
Five Fetus Snow
Five fingers should be given entry to best pound tightly.
Flush Burning with conflagrant spacing unless adhesive refuses to budge.
Foodchain Hummingbird
Forget me a several tidings, justice.
Forget the taste of my button. Enter remains before trumpet.
Free Form Woe
From humbled beginnings your favorites gained flavor.
From Zilla to perspective, made overt pattern of bronze water.
Get Crazy At Me
Gimme Swelter
Gladhanding porcupines in forests of salt.
Good Woody
Grab a Snatch at Tasty Clap House
Grab Wound Tightly with Tape and squeeze merrily.
Greedy Fries and Plugs
Harboring Seals and Croft Terrorists
Have all your salads baked before heating?
Have you pardon be seen our tiny airplane?
Heart melting with chocolate and its balls of fire.
Horse Maxi
I got my postwar period.
I have questioned your salty number.
I licked it and it cleaned around.
In cases of unusual punishment swallow the hallucinations whole.
In our human world a car on the road is about five more.
In terms of sale not more or less than what?
Independent Geniuses…Same Vibes.
Insert A Cable into A Hole, Jack
Install at high temperature for lasting sweetness.
Is that dirty in your closet?
Is there a pharmacy near the house of football?
It’s been happy tasting fire with you.
Jelly Baby Red
Lamspoon Fed
Latin Buttock Party
Manu From Noble Missouri
Mayhem Introduce Myself
Mister have I gotten it has million plus.
Mister, my coffee bean is ready always.
Most potato baby having nice days into Spring.
Multiple Cake
My faith in tootie-fruit has beneath other fountains.
Nasal Picnic
Never not to give your password outside to no matter whom.
Notify monument
Oil salad and fried French, moxie.
One who is in love with an old tree has the clout of a flea.
Open female battery cartridge when vibrations have quickened.
Our happy fern-built embers fan even tallest flame.
Passive Fest
Peek at the side! It now has wings! A permanent purple, finally?
Pine Trees and Poundcake
Place upright screw over whole socket.
Please pass this massage to your president.
Please paste this on to your landlord.
Please save momentary salad offerings under auspicious circumstances always.
Plug into God farm and hear new sunsets behave.
Plus Treat and Oasis
Port of Saul Bellow
Profit loses into the stream, net builds gain into growing.
Pulse me into daylight swarming.
Quicken dose upon releasing capsule.
Rare shark ingredients captivating taste, Bud.
Recommended Daily Endowment
Reflected object may be nearer to you than she.
Relief Ministry
Remember the fruit on the mountain? It tastes happy.
Remembrance of Bruises in Places
Remind your superiority complex to plant their feet without smoking grass.
Repeal on Demand all unsightly breaths.
Requesting Urges
Rickety Martians Eating Eminems
Rounding A Mushroom Corner
Schwarzkopf her natural color pigment of your imagination oriental.
Screw strongly the top of the coffeepot on the little tank but don’t prize on the handle.
Self Appointed Disaster
Self-addressed Stamped Doggie Bag
Serve notice befallen sweathearts wholedup within.
Snark Raving Mad
Snark Roving Mod
Some Much More
Sordid by color, soccer in my drawers.
Spoiling the crack of dawn casts the first anchor.
Standing Chocolate
Stark Raining Mud
Statues limiting service time in one or another’s trousers.
Taken one by a time in measured feelings music.
Tell your mistress we will be picking her over at St. James Rotisserie.
That puts a gulf war between us that cannot be bridged.
The Achilles Tendency
The clean hands of dinner timing.
The Dankest Her is Just Before Don
The Featured Artichoke
The First Internet-ready Shoulder Pads
The Grim Reader
The home team was growing round.
The last meal was taken with grand constipation upon retirement to isolated chambers.
The people untied will never be deep fried.
The Pizza Will Kiss You
Thermal utensil sold over free.
This camera put before your third eye and focus.
This recliner springs off motion cycles.
Thriving yourself well with an agenda to boot.
Touch me actually in many places again.
Touch razor counter-clocksmart until chime touches four.
Turn computer on before shutting off computer.
Turned On By a Dime
We will furnish dentures for your most tarnish.
Welcome Back Qatar
What if it’s Christmas for my boogers?
With caution trains forthcoming anew.
You Are Imported to Me
Your one-stop shop for twice-shipped shop stops.
Your testament makes bold commentary of the justice.
Your transaction is encountered upon receipt of verification.
Your very own clown nose.
Zoot A. Larz

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