From “100 Snoring Elephants Couldn’t Drive Me Away” to “Zoom Over to Pakistan”, Wordlab…we’re giving it away — 5215 taglines or slogans at a time:

100 Snoring Elephants Couldn’t Drive Me Away
1000 BC (Before Coffee)
2012 – McStarbucks is Your Kind of Place
24 Carrot Care
24 Carrot Healthcare
24 Carrot Seven
29 Psalms for 29 Palms
3D Design From the Inside Out
3D Imaging for the New Era.
3D Me!
3Deem Yourself
3Deeming Qualities
40 Winks of Certain
50 Years and One Small Fire – Jaycee Got Us Through
6 Billion People Can’t Be Wrong
8 Billion People Can’t Be Wrong
A Baby Bean Counter
A Baby Maybe
A Batch Made in Heaven
A Beachball of Circumstance
A Better Brand of Bland
A Better Brand of Brain
A Better Brand of Bunny
A Better Brood
A Better Building Code
A Better Future Through Phonics
A Better Head of Cheese
A Better Pill to Swallow
A bigger pipe for faster banking.
A Bread Crumb’s Crumb
A Breath of French Air
A breath of fresh air. Ohio.
A Brisket a Tasket
A Bubble of a Vision
A Bubble of Ideas
A Bush in the Hand is Better
A Caliber of high caliber…Smith and Wesson
A CALM Advantage
A Candy Ass View
A Career You Can Glean From
A career you can take an Interest in.
A Care-Full Balance of our Nature…and Theirs
A Chip off the Old Block…Intel
A Chorus of Snores
A Christian Oasis
A City of Life
A Clean Bill of Healthcare
A Clean Billing of Health
A Clean Sweep of Faith
A Clean Sweep!
A Cloud to Stand On
A Clown Nose Best
A Coffee Institution
A Collection to Build On…Bon Tools
A Community network dedicated to growing local commerce by empowering local consumers.
A Community That Cares
A Comprehensive Toothpaste Solution
A Comptroller of Everyday Life
A Conservative’s Guide to Sex
A cool, refreshing spray of customer service.
A Costco Sized Can of Worms
A Count For All Seasons…Transylvania
A dear in the headlights is worth two in the bush.
A Debtor Brand of Banking
A Dental Practice You Can Gleem From
A Dolt Supervision
A donation to a food bank is an investment in life.
A dream ulcer in vacationing Canadians.
A Drive by Shining
A Fact Sheet for the Up and Coming
A Failure of Probabilities
A financial Renaissance in your household budget.
A Fixture in the Future
A fleet with no bilge. Salvation Navy.
A Formula For Success…Carnation Baby Formula
A Foundation For Future Excellence
A Foundation of Future
A Fresh Bottle of Beauty
A Friend in Deed
A Fruity Full of Flavor
A Full-Service Toothpaste
A Function of Formats
A Future in Phonics
A Future Is Mined
A Future Suited to Your Needs
A Greenhou$e For Start-Ups
A Gyro to Remember
A Happy Quiz
A harbinger for the 22nd century.
A harbinger for the 23rd century.
A Hassle Free Technical Team. IndeServe.
A Heap of Truffles
A Heart Full of Flowers…Kinmokusei
A Helping Gland
A High Seas Leaf-Blower Bacchanalia
A hod carrier wipes his brow, clears his throat, spits.
A Jabrappin’ Millennium Celebration
A Keiretsu of Flavor
A Kinder Gentler Pyramid Scheme
A Kinder Gentler Scumbag
A Kinder Gentler Testosterone
A kinder, gentler eyesore.
A little bit of everything at bargain prices.
A little down, a great 5.25% interest rate and a whole lotta lovin’!
A Little of Booth
A Living Loan
A living loan you can build a dream on.
A match made in Heaven, with profits made on Earth.
A Meeting Place for Minds.
A Melting of Potbellies
A Mensch in Time
A Merry Rice Can Dream
A Message Direct From Our Hearts For A Limited Time Only
A Midsummer’s Ice Cream
A Mild Case of the Plague
A Mild Catastrophe
A Millennium for the Whole Family
A Million Doll Hairs
A Millipede Dreams of Christmas
A Moment of Science
A Mortgage of Hopelessness
A Mouth Watering Sensation…Washington Apples.
A name you can trust for reliable cars. Christensen Motors.
A Net’s Eye View of the Inner You.
A New Generation of Balance
A New Kind of Firm
A New Kind of Healthy
A New Kind of New
A new kind of spirit. Godka
A new millennium…another excuse to party.
A New Perspective on Perspective
A New Perspective on Your World
A New Revolution In Planetary Vision
A New Strain of Turkey
A Nietzsche Minute
A Nobel Undertaking
A Noble Asking
A Norse is a Norse, of course, of course.
A Pain in the Carafe
A Parrot In Every Pot
A particularly firm grasp of tomorrow…Today. Merrill Lynch.
A Paws for station identification!
A Penny To The Pope
A Perfect Imperfection
A Picture of Parables
A Pigeon Tour of Italy
A pigment of your imagination.
A Pillow For a Floormat
A Place of Pride
A Planet of Quality
A Plaster Cast of Characters
A Plate of Paté on a Pate
A Point of Known Return
A Pond of Dreams
A Pop Lexicon
A Portal to Peace
A Potbelly of Fortune
A prawn you can bet on.
A Precisionist of Opportunity
A procession of possibilities.
A Queasy Sense of Déjà Vu
A quick fix of Prawns.
A reason to get out of the office.
A Relationship You Can Bank On
A Renaissance in your pocketbook.
A Revolution in Vinyl Cleaner!
A rock in the dolmas.
A roll you can be proud of, do your part…Charmins
A Security Blanket? Yes. We’ll have you covered with on-line insurance
A Silence of Moments
A Siren of Trust
A sloganeering freight train!
A slow-motion shower of Kudos falling.
A smarter kind of television, and other oxymorons.
A Solid Foundation for a Brighter Future
A Spirited Look at Death
A Splashing Good Time!
A springboard to a new you.
A stiff shot for your Dark Night of the Soul.
A Stubby a day keeps the Grim Reaper away!
A Successful Failure
A Surge of Lethargy
A System of Happy Accidents
A Tale of Two Answers
A Tangent Worth Exploring
A Taste Sensation For The Entire Family
A Team of Tangents
A Texas-size Tsunami of Tswimming Tspeed
A Thinking Man’s Turtle
A Tiger or Two
A Toll Bridge For Ideas
A Town to Believe In
A town you can believe in.
A Travel Revelation
A true better business bureau.
A truly innovative play space for today’s truly innovative youth.
A truly innovative play space for truly innovative youth.
A Tsunami of Circumstance
A Tsunami of Trouble
A two-ply piece of paradise.
A veritable alphabet soup orgy!
A way to keep moving.
A Well Meaning Old Toad
A When-When Situation
A whole new flavor of pharmaceuticals.
A whole new idea of ideas…Synergy Advertising
A Whole New Pizza Experience
A wink and a smile.
A Win-When? Situation
A Win-Win Situation You Can Feel Good About
A Working Relationship.
A world of information in a central location…Dell Computers
A World Without Decaf
Above and Abettor
Above Procrastination
Absinthe makes the mime grow fondler.
Absinthe makes the mind grow fondler.
Abuse Of Powder
Abused Home Needs New Parents.
Acceptance is the reward of the Heart…A.H.A
Accessorize to the Occassion
Achievement Starts Within
Achieving a balance between our nature…and theirs.
Achy Breaky Chatterbox
Action Floss Figure
Activate Your Plans
Adagio for Stringbeans
Add a Little Louisville
Add It Up
Adenoidal Evidence
Admit defeat…we can’t be beat!
Adrenal Lines
Adult-free zone (they wouldn’t understand anyway).
Advanced Beauty – Throwback Prices
Advanced Beauty for Less
Advanced Calculation Engine
Advanced Illustration Services…Peacock Advertising
Advanced medical imaging means not having to remember our name.
Advanced Service – Retro Prices
Advanced Service – Throwback Prices
Advanced Shopping
Advancing Together
Advertising in Overdrive
African ePlosion!
African High Speed Internet
After all is said and done. Kleenex tissues.
After the Crowds Have Gone We’ll Still Be Here
Against the Grain Gang
Age makes Buddhists of us all.
Ageless Lessons for Youth!
Agent N the Human Q-Tip
Agents Broken Cover
Ain’t too Proud to Bag
Air To Trade
Airsick Motokross at Red K
Al or None
Alaska. The Phat One.
Albright Lion Territory – Swim At Your Own Risk!
Albright Lions – Baddest Cats in the League
Albright Lions – Clawing the Water
Albright Lions – the others are just pussycats.
Albright Lions swim hard because there are a few dips in the pool.
Albright Lions. Don’t get caught in our whirlpool.
Albright Lions. I smell dinner.
Albright Rules – We’re Not Lion’!
Albright Swimming Lions – Eating the Competition for Lunch
Albright Swimming Lions Rule the Watering Hole
Alcohol…don’t get Consumed by it!
Algotec introduces MIDAS-Medical Imaging Digital Archive System, the only way to access, view and archive complex 3-D medical images over the Internet.
Algotec means not having to remember who’s femur your not remembering
Algotec- Net-based Picture Archiving and communications systems from Head to Toe.
Algotec. Our Medical Imaging Services will knock your sockets off.
Algotec…advanced medical imaging means not having to remember our name.
Alienating Germs Since 1933
All Across the Pacific, People Are Talking
All aglow and bubbly.
All Bright, All The Time
All Fingers Are Beige In Latex
All For One, Win For All
All Hands on Deck…Chicago Carpentry
All Hype is 50% Truth
All in the Family Planning
All Leather Vehicles
All Quizzes Great and Small
All smiles, all the time.
All the World’s A Sage
All the World’s Enraged
All the World’s Estranged
All Tomorrow’s Larrys
All Tomorrow’s Parties – Today!
All too real 3D design.
All we need is some PEACE and Quiet
All Weather Leather for All Leather Lifestyles
All Weather Leather, nobody does it better.
Allow us to introduce ourselves. Lockheed Martin
Almost Contemporary
AltaLIS – Bringing High Resolution Satellite Mapping Down to Earth.
AltaLIS – Mapping the Future
AltaLIS – Precision Cartographic Data For Everyone.
AltaLIS – the all-seeing eye mapping the provinces.
AltaLIS – The Bigger Picture in Precision Mapping
AltaLIS Mapping – For the Big Picture
AltaLIS Precision Mapping – now you CAN afford the very best cartographic data.
ALternative Jesus
Amagansett – Again and Again
Amagansett Against It
Amagansett Am I
Amagansett Go Around
American Whey
America’s love affair with the avocado is turning into a full-fledged romance.
America’s Mouth
America’s soul.
An Adventure in Four Seasons Cutlery!
An Alarm Clock For The American Dream
An Arts Center for the Family, the Community, the World!
An ATM for Your Memory
An Emeryville of Internet Companies
An endless free refill of hope.
An Enigma Waiting to Happen
An Enterprising Relationship
An eternity is a very long day.
An impressionable sponge, enthralled by those around him.
An INCubator For Start-Ups
An oasis in your desert
An Objective Suited to Your Needs
An Ocean of Oil Patches
An Ocean of Techie Gifts
An Ocean of Trust
An old world name for the new millenium.
An on-line Cornucopia!
An Overflowing Cup of Hot Kafka
An unknown mold growing on the taxidermied moosehead in the foyer.
Anadarko Petroleum – We Know the Drill
Anadarko Petroleum – We’ll Patch You Through
Angel-Headed Quipsters
Animal Pharm
Anne and Rex, Oh Yeah
Another Childproof Lifestyle Choice
Another Fresh Kill by the Home Hunter
Another hep cat gets down with the dogs.
Another Larry TV Show
Another Millennium (but who’s counting?)
Another reason to get up in the morning. Beef.
Another trip of a lifetime.
Antenna to God
Any Other Candidate 2004
Anytime, Anywhere…Zilla.
Apollo Elite – The God of Sports Drinks
Appear to Appear
Apple Churnover
Appreciating the Past–Looking to the Future
April Showers of Song
Aqua Duck
Are you a data junkie or just a bandwidth hog?
Are you as high as our standards.
Are you bored of Governors?
Are you from the peanut gallery or what?
Are you talkin’ to me? TrinTel.
Arm – in – Arm to the Future
Aromatherapy never stood a chance anyway.
Around the World on 80 Cents
Arousing Consequences
Art on the page in three dimensions.
Artemis, the Protector in your purse
Artemis, the Salty Pepper Spray
Arthur Miller Time
Artichokes Are Forever
Artichokes Never Forget
As a Matter of Fast
As Existential as it Gets
A’s In the Hole
As Optimal As Possible
As the World Burns
Ascending Tomorrow
As-Is Never Felt So Good
Ask Jesus
Ask me how to earn part time fun money…in your spare time
Ask Us
Asterisk Management
At Christensen, our family cares about your family.
At last, a Y2K Bug we can feel good about. HealthBug.
At Renaissance, our Tax People only make money when you save it, lots of it.
At Slanty we’re lucky to have a Net behind us, to catch us when we’re falling down drunk!
At Slanty.Net, nobody knows what Dave does!
At some point, quantity IS the quality.
At Worldo…what comes around goes around.
Attend the Fair before the Cluck ticks away!
Auction Powers
Audio Rebirth
Auto Bon Bons
Awareness is 9/10ths of Personal Safety
Awareness is 9/10ths of Security
Awareness is the first step, let’s take it together
Axing Regis and Kathy Lee by cancelling one show.
B Cool 2 School
Baby Boomers Paradise
Baby soft, daddy tough, mommy kind when it’s rough.
Baby You Can Drive My Truck.
Back on the road in no time…Dan’s Towing.
Back to Clown Scool
Back up the Truck with Ford Tough!
Back up the Truck with Savings
Back up the Truck with Value
Back up the Truck with Zero Percent Financing!
Back up the truck!
Backs Over Easy at SpasmCity.
Back-Up the Truck with Dataguard Systems
Bag It!
Bag of Courage
Bagel Train
Bagging Rights
Bakin’ Greece
Balancing Action
Bali Who
Ballroom Dancers do it on all floors.
Bandwidth – Bandwithout
Bang-a-gong, look it’s gone!
Bank On Us
Bank On Us to Preserve Your Data.
Banking On the Future
Banking with Special Interest
Bare Foot Protection
Barely Bacon
Barely Believable
Bargains Galore at the Big Little Store
Barnacle Power
Bashtek. It’ll bash into your stomach.
BBQ Force
BBQ Your Head Off
Be a busy bee, not a litterbug. Keep our hive clean.
Be a good neighbor while doing God’s labor.
Be a Green Thumb in Your Mind Garden
Be Heart Smart! Don’t skip a beat when it comes to visiting your Cardiologist
Be Oil you can be.
Be Your Own Bosonova
Beachball of Success
Beast all you can Beast
Beast of Chris Burden
Beat On The Path
Beauteous Maximus
Beautifully Priced
Beauty at the Touch of a Bellybutton
Beauty in a Bottle
Beauty is Only Fitness Deep
Beauty on the Cheap
Beauty, at the touch of a button.
Because a smile is a terrible thing to waste.
Because at Sizzler, the quantity IS the quality.
Because –CENSORED– is that important!
Because Clients Count
Because Every Word Matters. TrinTel.
Because Fecal Matters
Because Grace Kelly isn’t here anymore.
Because helping people is what we do best.
Because Image Isn’t Everything (yeah right!)
Because it’s none of your business until it’s your business. Anderson Consulting.
Because it’s the special moments in life we treasure most. Dan’s Towing.
Because nature isn’t just a place you visit on the weekend.
Because Performance Doesn’t Have a Bedtime
Because the environment isn’t something you visit on the weekend.
Because the fork in the road is never one-dimensional.
Because the Heart has its reasons. Know them well.
Because the world is counting on your business. Ernst & Young.
Because the World is Your Oyster.
Because Together You Can
Because Upbeat Music Makes Me Feel Upbeat
Because We Care
Because what’s on your mind shouldn’t include the phone on your ear. Trintel
Because Whole Food shouldn’t require the whole paycheck.
Because You Continue
Because your competition is aiming at you, and they’re only 14.
Because your family should ride in style. Christensen Motors.
Becoming well is not the same as well-being.
Bedrock Foundation – Peak Performance
Beef Blanket Bingo
Been there, tied that!
Been there. Delaware.
Been there…nice town!
Before people can work, they have to eat.
Beginning with the Best, and Moving Higher
Being a Muse isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Being and Fluffiness
Belch Blanket Babylon
Belch Until Your Heart’s Content. Elgin
Belfascinating Rhythm
Belfast United in Song
Belfasten Your Seatbelts
Believe in Springboard, for Springboard believes in you
Believe in Us
Believe It or Not – CHR
Believe the Hype
Believe the Unbelievable…
Believe Your Own Hype
Believing Is Seeing
Bells, Sirens, Whistles and More
Below the Underground
Belt One Forth
Ben There Done That?
Best Belches ever!
BETA Test This!
Beta-Care for Teens
Beta-testing the Future.
Better Laughs Through Chemicals
Better liquid than powder. Coors.
Better Networks for Better Business
Better Promises
Better than a ton of krill.
Better Than Dead
Better Than Iowa
Better than the Average Bland
Better than the rest. Faster too. Oh yeah, and we cost less.
Better than your brain.
Better Treatment, Better Service.
Better, Not Bitter
Between Forgetting and Remembering…
Between here and success lies the foundation necessary to get there.
Between Reason and the Season
Beware the disfunctional Muse.
Beware the Lying Eyes of March
Beyond Credit
Beyond the Surface
Beyond Zilla, a blank.
Bicarbonate of Jonestown
Bid and Ask
Big Angels helping Little Angels
Big Apple Advertising…The Core to Success
Big Bargains for the Little Island
Big City Flavor in a Small Town Bite
Big Comfort in the Big Country
Big Loans for Big Dreams
Big Shiny Planet
Big towers for Big Skies. TrinTel.
Big Trucks for Small Bucks
Bigger Better Faster Fatter
Bigger Problems Cost More
Bike Flyers
Bikelo Cyclo
Bill the Goat
Bingo Binge
Birth of a Notion
Birthday Greetings, Bottle of Wine. The 64 Club!
Bisquick About it!
Bisquick Minute
Bite into Health
Bite Into health…Washington State Apples
Bite Sighs…Transylvania
Blades Across the Blue Line
Blah Blah Blog
Bland Dammit
Blasting the Way
Blatant, crass self-promotion from our hearts to yours.
Bloated, disgusting, and covered in welts.
Block Party for Bucks
Blogger Heads Prevail
Blooming Blast Aprils Shower of Song
Blow Some Ice Rings
Blow the Back Office Wide Open
Blow the Dough
Blowing chunks never tasted so good.
Blowing the Back Channel wide open.
Blush, Plush, then Flush
Boardroom Ballet
Bobble Head Hunter
Bodega Baby
Bodyfree Mindfree
Boing 767 Tour…Down Under!
Bone Biter
Bone To Pack
Booked to Bungee!
Boost Loose
Boost Loose with Rocket Wide
Bootstrapping Bootstraps
Booty Buzz for Horny Hornets
Booty Without Duty
Booze Cruise 2000
Booze. It’s what you need.
Border Patron
Born A Boomer!
Born to Bungee!
Boston Fantastic
Botox Around the Clock
Botox for Your Bottom Lines
Boulder Stone Engraving…Now Cut That Out!
Boulder Stone Engraving…The only way to get your rocks off!
Boulder Stone Engraving…We Dig Slate and the Family Stone!
Boulder Stones…Biggest Bust in Town!
Bouncing along on a higher plane.
Bowl Your Own
Boys will be girls and girls will be boys.
Brain Gone Bad
Bran Dandy
Branching Out to the People
Brand Aid
Brand Royalty
Braving the Future
Brazen Raisin
Break a Peg Leg
Break the Clocks
Breaking down is hard to do! Call Dan’s Towing.
Breaking the cycle of perpetual violence!
Breath deep, slow down, and Springboard your mind.
Brewed Attitude
Brighter Futures Begin Now
Brimming with the Backlist
Bring Home the Bankin’
Bring It On – You’re Protected with Burning Man
Bring Pluto Back!
Bring Us Your Dreams
Bring your wishes and your well.
Bring your wishes and you’re well, come.
Bringing Africa the World
Bringing it all back home…Meals on Wheels
Bringing people and property together.
Bringing space down to earth. Morton Thiokol.
Bringing the power of modern biotechnology to you.
Bringing the power of the Internet to all of Africa.
Bringing wireless telecommunications to all of Texas. TrinTel.
Bringing you back to nature.
Bringing You the Elements of Style
Brooklyn Bums Boogie the night away
Brought To You By Your Local Sound Projectionist Technician!
Brushing with Greatness – Lose the Rest Naturally
Bubbling with Ideas
Buddha Belt
Bug Biter
Bug Happy
Bug in the Butter
Bugging People Makes Things Happen
Buick Whoopie
Building a better You , through Hymn
Building a little Heaven on Earth
Building a Metropolis on the Web
Building Tomorrow…Today
Built by Association
Bulls Bears Pigs and Stallions
Bump your head in New Zealand, it’s worth the trip.
Bums Away
Bungee Bookers
Bungee Bookings
Bungee jump in New Zealand and knock yourself out!
Bungee Jumpstart Your Future
Burger Glory
Burl Baby Burl
Burn Brighter – Burning Man Ultimate Sunscreen
Burn Brighter with Burning Man
Burn It On!
Burning around the Countryside…Schwinn
Burning up with Hot Cups of Kafka
Business Card Nirvanna
Business In A Box
Business Rolls On
Business to Business. Directly. Bang!
Business, Sports, Entertainment, Feces.
Bussed A Move
But have you insured your insurance?
But just as the Y2K problem is ever-nearing, valuable time to take advantage of this domain is disappearing.
But Most of All, We Miss His Oui Monsieurs
Butter by the Dozen
Butter is My Dessert
Buttering our toast on both sides for fifty-nine years.
Buy Auto insurance without getting in your car.
Buy Boat insurance without sinking your ship.
Buy Earthquake insurance without falling into a chasm.
Buy Farm insurance without being treated like an ass.
Buy Fire insurance without burning up your savings.
Buy Flood insurance without drowning in paperwork.
Buy Health insurance without compromising yours.
Buy Home insurance from the comfort of yours.
Buy Renters insurance without evicting your dreams.
Buy Smart
Buy Theft insurance without being fleeced.
Buy this album or we’ll shoot this dog.
Buy this video or we’ll rip out your heart and feed it to jackels. Pleeeeze.
Buy two boxes today and get a free Springboard.
Buyer’s Unite
Buying the Future, Today
Buzz Skill
Buzz ‘Till You Burst
Buzz Ward
By the time I get to Produce, I have a panic attack. Safeway.
Bygones Be Gone
Caching the Big Fish!
Cad? Me? Umm… There’s not an elephant of truth in that.
Cadillacks Taste
CAFE – Canadian Association For Erections
Caffeine Conscience
Caffeine Distinction
Caffeine good…
Caffeine Serene
Cajun Sation
Call Forward
Call IndeServe before your systems crash, and take the worry and hassle out of network maintenance once and for all.
Call it Green
Call of the Beguiled
Calling all callers! TrinTel.
Calling All Cargo
Camel Lot
Campbells…The Souper Bowl of Soups
Can $25 Really Buy You Happiness?
Can a check-up change your life? If you have gum disease then yes, it can.
Can a phone call be a springboard to a new career?
Can a phone call save your life? This one quite possibly can. Dan’s Towing.
Can a Web site be a springboard to a new tomorrow?
Can I help you?
Can the Muses turn against mere mortals? These Muses sure can.
Can you handle hassle free tech support? IndeServe.
Can You Say Profit?
Canada – We’ve Got Your Map
Canada Obscura
Canada. It’s cold up here.
Canadian Lifeform
Can’t Elope, Honey Do…
Can’t Elope…Honey Do!
Can’t sleep? Reach for the Sandman.
Can’t Stop Our Pride. Albright Swimming Lions.
Cantaloupe Corridor
Canvassing Greatness
Capital Punmanship
Capitol Care
Captured in Print
Car Free Day – Leave Road Rage to Others
Carburetor Schmarburetor – what you NEED is a tow truck.
Cardio Radio
CardioTechs: The Pros that keep the Beat!
Cardiovascular Professionals…We keep the Beat!
Care Full Housing
Care to Step Outside? Martin Marietta.
Caribbean Bottleneck
Caring Technical Support. IndeServe.
Carmel Knowledge
Carnal Cruise
Carnal Knockwurst
Carnival Knowledge
Carnivore Cruise Lines
Carpal Tunnel of Love
Cars for the whole family. Christensen Motors.
Carved Eloquence
Case in Dana Point
Case in Point Doom
Case in Point Magoo
Case in Point Richmond
Cash Poor…Talent Rich
Cat scans, MRI, and radiology data visualized, over the Internet, in stunnuing 3-D.
Catch Our Smile
Catch the Buzz
Catch the financial windfall the Renaissance Tax People can bring your way.
Catholics and Protestants Untie
Caulk Sure with SureCaulk
Cavity Prevention…Something not to sleep on!
Celebrate a millennium like no other.
Celebrate A Millennium Together
Celebrate those special millennium moments with the ones you love.
Celebrating Life and Community
Cell Phone Home
Cement Your Future
Center Ice Saskatchewan
Central Pork and the Big Apple
Centuries come and go, but millenniums are forever (almost).
Cerebral Solutions for Storing Information
Challenge Your Creativity
Chaos Catapulted
Charlotte’s World Wide Web
Charting the Courts
Cheap Financial Officer
Check Out North Dakota
Check. Another hundred decades checked off my list.
Cheese by DuPont
Cheese! It’s for Dinner.
Chew Some Ice
Chew your brisket well, Grutenka.
Chez Cheese
Chic Treats for the Budget Meek
Chicken Go Go
Chicken No No!
Chicken soup and a high speed connection.
Chico…undivided by the highway.
Chief Email Officer
Chin Reaction
Chipotle Power
Chit Chat For Fat Cats
ChoiceMenus – dinner of choice is only a click away!
Choose to USE your money wisely…United States Employmee Credit Union
Chopping off the executive branch in a declaration of sovereign tree.
CHR – Angelic Rock
CHR – Rockin’ Hits for Today’s Believers
CHR – The Alternative Savior
CHR – The Eleventh Commandment
CHR – The Music Savior
CHR – The Righteous Rock Station
CHR – Thou Shall Listen to No Other
CHR Alternative – You Might Just Like It
CHR. Even the Devil tunes in!
Christensen – The fastest route to Detroit’s finest autos.
Christian Hit Radio…It’s bigger than the Beatles!
Christmas Together
Chrysler Contagion
Chuck’s Cleaning…’Cause no House is a Barn
Chuck’s Cleaning…Clean? You betcha. Eat off the kitchen floor clean!
Chuck’s Cleaning…SOoooo Clean, It’s Obscene!
Chutney Matters
Ciao, Bella Outdoors
Citroën to the Boën
Class Wire
Classic Rock from way back. This morning.
Clean As Ice (but don’t sue us over it)
Clean Packaging is Healthy and Safe Packaging
Clean-cut and Slobbery
Clear Directions and Protections…Mcafee
Clear Directions for Netwits…Earthlink
Clear Skies Below
Clearer Thinking, Greater Loyalty, Larger Service, Better Living. The 4-H Club: Nurture the Power from With-in.
Clearly Opaque
Clearly Resolution
Clearly Speaking
Clearly your choice of vinyl cleaner.
Clever Leather – All Weather Leather
Click Us a Buck
Climb the Multilevel Mountain to Success.
Climb the Pyramid today!
Climbing to new heights, together.
Clone Your Own
Close Shaves Don’t Count In Gillette, Wy…. Put It In, Not Near The Trash Can
Closet Case Data – It Never Comes Out!
Closet Case Data – Your I.T. Never Comes Out
Clothes Encounters of the 3rd K
Club VP David Navarrete!
Coalate Your Dreams
Coco Knows
Code of Horror
Code the Cod
Coed Swimcats
Coffee By Appointment
Coffee by Dupont.
Coffee for Copy
Coffee Science
Coffee’s Here!
Cold turkey ain’t what it used to be.
Cold, Rainy and loaded. Washington.
Collapse Tangents
Colorado Here We Come
Columbus the Discoverer Complex
Come From Benign
Come home feeling like you’ve had a real vacation.
Come home feeling like you’ve had a vacation.
Come home to Gaston County.
Come in from the Limb
Come in out of the rain with our new low home loan rate of 5.25%.
Come on home – we’re waiting for you.
Come See the Sass in Saskatchewan!
Come see why our patients are all smiles.
Come shake your booty, Smarty, at the College Mardi Party.
Come shoot your wad. Nevada.
Coming of age in the new millennium
Commingling Assets
Communicate This!
Communication Contagion
Communication Creationists
Communing with the Caterpillar
Community Pride Prize
Commute and Don’t Pollute!
Compact Listening
Compete for Your Street
Compete Sampras
Complete BBQ Blowout
Complete Order Fulfillment
Con ’em with the Truth
Concert Travel Services
Concierage travel service specific to your unique getaway.
Concierge Travel Service. Tailored to your specific travel needs.
Condom Logic
CondoMinimum Maintenance
Confection Detection
Confiture Demure
Congratulations – It’s a girl! Dan’s Towing.
Connect Service from IndeServe
Connect your world as you see it! IndeServe.
Connecting Individuals to Communities
Connecting the DOS
Connecting You to Emergency Healthcare
Conserving Conservatives
Consider it Sold! -20 Century Real Estate
Constant Pain is Kneadless.
Constant Taco
Constructing Communion
Consume or Be Consumed
Consume THIS!
Consumers 101
Contemporary Christ Radio
Continental Diversity
Continuous Bison
Contour Travel
Contractors on a Mission
Contrary Beauty
Conundrum and then some.
Cook the Books
Cool and Comm Service from IndeServe.
Cool to School
Cool Tools for Hot Dogs
Corduroy Ploy
Corn Dogs are Better
Corny Porny
Corona Category Five
Coronal Ejection
Corporate Stress Meltdown
Cosmo Not
Costco Can of Worms
Cotton is for you.
Cotton just feels like home.
Cough Up A Placard
Cough Up the BUG!
Count on our Chemicals
Count On Us
Counter Coutier
Counter Top Culture
Counting Crows Feet
Coupe de Troupe
Cover Me…Wide
Cover the Puck in Saskatchewan
Cover Your Assets
Coyote Concepts 3D Design – so photorealistic you might think it’s holographic.
Coyote Concepts means exceptional quality 3D design.
Crafting New Worlds For the Next Generation
Cream by Corvette
Create Moments of Magic…Kodak
Creating A Career To Build On!
Creating a Foundation for Learning!
Creating a New Frontier
Creating Colorful Business Solutions…Peacock Advertising
Creating Community
Creating Karma
Creating New Directions…The Yellow Pages
Creating public audio epiphanies.
Creating Your Interactivity…Earthlink
Creative Sign Postings…Peacock Advertising
Creativity is Everyone’s Gift
Creativity Tools for Today and Tomorrow
Crokery Oodle Do’s!
Cross Your Targets and Dot Your Ikeas
Crossword Puzzle Persona
Crucifile you taxes
Cruise Control
Cruise for it!
Cruise Life!
Cruise Patrol
Cruise the Dawn Princess through America’s Back Yard – the Caribbean.
Cruise the Nude Dawn
Cruizin’ for a ‘Bean
Cry “Uncle.” Elgin.
Cry me a river, and bathe in it.
Cry ‘Till You’re Dry
Cryo Me a River
CSharp or BFlat
Cthulhu Country
Culminate Your Vision
Curb Appeal
Custom Homecare
Customer Service – You’re Soaking In It
Customized Mood Creations
Cut to the Quick
Cutting-Edge Nostalgia
Dad, Mum, I’d like you to meet my friend Cadmium.
Daddy Knew
Daddy, What’s Carnage?
Dainty not Rough, yet Soft and Tough
Damn Cockroaching Outlaws
Damn Rabbit
Damsels in the Dress
Dan Can, Cause He’s the Man! Dan’s Towing.
Dan doesn’t drive 55 when you’re in trouble. Dan’s Towing.
Dan drives the extra mile for you. Dan’s Towing.
Dan the Torpedoes
Dan will fix it. He can fix anything.
Dan, Dan, Dan…The Towing Man, Man, Man
Dance your blues away. Then your reds, blacks, greens, purples, yellows and whites. It a 12 hour Dance Marathon with a Mardi twist.
Dance Your Mardi Gras Off.
Dang we’re good.! We’re Danka good.
Dan’s – more slogans than ALL the other tow truck operators combined.
Dan’s the Man with the Tow Truck Hands.
Dan’s Towing – harnessing the power of the Internet to get to your car quicker, cheaper and smell better doing it.
Dan’s Towing – Our Pride is Showing.
Dan’s Towing – We’re There For You!
Dan’s Towing. Better than all the rest – we have to be.
Dan’s Towing. We could go on all night telling how great we are, but eventually you’ll want to get out of the freezing rain and get to a garage.
Dappling New Homes
Darwin Some – You Lose Some
Data Basket
Data Dad
Dataguard Systems – We Got Your Back-Up
Dataguard Systems – Your Data Base Camp
Daughter Christmas
Dawn of the Deadbolts
Daydream Believer’s Paradise
Days of Promise, Days of Hope
Dead Beat Data
Dead Before Breakfast
Dead Set Amagansett
Deadlines and Drumbeats
Debauchery you can feel good about.
Decode the Decade
Deconstructing the Devil…Reconstructing with the Lord.
Dedicated to Your Dreams – Directed by Your Needs
Deep Blue Scene
Deep Blue See
Delaware – it gets to you.
Delaware do you get off?
Delaware, done that.
Delaware. Oh never mind…
Delaware. Somehow it just makes sense.
Delawarefore Art Thou?
Delete the Elite
Delightful Extras
Delivering Memories
Delivering Milk Till the cows Come Home
deLUX Travel Services
Demolish the Devil
Demonstration Sunday
Dennys. Humane Food for a Humane Society.
Denture Capital
Deposit Your Chips With Us.
Design From the Inside Out
Design of the Times
Design you can sink a semiotician in.
Designer Scents at Salvage Rents
Designing Careers
Designing our way out of the box.
Desire Under The Earlobes…Transylvania
Desperation Never Looked So Good
Destination Destin
Destined For Doom
Detailing the Express Way
Developing Beyond Social Misunderstanding
Developing New Directions…Intel
Developing The Human Experience… Dupont
Developing the Path
Devil’s Laundromat
Dial A Smile
Diamond Girl…we’re only a stone’s throw away
Diamonds are Forever and so is our Service
Diamonds to your Door
Dictionary of Consciousness
Dig It!
Digital Godzilla Fountain Pens and other Holiday Ideas
Digital Planet
Digitizing By Mail
Dimensions to the third degree.
Dimming the light fantastic. California.
Dionysus Partied Till Dawn (We Kept Going!)
Direct from our hearts for a limited tme only.
Direct Market Management Systems
Dirt Flyers
Dirt Living
Dis and Shout
Discarding the Present
Discover what you already know.
Discovering Perpetual Motion
Discovering Unity
Dishes of Distinction. Red Rocks Cafe.
Ditch the other guys…we’ll pull you out! Dan’s Towing.
Ditching the Diatribes of Deleterious Witches
Diversity Rocks!
Do a good thing – we need your blood.
Do as I Say, Not as I Drink
Do Not Disturb. Elgin
Do the Chew!
Do You Ball?
Do You Basil?
Do you believe in maggots?
Do You Belize?
Do you Cthulhu?
Do You Haiku?
Do you have a license for that thing?
Do You Tattoo?
Do You Voodoo?
Doctor Coffee
Dodge Virile
Dog Day Afternoon, Evening and Morning
Dog Food at a Price
Dog Party! The Dog Resort
Doing Lunch Deals Over Lunch
Dominate the Zone!
Don’t be a Bitterbug
Don’t be a chicken, come see the Roosters!
Don’t be a Litter Critter
Don’t be a Negative Toad
Don’t be a Saab Snob.
Don’t be angry at your enemy. Hire him.
Don’t be late, for Fame, Fortune and Fate.
Don’t be liable, read the Bible.
Don’t Bypass this Operation
Don’t Cell Yourself Short…Chiron
Don’t Chunk Your Junk!
Don’t cry over it if it spills – we can always bring more.
Don’t cuss, take A bus
Don’t drive yourself crazy. Join our trucking team.
Don’t Fast, Eat-Up! – FastMenus!
Don’t fold on your Dream Home…get your Mortgage at 5.25%.
Don’t get a Gun. Get a Life!
Don’t go Zilla on me.
Don’t have a fit…We’ll get what suits you!
Don’t have time to become rich? Talk to us.
Don’t honk if you like honking.
Don’t know Ware to Share?
Don’t let the future pass you by. Think.
Don’t let your computer take you down.
Don’t let your memory fail you now. The Memory Bank
Don’t look now, but aren’t you left handed?
Don’t lose you shorts when the bottom drops out.
Don’t lose your head – wear a hair net.
Don’t mess with fate unless your Muse is packin’ a piece – of art.
Don’t Mess with MUNI
Don’t Mess with Taxes
Don’t Pray to MY God – A Religion for Toddlers.
Don’t settle for a modicum of access.
Don’t Settle for Inferior Design
Don’t Shell Out!
Don’t Start Kissing the Neighbor
Don’t Sweat It – Call Dan’s Towing
Don’t take any shit. Wield Artemis Pepper Spray.
Don’t terabyte off more than you can chew.
Don’t think of it as dying, think of it as fertilizing the future.
Don’t throw the Piano
Don’t tongue the bandsaw – get a girlfriend.
Door Number Three is locked.
Dot Calm
Dot Calm Down
Dot Candy
Dot Com Beetle
Dot com car to the meat market.
Dot Commm…
Dot Compliant
Dot Your Ikeas and Cross Your Targets
Drama Trama
Drawing Dead and Loving it
Dream big. Pakistan.
Dream Fire
Dream Pavement
Dream Trotters
Dreams fulfilled.
Drink It On the Go
Drink up! It’s High Voltage!
Drinko de Mayo
Drive Big Trucks for Big Bucks.
Drive her ’till she’s dead. Then call Dan’s to reel her back in.
Drive in low, drive out tall.
Drive On Out
Drive Your Sales Higher
Driving hard bargains with soft prices.
Driving home the law.
Drop in Pass Out
Dropping our shorts is our bread and butter. Jockey.
Drowning never felt so good.
Drugs with Purpose
Dry Goods, Wet Goods, All Goods!
Duck the Malls
Duct Tape and Cover
Dude, Your Burning!
Duped again!
Dupont is hard at work inventing the new Way.
Dust Your Grooves
e Me Up Scotty
e Me Up!
Each preacher’s speech was peachy, natch.
Ear Rebirthing
Earth is Good Food
Earth Shaking Creations
Ease those scratches with ScratchEase.
Easing suffering the world over.
Eastern Essence in a Sense
Eastern Essence Innocence
Eat at Net
Eat Fast. Drive Faster
Eat It On the Run
Eat me in my pubicle.
Eat my Andalusian Dog.
Eat My Crease
Eat My Prawn!
Eat My Stick
Eat Underground
Eating France’s Bacon
Eating My Brain
Eating two worms in one apple
eBay ixnay
Ebb or Flow?
Eccentrifugal Force
Edge of Fear
Edges Rounded to Protect the Clumsy
Educating The Future
Efficiency with Simplicity
Egregious Philbin
Elavil Your Life
Elbow Grease For Less Than A Lease
Elect A Noble Man For ASB President
Elegance in less then an hour
Elegent, Crisp and Refreshing
Elgin – it just makes you wonder.
Elgin Has It.
Elgin, Baby!
Elgin, You’re Home.
Elgin. We know.
Embarassment is the springboard to freedom.
Embark on a journey toward enlightment. No not you, we’re talking to your dog.
Emergency Healthcare’s High Speed Connection
Emergency Response Pop
Employee Solutions
Empowering Local Consumers – Strengthening Local Commerce
Encircling the Planet
End of Discussion. Lockheed Martin
Endless Beauty. Saskatchewan
Endo Morphing
Energize Yourself
Energize Yourself for the New Century!
Energy Resources…See the Light!
Energy Resources…We have the Power!
Engineering the Future
English as a Fecund Language
English as a severed language.
English Winters got you down? We heat houses All over town
Enjoy Life. Eat Faster
Enlightened Price
Ensuring Your Business Gets Down to Business
Enter Prize Fighter
Enter the Magic
Enter the Sanctum
Enterprise Fighter
Enterprise Surprise
Enterprise-wide Software Management
Enthusiastic, never sarcastic. Dan’s Towing.
ePlode the old reality.
Er you Go again.
Esc…is the Key!
Et Tu New Brew
Eurasia By Numbers
Euro Night
Even Fate Has To Worry
Event Savvy
Eventing the Wheel
Ever Is Forever
Ever see a Lion do the breaststroke?
Ever wish you could pick up a house for a song? Start crooning.
EverRest…The Pinnacle of Bedding
Every Little BIT Counts
Every time I get to this part it’s worse than the time before.
Everything – it’s just a small part of Something.
Everything to Wet Your Appetite…Deep Sea Diving Co.
Everything…and the Kithchen Sink
Everything’s Better In Iowa
Everything’s Happening in Emeryville
Everything’s Worse In Iowa
Evidence at Light Speed
Evidence Everywhere
Evolution is our Revolution
Exceeding Expectations
Exceeding your every expectation!
Excellence means not having to say your sorry.
Except for an economy in ruins, there’s never been a better time to buy gratuitous electronic gear.
Executive President of Vice
Exercise Your Focal Chords
Exhaustion is the springboard to dreams.
Expand your Tummies with our Yummies!
Expanding your Auto-Banking horizon.
Experience the wonder of nature. Ohio.
Expressions In Color
Expulsion from the Mainstream Guaranteed
Extreme Gear for Extreme Sports
Extreme Isn’t So
Extreme Protection
Extrude For Life
Exursion Paradise
Eye Handy
Eyeball Delivery
Eyesore Rum
Face to Face, Franchise to Franchise
Failing to see the humor in it for 47 years.
Fair the well, my fine feathered friends!
Faith Dance…Get Your Souls Moving!
Family – United We Stand
Family Reunion – You Can Go Home Again
Family Reunions – Relativity!
Family: Your Lifeline in a kind of Weather.
Faraway Together
Farm Fresh, Restaurant Ready
Fashion Address
Fast At Last!
Fast, affordable 3D Design from an accomplished master.
Faster Faster Chicken Soup
Faster Fries!
Fat Cat Chit Chat
Fatter lanes for fatter cars.
Faux More Years
Fear the Weekend
Feast Ability
Feast West
Fed up? Then give to the food bank.
Feds in Fords
Feds With Kids
Feds With Kids in Keds in Fords
Feed the Famine
Feedback is Fuel
Feel It on the Make
Feel the Fat
Feel the glow. Pakistan
Feel the warmth, taste the difference. Red Rocks Cafe.
Feeling Good for 2000 More
Femalennium Fashion Forecast
Fennel Magic
Fertilizing the Future. Dow Corning.
Fever Blaster
Fever Bliss
Fiber for the Fabric of the Community
Fifty States makes Fifty Sense!
Fight Plaque Filled Toothwaste with Fresh and White Cal-Shield Toothpaste
Figure Lean
Fill a belly and fill your heart.
Fill a void with adoptive love.
Fill the GAAP
Filleter on the Hoof
Filling the GAAP
Film at Eleven
Finally past the terrible twos and into the age of discovery!
Finally, a credit card that won’t leave you feeling like a debtor.
Finally, A Credit Union You Can Feel Good About
Finally, a dental practice you can sink your teeth into, not your wallet.
Finally, a holiday gift guide to compete with the Bible.
Finally, a toothpaste that learns along with you.
Finally, affordable precision mapping solutions – over the Internet! Way to go, AltaLIS!
Finally, Rocket Science for the Rest of Us
Finding the Answer
Fine Fresh Flavor – Red Rocks Cafe
Fine Kettles
Fine Spines Back On Track
Finish crying, then call Dan
Finishing Village
First and For Most
First class travel – not just a first class plane ticket.
First class travel for first class people.
First class travel, from your doorstep to the world – and back again!
First Food, Questions Later
First Safety, Then Safety First
First we kissed, passionately. Then…Springboard.
First World Planet Earth
Fish food for fried faces.
Fishes and Wishes
Five days for “High Sticking”
Five minutes for two quarters. Anywhere in the U.S.
Five thousand square miles of beige. Orange County.
Fixtures Unlimited
Flambé Gathering
Flash ’em in the Pants
Flash in the Pants
Flat tire? Out of gas? Overheating engine? Or just plain lost…Dan’s Towing.
Float Down the Datastream
Float some and get some!
Float this!
Floating New Ideas
Floating on a Dream
Floosie Cruisie
Florida. ‘Nuff said.
Floss and a Prayer
Floss and Deliver
Floss and Go
Floss and Toss
Floss Gloss
Floss Logic
Flowbies for the whole school!
Flower of the Heart…Kinmokusei
Flowering Blossoms…Kinmokusei
Fly Butter
Fly Over New Zealand
Flying Fingers
Focus Group in a Can
Focused on Your Future – Dedicated to Your Needs
Follow the Reader
Fondue on Mars – The Bartel Family Reunion
Food Deals for Future Meals
Food for Feet
Food Never Felt So Good
For A Cleaner Community, Don’t Litter!
For a House, a Home, a Place of Your Own
For a Job Well Done
For All Walks of Life
For All Your Bombastic Needs
For anyone who wants to live on the edge! Bungee Jumping Tour 2000, New Zealand!
For God’s Fruit…Contribute!
For Life’s Larger Emergencies
For Life’s Little Bit Larger Emergencies
For Particular Paws
For Sail by Onerous
For Texas
For the Best Results In the Business
For the etch you just can’t scratch!
For the latex in technology.
For those who can’t tell Dow jones from Jenny Jones.
For True to Form Legal Ease
For your next 3D design project, hire the affordable master designer your project deserves – before your competition does!
Ford Can Do
Ford Feral
Ford Planet
Foresight Needs Foundation
Forests are forever. Not! Pacific Lumber.
Forever beautiful. Elgin.
Forever Blonde
Forget analog…go digital!
Forget Dot Com, Shop Dot Guam!
Forget the clean breath. It’s burning cool freshness.
Forgiveness is Free
Fork in the Roadkill
Fork IT Over
Fork Left
Forthright Foresite
Forty Five Kids, Hot Dogs and Spaghetti
Forty Years of Home Fixin’
Fossil Fool
Fountain of Youth Booth
Four Moore Years
Four out of Five Smiles agree…
Fragrant Flagrant
France’s Bacon
Franchise Life
Franchising Dreams
Frank Talk About Lotion
Frank Talk About Prawns
Frank Talk About Talking Frankly
Frau Lean
Freakin Beacon
Freakin Extreme!
Free Beers for Engineers!
Free Chi
Free From Woe
Free Germs!
Free Leon
Free the Bees
Free Thought. Affordable Leather.
Free Thought. Expensive Leather.
Free to Charge Roam
Free to Roam Charge
Free to Roam?
Free to Rome
Free Toes
Freedom From Hassel
French Fry Fast. Bashtek
Fresh Cache of the Day
Fresh Clans!
Fresh from our garden to your palate.
Fresh Vinyl
Friends don’t let friends draw dead.
From Chopin to Cheese
From God’s ear to your mouth. Corn.
From Herd to There
From Here to Clear
From Here to There
From Jalalabad to Jalalaworse.
From leaf blowers to conch shells.
From Newton to Fig
From now hence – Excellence!
From our heart to your doorstep.
From Our Heart to Your Hearth
From Paella to Persimmon Parfé at the Red Rocks Cafe.
From Personal Credit To Public Partnerships
From Piles to Smiles
From Pop to Punk
From Power Tools to Swimming Pools
From Pull Cords to Palapas.
From sales in the high “C”s to fun on the high seas.
From Saturday Lawnmow to Saturnalian Dawn Glow
From smorgas-Borgy to Dawn Princess Orgy
From the beginning, there’s Zilla.
From the bottom of our hearts for a limited time only.
From the moment you awake, we’re there with you.
From the Old Country to the New
From the Other Side of the World
From There to Eternity
From thumb on the tools to rum in the pools.
From Tool Sales to Princess Sails.
From Udder to Porch
Fron Teat to the Street (our milk delivery can’t be beat)
Front Back and Center. Our Software is Enterprise-wide
Front Back and Center. Our Software Manages You Whole
Froth up Fido and his Feline Friends!
Fruit Not Fries!
Fuel for Thought
Fulfilling dreams one order at a time.
Fulfilling dreams.
Fulfilling the promise.
Fulfilling to the brim.
Fulfillment never felt so good.
Full Flavor Impact
Full Rhythm Funk
Full Service Care Without the Financial Dare
Full Team Ahead
Fun in the sun, wind and rain.
Fusion in the Field
Future Cat
Future Credit Today
Future Engineers of Canada
Future Glass
Future Mined
Future Phonic
Future This!
FYII: For Your Intelligent Information
G Me Up Scotty
Gamble on Nevada.
Game Face Jesus
Gaped-mouth dealing for closed-mouth mealing.
Garbage In – Magic Out!
Garbage Sucks…Litterally Speaking!
Garden Burger Variety
Gaston County – always there for you.
Gaston County – Home was never so Homey.
Gaston is a gas.
Gastro Sensational
Gaul Blather
Generation e
Generation Knot
Generations of Happiness
Generations of History
Genesis, from the Ground Floor Up
Genetic Imprint Artist…Chiron
Genetic Imprint Artists
Genetically Modified Happy
Gentle Dental
Geology Loves Company
Get a (Hockey) Life on the Saskatchewan Prairies!
Get a Bead on it!
Get a Golf Life
Get a Grip
Get a grip and let it rip!
Get a Half-life
Get a Hockey Life
Get a Jump on the Competition…Addidas
Get a life. Play Hockey.
Get a Little Botox On Ya
Get a Little Louisville Going
Get a Little Louisville In Ya
Get a Little Viagra Going
Get a receipt.
Get a tealectomy today!
Get away from it all without getting away from it all. Ohio.
Get away from the computer and let us handle that trip!
Get back in your cubicle!
Get Back Into Circulation
Get back to natural beauty.
Get blown away by the Videoplosion.
Get Buzzed!
Get Clippy!
Get Crazy At Me
Get down with your bad self.
Get Full Of It
Get Full Off It
Get grounded. A total networking solution.
Get hold of the Power. Get Atremis Pepper Spray.
Get in Balance with Nature
Get in bed with us. SponsorGin.
Get In Line
Get in the Crease
Get in the Hub, Bub
Get It On the Take
Get Liberated…Philadelphia
Get Off Bored!
Get off your ass and see the light.
Get Off Your Aussie
Get off your Aussie and see the big country in style!
Get off your Aussie and see the big country!
Get on the Planet!
Get On the Wagon…Chuck’s Steak House
Get On With Your Wish
Get out of my personal zone.
Get Out of Our Skies!
Get out of the Crease
Get out of the middle Ages and into Modern Maturity.
Get Over Zit
Get Ready for Beef Blanket Bingo!
Get Real – Stop School Violence Before It Happens
Get SAT down!
Get the Funds back into your life.
Get the Phat!
Get Together
Get Up to Business!
Get well for Y2k
Get your 50/50’s here!
Get your fill of harmony, Phil.
Getting to the point
Getting You Off the Hook
Gifts From The Heart
Giftwrap It! Safe Sex for Christmas and the Nude Year
Ginger Vitro
Give Duct Tape a Chance
Give for Christ’s Sake!
Give me Prawns or give me death!
Give Prawns A Chance
Give the Gift of Ever-Lasting Love
Give them a gift of ever-lasting love.
Give to the Food Bank so we, Moe or Les can eat!
Give us 10 minutes – we’ll give you a future,
Give us the benefit of your doubts.
Give your loved-ones a message of ever-lasting love.
Giving Voice to the Voiceless
Gladhanding porcupines in forests of salt.
Gland and Deliver
Glasnost with the Most
Gleaming Stainless
Global Profit Sharing
Glow Your Own
Gmail a Go Go
GMC, Buick, Pontiac – Christensen will save your family some jack.
Go all the way at the Red K
Go Back to Clown School
Go for the value…Go for Prawns!
Go Gogol!
Go Guru
Go home with a smile
Go on, take another bite – it won’t kill you. Perhaps.
Go Portal!
Go Short Young Man
Go to the incompetent people. They’re probably the leader!
Go wash your paws!
Go Waste Young Man
Go with Know
Go with the Float!
Goat Milk Delivery?
Goat Milk?
Gobi or not Gobi, that is the question.
God Billing
God Bless Antarctica
God Bless, Not Blast
God I’ll Be Mighty
God is in One of us. Enter for your chance to win today.
God Loves a Consumer
God Milk?
God We’re Good
God’s Blueprints Will Unfold
God’s Empire State Camp
God’s Foundation
God’s Hip Radio Station
God’s Hometown
God’s Right Hand Man
God’s Waystation
God’s Work is the Foundation to Build On
Godspeed Legal Graphics
Godspeed, Acme Shipping
Going for Broker
Going our seperate ways and means.
Going, Going, Ghana
Goldilox and Bagels
Golf Grads Make Better Lovers
Gone Fission
Gone to Florida
Good To Go For It
Goodbye Gravity
Goodbye Lawn, Hello Dawn!
Google a Go Go
Gopher Baroque
Got Cthulhu?
Grab the bull by the horns and head toward the ‘Q
Graco Expectations
Grandma’s Scents are Heaven Sent
Granite Planet
Granny Loves Quotezart
Graphics in the Balance
Grassroots Development
Grassroots Farm
Great Audio, Excellent Vision
Great Horny Toads, my son… Come see my pictures!
Great Uncle Bulgaria
Great White Snark
Greatness Has Legs
Green Wednesday
Greenwich Means Time
Grill to Chill
Grin and Bear It Dental
Grin and Bear it…No Bull
Groovy Vinyl Cleaner!
Ground Grippers
Growing into our Potential
Growing to serve you.
Grudge Machine
Grump Up The Volume
Grunt of the Litter
Guacamole. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
Guam’s Bargain Basement
Guam’s General Store
Guam’s Larder
Guam’s Pantry
Guaranteed 100% Conservative Safe
Guaranteed to Screw Up Your Inventory!
Guiding the Light of Your Dreams
Gunning down your classmates and teachers just ain’t cool.
Guns aren’t power – Love is power.
Guns: God doesn’t need them so neither should you!
Guru To Go
Gurus Get the Girls
Hades Schmades.
Ha-ha Utah!
Haiku do you think you are?
Hair Apparent
Hair Care Provider
Hair Looms
Hairs of the Dog
Half Full Future
Hallelujah Ohio!
Halloween Dream Team
Halt! Her Top
Hand Bag WhipLass
Hand Bags Across America
Hands Across Belfast
Hands Free Operations
Handwriting on the Wallpaper
Hang at the Nyght Owl. There’s a branch waiting for you!
Hang Out to Dry Clean
Happiness on $25 a Day
Happy Camphor
Happy in Spite of Myself
Happy to see you.
Harbinger of Trust
Hard Driving Bargains
Hard Hat Heaven
Harmony and Philharmonics
Harness the Fury
Harvest Your Wild Oats!
Harvesting Dreams
Has Bean
Hashed Browns and New Grounds
Hassle Elsewhere. IndeServe Means Service
Hassle Elsewhere. IndeServe Delivers
Hassle Elsewhere. IndeServe Delivers Service
Hassle Free Service Tree… from IndeServe
Hassle Freedom!
Hassle La Vista
Haul, all that you can haul.
Have A Howl at Ye Olde Nyght Owl.
Have a Merlot on the terrazzo at dusk. Red Rocks Cafe.
Have a seat. We’re the last man standing.
Have a seat. You’re the last man standing.
Have another Coffee and Get out of here.
Have Food Will Travel
Have Safe Surf with DotCondom
Have some R&R and B&B in OSPN.
Have You Looked At Vacaville Lately?
Have you tried guacamole lately?
He Minored in Rocket Science
He shoots…nothing but Annette.
He who was not stoned may cast the first sin.
Head and Shoulders…with you through the thick and thin
Head and Shoulders…Your Pubic Relations Department
Head over handlebars for Red K Motokross
Head to Toe Communications
Heads on the wall and shanks on the spit
Health and Beauty You Can Afford
Health Is Wellth
Health Ways for Health Wise
Healthy Soup…It’s Souper!
Heart of the Heartland.
Hearts and Handshakes
Hearts of Palm Inc.
Hearty fare that’s aged and burned into submission.
Heat Up Your Credit Line
Heat Wave Goodbye
Heavenly bodies cut a rug beneath the Heavenly Body.
Heavy Machinery requires Heavy Petting.
Heavy Pedal Motokross
Hedonism Never Felt So Good
Hedonistically Engrained Ritual and Desecration
Heir of the Dog
He’ll be with us in Y2K: Jesus Christ.
He’ll have a bone to pick with us.
Hell is for Hyphens
Hell to Pave
Hello! It’s Coffee!
Hello, I’m your new enabler. Wireless by TrinTel.
Hell’s Velodrome
Help Feed the Kneady
Help prevent youth violence before it becomes adult violence.
Help Waiting
Help You Shop
Help Yourself By Helping Others
Helping Kids Help Themselves
Helping New Companies Get Down to Business
Helping to Build Your Knowledge Base from Ground Zero
Helping to Reduce the Tax Load, the Save Way. Renaissance.
Helping you do the Write Thing!
Helping Your Business Get-Up to Business
Hemet Damnit!
Hemline of Fire
Hemlines of Fire
Henry – Get My Stick!
Her Fragrance of choice? Flight Risk by Prince Matchabelli
Her Majesty’s Little Black Hand Bag
Herbal Underground
Here For All
Here’s the Rub
He’s a People Pope
He’s no bitter Phil.
He’s out on bail and on the run tomorrow, but tonight he’ll spend with you. Flight Risk
Hester Pure
Hex Marks the Spot
Hey Baby, Springboard my way.
Hey Fatty, Take a Walk….Car Free Day
Hey Mom, I found a great deal in Guam!
Hey! Who mowed the Astroturf putting green?
Heytens Life
Hi Couth
Hi School, Bye School
Hi, I’m the new guy in Clown.
Hi-8 Us
High and Dry-Wall
High octane Web development.
High on Ham
High Sticking!
High Tee
Higher-Power Education
Highway Rubbery
Hindquarters of the Revolution
HipHop Without Humidity
Hippy Barf Day
Hippy Nude Year!
Hire Your Enemy.
His Fragrance of choice? Flight Risk by Prince Matchabelli
Hit the Good Books
Hit the Sauce and Save!
Hitch a ride with us. Dan’s Towing.
Hi-tech Never Tasted So Good
Hittin’ the Rockin’ Waves – CHR
Hoard Cash …It’s Y2k
Hockey Fight in Canada
Hog Haven
Hog Tie-Dyed
Hoist the Local Rag
Hold Out for the Drought.
Hold the Blue Line in Saskatchewan.
Hole in Your Zone? Burning Man Protects
Holiday Phat!
Holy Hype
Holy Support
Home Additions For Growing Families
Home Improvment…something to build on!
Home of the fearful, land of the bereaved.
Home of the world famous Belly-flop Buffet.
Home on the Ridge
Home Transformations
Homogenizing Armegeddon
Honey, Get Money!
Honey, I’m not coming home. I just found the Springboard.
Honk if you Blog Horny
Honk if you hate background noise. Trintel.
Honk if you like honking.
Honk if you like silence.
Hop Onboard the Credit Express
Hop, Skip and Jump over to Elgin.
Hopi Bird Day
Hopi Nude Year
Hoppy Berth Day
Horse Code
Hot Kafka!
Hot Naked Babes and Erect Studs – well, perhaps not, but…
Hot Schenectady
Hot Sour and Soar
House About Now?
House of Card Sharks
Houses you can take to the bank.
Housing Solutions Not Industrial Pollution
How about a bite of that sandwich? How about a new telecommunications platform from Trintel?
How can you not like peanut flavor?
How Feulish!…Shell
How quiet? One more time, how quiet? YeleQuiet from TrinTel
Hubris Indeed
Humanity’s Closet
Hummin’ with Jesus
Humor us.
Humpy Burt Day
Hurricanes come and go, but Gaston pride is forever.
Hype and a Prayer
Hype Kind of Town
Hype, Skip and a Jump
Hype’s Best Friend
Hype’s Only Friend
I say Saddam-bam, you say Sadamna-bama!
I am dreaming of home. I can almost feel the warm comfort there. My loving family gathered around me. I am happy.
I Am the King (of hype)
I Anoise Everyone Sooner or Later!
I Anoise the Public!
I Believe In Prawns
I Can Sea!
I can’t believe it’s not chicken!
I Can’t Say I’ve Ever Been. Delaware.
I Could Go On – I Probably Shouldn’t
I Do…and He Does, Too!
I don’t think so.
I dub thee digital! Digital imaging conversations made easy!
I found the Lord on the second story
I got my Y2k Tan on the Dawn Princess.
I have leapt tranquillity, and vaulted straight for the obscure.
I just love my new turtle.
I Kant Believe It
I know a curious potato bug that’s just sooo excited about the upcoming millennium.
I know it might be a stretch!
I left my teeth in Florida.
I Live Faraway
I love the nervous system.
I made it without getting shot!
I missed my vegetables.
I say, I say… Fair thee well!
I see your standards and raise you five more.
I thought it was Crooner Heaven…Las Vegas
I, She, He, We…Pepsi
IBM. It’s more than you think.
Ice Is Nice
Ice+players+fans+beer=Hockey Tournament in Saskatchewan.
I’d Rudder be Sailin’
Idaho. We’re not just about slogans about potatoes any more.
Idaho? YOUdaho!
Idle Hand Bags are the Devil’s Playground
Idle Hands are the Devil’s PlayStation
Idle Hands are the Work of Playstation
Idol Worship of all things Leather.
If all the world’s a stage then this is live television.
If ignorance is bliss, then optimism can’t be all bad.
If it aint broke, don’t fix it. If it is, call Indiserve.
If it ain’t brokered, don’t fax it.
If it doesn’t work this time it won’t work next time.
If it sounds too good to be true then we don’t want you around here anyway.
If Knead Be
If Looks Could Cook
If need be, Needles.
If New Zealand isn’t exciting enough for ya, maybe this will be… Bungee Jumping.
If only life itself could be so hassle free.
If Springboard is good enough for the Mir Space Station, it’s good enough for your car.
If turtles could talk.
If you are questioning your Lineage when writing your documentation…Try our Family.
If you believe, it must be true.
If you didn’t hear it here first, you’re deaf!
If you don’t bounce back, consider it all a part of the experience.
If you don’t get in you won’t make out.
If you drive a hard bargain, it’s time you get a new car. Christensen Motors.
If You Had Quit Work You’d be Home by Now
If you haven’t got the remotest idea call TrinTel!
If you hear a ringing or a bell, crazy you’re not, you’re hearing quite well! Mood Music Maker.
If you like Trivial Pursuit, you’ll LOVE Springboard!
If you lived here you might not need to work.
If you lived here you’d still be working.
If you only had a sign from above…Peacock Advertising
If you worked here, you’d be at work right now.
If your engine’s glowing, call Dan’s Towing.
If your Wokplace isn’t safe for you, report it to OSHA, then sue!
If you’re bored, then Springboard!
If you’re in a bad mood, go to Jack in the Box
If you’re not part of the problem, you may unwittingly be part of the solution.
Igniting Excellence
Igniting Grace
Ignition to Mars
Ikea the Fool
I’ll eat your muscles.
I’ll Have Prawns!
I’ll make your business all mine: David Navarette.
I’ll pick up the money, you pick up the pieces.
I’ll See You in Trona!
Illustrious Conclusions!
I’m a Senior Student of Love!
I’m all sweaty in Georgia.
I’m All Twitchy
I’m becoming a certified Lover!
I’m Coo-coo For Cotatti
I’m Down with Naom
I’m Going to Jonestown!
I’m Itching To Get Scratching
I’m Just Arrugula Guy
I’m not an actor, I just play one on TV.
I’m not an innocent Virginian!
I’m not just some Senior down by the sea shore!
I’m not lion – you’re trying to make a cheetah our of me!
I’m not sure, I was listening to your every word. TrinTel
I’m smiling because I’m styling.
I’m Staying Put
I’m sure if you get hurt, you’ll bounce back! Bungee Jumping Tour 2000.
Imagination Equals Suicide
Imagine all that you could say in five minutes. Now imagine that it only costs fifty cents to call anywhere in the U.S. Your imagination just became reality.
Imagine doing that a 150 million times, in less then a second.
Immediate Music Access
Import Taste
Improv-ing with Age
In a Clear Voice
In a MUNI Minute
In a twinkle of an eye, we’re there for you.
In a word, more words! TrinTel
In an Ebay Minute
In Concert with the Spring
In Dog We Trust
In God We Tryst
In Off the Limb
In So Many Words, No
In style and Inspired
In this growth economy…learn to cut your overhead.
In times of crises, there’s one name you can count on. But I forgot what that was. WordLab.
In your Dreams, Buddy…Infinity Travel
In Your Face Fast Food
In Your Face Springboard.
Incoming message from the Big Head…
Incomprehensible solutions to the unique problems faced by people living on earth.
Incontinent and Proud.
Increase your square footage…buy your next home loan at 5.25%.
Independent Geniuses…Same Vibes.
Independent Service Organization – ISO – in more ways than one.
Independent wealth begins with a home.
IndeServe and a Smile
IndeServe with a Smile
IndeServe. We’re racing to meet your technical deadline.
Inducing Introducing
Industrial Strength Farm Animals
Industry Magnet
Infantry Pruning
Infection Teams Swarm to Marzipan
In-House Hospitality for Over 50 Years
Inoculate to the Party
Inpatient Services for Impatient Cervixes
Inslantity…are you out of your minds!
Inspect a Miracle
Inspect Greatness
Inspire at Will
Inspire Choir
Inspire When Ready
Insurance Against Bad Swipes
Insure for less – online!
Insure your Future
Integrity at a Faster Pace
Integrity Doesn’t Need an Introduction
Integrity Never Sleeps
Intellectual Property Management
Intelligence You Can Glean From
Intelligent Solutions for Yielding Higher Returns
Interdimensional Social Realization
International March for Peet’s
Internet Abscess?
Internet dining never tasted so good.
Intimate, sensual, prohibitively expensive. Then There’s Dan’s Towing.
Into Obscurity…and Beyond
Introducing the Inducing
Introducing the Inducing New Line Fragrance
Invasion of Regret
Invent Your Future
Invest in Improvement
Invest in Mints
Invest in Results
Invest In Your Surplus Equity Stores
Irascible Punsters
Irascible Savvy
Is that a good one?
Is THAT a Springboard, or are you just turned-on?
Is that road kill, or are you just happy to see us? Dan’s Towing
Is This Seed Taken?
Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?
Is your remote Internet browser too far to go for quality medical imaging?
Is your retirement fund full and ready to support you in your declining years? If not, you need Springboard.
Is your Title for Real? Make it Real with Us.
Island Friendly at Mainland Prices
Isle Be There
Isn’t it time you felt proud to be human again? Phil S. for BOG rep.
Isn’t it time you take stock in your school.
Isuzu Throughput
It Blows Me Away…Modine Air Conditioning
IT Code Out There?
It doesn’t get any better than this…until we make it better!
It doesn’t get any better then this. Red Rocks Cafe.
IT Happened to Me!
It happens. Dan’s Towing.
It Just Fills Right!
It Just Makes Scents
It just makes sense.
It might be time for Union Carbide.
It only sounds too good to be true
IT Party
It Takes a Village Cake
It Takes a Village Idiot
It Takes a Villian
It Takes a Virus
It Takes a Whoville
It Takes an East Village
IT to the 3rd Degree
It WAS about time, but now it’s too late!
It Wasn’t Me, It Was An Angel
It will raise you to new heights of awareness. Manhattan.
Italian Ice Ice Baby!
Ithaca – It’s Contagious!
Ithacan Do
It’ll rub you the right way!
It’s a Big Boy World
Its a Big Deal. Berkeley Fire Department
Its a Breeze to Use…Modine Air Conditioning
Its A Cool Place To Be…Alaska
It’s a Game of Waistband Inches
It’s a good day for Industry.
It’s a good day for Industry. Its a good day for Emeryville.
It’s a Paws Party Celebration!
It’s a Sea-Sought Battle Out There – Get Protected with Burning Man
It’s a Win – Win, With SponsorGin!
It’s all about Sensibility…Mott’s Apple Juice
It’s all fun and games till somebody gets lice!
It’s all fun and games until someone gets stiffed.
It’s All Happening In Finland!
It’s all in the bubbles.
It’s all taken care of.
It’s All We Do
It’s Aloud!
It’s always Sunday. Elgin
It’s Amagansett!
It’s An Attitude Thang
It’s an ego thing!
It’s because we love you so much.
It’s Car Free Day. Be Care Free and Play!
Its CODE out there…Come in Here!
It’s Disaster Time! California.
It’s God’s Problem Now
It’s God’s Turn
It’s good for the Teeth and Bones but better watch out for Kidney Stones.
It’s Gotta Be Vacaville
It’s in the Bag!
It’s in the Maelstrom
It’s like Botox for your bottom line.
It’s like issuing parking tickets to the Taliban.
It’s like STP for your STD’s.
It’s Like Therapy For Your Car
It’s Like Viagra for Your Bottom Line
It’s no big deal, it’s the real deal! Christensen Motors.
It’s none of your business if you don’t vote. David Navarrete for Vice President.
It’s none of your business. That’s our business.
It’s none of your business…yet.
It’s not five card stud…we deal in Business.
It’s not his fault, but he’ll fix it anyway. Dan’s Towing.
It’s not how good your standard is, but how you use it!
It’s not simply the Java in your Cup, it’s how you prepare it that makes it worth Consuming.
It’s Not THAT Bad
It’s only one day, people!
It’s our goal to know. IndeServe.
It’s our taste, Bud!
It’s Pawsible!
It’s Prime Time for a Millennium Celebration.
It’s pure purple, baby!
It’s Teal
It’s the inflection that does it all.
It’s the inflection, stupid.
It’s the next sushi. Cheetos.
It’s the Paris of Paris
It’s the quantity, stupid. WordLab.
It’s the Sauce, stupid!
It’s Tidy Time!
It’s Time to Move. Kentucky.
It’s time we had a real Vice President , instead of a President of Vice.
It’s Tracy!
It’s true you can’t take it with you, but thanks to the Renaissance Tax People, Uncle Sam can’t take it FROM you.
It’s Tuna Time!
It’s What Is
It’s your fingers
It’s Your Planet – Travel Often
It’s Your Planet – Travel Wisely
It’s your world – Let AltaLIS map it for you.
Itty Bitty IT Spending
I’ve forgotten my past – why can’t it forget me?
I’ve Got a Yen for Prawns
I’ve got your dream home in my crosshairs. HomeHunter.
I’ve never been, but I’ll know when I get there. Success Street
I’ve Seen Delaware!
Jabrappin’ with the Alternative Apostles
Jane, you ignorant Slant!
JC for the New Century
Jean Pool
Jeans is Good Food
Jeans Us
Jenny Craig knows who you really are.
Jesus Airwaves
Jesus Come Back!
Jesus didn’t mention you were coming.
Jesus is as Jesus does.
Jesus is Coming to a Theater Near You
Jesus is the sunshine of our doubts.
Jesus Jams – CHR Alternatives
Jesus knows what you’re doing.
Jesus, Gandhi and Dan
Jesus, Gandhi and Dan. When it come’s to towing…
Jesus, stop the shopping madness!
Jet Lag without Flying
Jingle Belfast
Jitterbug for Jesus
Joanie Loves Karachi
John Paul Sartre is a Fartre
Johnny, it’s Billy’s turn to Springboard.
Join the Cash Club
Join the community. Gaston County, North Carolina.
Joining hands. SponsorGin.
Joining Forces for Riches
Joist schtick
Jones This!
Journey with CHR
Joy to the Arts
Juicy Freeze
Jules and Gems
Jump down…under.
Jump on the Springboard.
Jumper cables? Hell, we’ve got an entire electrical storm on our trucks! Dan’s Towing.
Jumping off bridges, swimming in fire, accepting an Oscar for Sadomasochism.
Junk Sure
Just a Good Stretch!
Just a little something to keep in your back pocket.
Just because you survived suburbia doesn’t mean your kids will.
Just blow into this! Dan’s Towing.
Just Click and Lick
Just like Mama used to make!
Just Like Mama’s…Chuck’s Steak
Just like mom used to make, only much better.
Just Like Room Service
Just Nuptials
Just one foot away from a Tow? Call Dan’s Towing!
Just out of reach of my mouth.
Just Say Now for Seniors
Just Sell Baby
Just signup two, and they’ll work for you.
Just stop eating, and you’ll know what hunger feels like.
Just talk to us. The Internal Revenue Service.
Just wait Intern
Just Watch It
K2 For You. Pakistan.
K9 Dreamtime
Kant Spel Butt At Leest Im a Ceniar
Karma Suture
Kashmir Kalling
Keep the arts in our souls and hearts.
Keep your land in your hand. No repos when we insure!
Keep your porch light on…we deliver.
Keeping the Heat Up for You
Keeping the Sheets clean. Ernst & Young.
Keeping us e-busy
Keeping wealthy teeth from falling out and hurting the rest of us.
KFC. The Cluck Stops Here.
Kick Ice!
Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.
Kill the Will
KISS – Keep Internet Solutions Simple
Kiss My Buddha
Kissing the Towed – We try to make you happy!
Kiwi Bungee
Kleenex. It blows.
Knock on wood before wood knocks on you.
Knock Out Violence
Know Drugs
Know Kidding
Know Show
Know Way Know How
Know what Cotton Eyed Joe knew. Cotton.
Knowledge and Information Brokerage
Knowledge Broker Service
Kodak. Faces in the Crowd.
Kundalini Time
Laboratories of Greatness.
Laborers for the Good Lord
Lace may take you places, but cotton brings you back home.
Lands’ End of an Era
Landscape Artist
Larry King Remembers…
Las Vegas. It’s in the cards.
Lasts Longer than the Leading Donut
LAUDA wonderful places!
Launch into Her New Style Millennium
Laundry Deterrent
Lazy Fare
Le Gall
Le Gallerie du Coq
Le Meow, Le PR – The cat’s Meow in Public Relations
Lead foot fetish? Dan’s Towing.
Leaders in All Directions
Leap of Faith Tour
Leap Year 2000, Bungee Jumping Tour!
Leapfrog Your Horizons
Learn and Live
Learn As You Earn…IBM
Learning In Motion
Learning Innovation through Creativity
Learning to Learn
Lease your soul to the Devil and save.
Leave the car. Get a bike. Join the healthy. Take a hike!
Leave the details to us.
Leaving the Competition in the Shallow End
Leaving the party before it begins.
Legal Mating Season
Lemming Meringue Pie
Less is more – and then some. Ohio.
Let God’s Children Dance
Let IndeServe take the hassle out of your IT maintenance, so you can get down to business.
Let It Be Threaded
Let Nature Revive You
Let Nature Revive Your Soul
Let Nature Revive Your Soul!
Let our rain wash you clean.
Let Peace Be
Let the chips fall where they may – just don’t step in them.
Let the sale price of your home Run!
Let the strength from within shine. Ontality.
Let the Tax People save you money. Save big with the Tax People.
Let Them Eat Crack
Let Them Eat Villagers
Let this challenge be your springboard to action.
Let Us Bring Your Dreams to Life
Let Us Digitize Your Memories – So You Don’t Have To
Let us dress you up to suit your processing needs!
Let Us Drink the Coffee
Let us help obtain the sparkle in your life
Let Us Loan You a Dream
Let us organize your unique getaway.
Let Us Take Care of Your Technical Hassles. IndeServe.
Let us tell you where to go!
Let Your Home Run!
Let your knobbies roll.
Let Your Smile Light Your Way
Let your smile shine.
Let’s Clear the Air. Texaco.
Lets Have A Donner Party!
Let’s Jag!
Let’s just face it together…Revlon
Let’s Play Romantic Titanic
Let’s Pollinate!
Let’s stick together, it’ll be all right – Elmer’s Glue
Lets talk about it.
Let’s Talk Turducken!
Let’s Telecommunicate!
Lets us fit your processing needs to suit!
Let’s Work It Out.
Levelling the competition. Caterpillar.
Levelling the playing field, literally. Caterpillar.
Life after Puberty!
Life is Calling. Are You In?
Life is like a pox of euphemisms.
Life is Precious – Share a part of yourself with your loved-ones forever.
Life is Precious – Share it Forever
Life’s a Bowl of Cheerios
Life’s a Greatest Hit
Life’s a Hit
Life’s a Hit – Listen In!
Life’s Raw Materials
Light the Fluor Within
Light the Furor Within
Light Up Ice for a Hot Smoke
Light up My Life…Marlboro
Light up the world with your smile.
Light Up Your Holiday Night
Light your hearthfire in a Gaston County home.
Lightening Speed Detox and Weight Loss
Lightening Speed Results
Lighting the Way. IndeServe.
Like a Bellhop in Your Briefcase
Like a Boomerang you’ll always return…Australia
Like a breath of fresh air where the sun doesn’t shine. Cotton.
Like a Butler in Your Suitcase
Like a cool drink of water in a forest of fire.
Like a cow on your stoop, but without the poop.
Like a disaster waiting to happen in your head.
Like a firm hand around your crotch. Cotton.
Like a gurney for your jalopy. Dan’s Towing.
Like a high-speed collision in your GI tract.
Like a hopscotch in Hell.
Like a Komodo Dragon in your bed.
Like a new jelly on your toast.
Like a razor blade in your toothbrush.
Like a Salad Bar of Computer Education
Like a springboard for your bottom line.
Like A Summer Camp For Your Dog
Like a whole hospital in each little pill.
Like being ripped apart by wild dogs.
Like Botox for your bottom lines.
Like calling the Paramedics for your car. Dan’s Towing.
Like Candy for Wordphiles
Like chlorine for the gene pool.
Like falling from a tall building, on fire.
Like Larvae In Your Swimming Hole
Like nature needs a handout.
Like No Other Country…Mexico
Like one of your dad’s Vietnam friends. Metamucil.
Like Paris in the ’20’s. Springboard.
Like Pigs in a Blanket – You’re Protected with Burning Man
Like putting pixels in a piggie bank.
Like Spray and Wipe for your bottom line.
Like super glue in your eye drops.
Like surgery in a bottle.
Like trying to sell lemonade during nuclear winter.
Like Viagra for Your Bottom Line
Like your favorite climbing tree when you were ten.
Like your usual company holiday party, only MUCH better.
Linguini Lust
Lion Kings and Queens
Lions eat guys like you for breakfast!
Lions Maul Opposing Swimmers
Liquid Health
Liquid Radiant
Lithe Support
Little ado about something.
Little Plastic Bottles Full of Sympathy
Little What’s-His-Name
Live each day the Springboard Way!
Live for today…plan for tomorrow.
Live longer – with sausage!
Live the arts you love. Love the art that lives.
Live the arts you love…love the art that lives.
Live with the art you love. Love the art that lives.
Livin’ Lard
Living in Leather. All Weather Leather.
Living to Learn
Living Young and Healthy
Living, breathing 3D design.
Loaded with the Natural Works for You!
Loan Us Your Dreams
Local Global Access
Lo-cal Motive
Local Savings is Big Business
Locally Fresh and Ripened
Lockheed Martin. Care to Step Outside?
Locution is Everything
Logic Has No Owner
Logo Motives
Logon to Friendship
Long Bored
Long Distance just got a whole lot shorter.
Longing for your Stubby
Look deep inside yourself. Algotec Web-based Medical Imaging.
Look up the Springboard for answers
Lookout! The holidays are coming.
Loot 66
Loot 66 Las Vegas Tour
Lord on the Rocks
Lose 10 lbs. without losing your head!
Lose it Like Lightening
Lose your lunch over New Zealand.
Lose your marbles in Elgin.
Lost? Find yourself in OSPN.
Lotion Quotient
Lotto do about nothing
Loud and Queer
Love Has Never Smelled Better…Chanel
Love in Bloom…Kinmokusei
Love Me Rwanda
Love That Loot
Love Your Brother – But Use A Condom
Love, Not Hate, Will Set You Free
Lovely Lovely Two
Low Downey
Luck of the I Wish

Mad About Cows
Magic Happens
Magma Pure
Magma Radiant
Maineland Organics…It’s a Lifestyle.
Mainlining Happiness
Make a u-turn to Utah.
Make every day a Springboard day.
Make it your trip of a lifetime.
Make Love Not Violence (but use a condom)
Make this hangover count. Ride the Princess.
Make Your Day
Make your network work for you.
Makes a great suntan lotion too.
Makes Your Finger Linger
Making Believe – One Dream at a Time
Making Green from Greenhorns
Making In-Laws out of Outlaws
Making inroads where you least expect them.
Making Old Sounds New Again
Making Real Estate a Reality for You
Making Sense of Your Money
Making the connection.
Making the old new again.
Making things write
Making Your Last Words Count
Making your net work.
Male Answer Syndrome
Mammalian Nation
Man of the Oil Cloth
Man On The Mood
Manhattan. A higher level of consciousness.
Manifest with the Best
Manning the Lifelines
Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend
Mapping the Course to Your Future!
Mapping the Way, from Podunk to Metropolis
Mapping Your Reality
Mardi Gras Your Ass Off.
Mardi Mardi…12 Hour Party!
Marketing for Millions – just a few minutes a day.
Massage Your Mind
Master of your own DOMAIN
Master your business process from the inside out.
Masters Degree of Credit
Masters of our Domain
Masters of your own Domain Name…Network Solutions
Matchmakers on Strike
Mating of the Souls
Matter of Fast
Mauve It On Over
Mauve Over
Maximize the Prize.
Maximize Your Home’s Potential
Maximize Your Professional Business Sense
Maximize your results – Let our full team of professionals stage your home today.
Maximize Your Vision
Maximizing the ineffectiveness of your competetitors.
Maximum Sandwich
May Divorce Be With You
Mayhem In Motion
ME – Micro Engineering
Meal of Dreams
Mealworms for Peace
Mean Business
Measure your education one degree at a time through Continuing Education On-Line
Meats and Potatoes, Pizza Pie, all for You in the Blink of an Eye.
Media Maggots
Medical Imaging just got more exciting. Algotec.
Meet Jesus
Meet me for a Chardonnay at the Red Rocks Cafe.
Meet You at the Bottom of the Sea
Meet your match. SponsorGin.
Melodious Malady
Melt into it. Red Rocks Cafe.
Melt Some Ice Into Your Mouth
Melt the Tuna
Melt your cares away.
Members of the Condom Minimum Association
Membership is success by degrees!
Memory Breathes Desire
Men Don’t Ask and Women Won’t Tell
Menagerie à Trois
Mench Your Match
Mending Foundations
Mending Not Bending
Merge and Whey
Mezmerize the Memorize
Michelin Upon a Star
Michigan, again and again.
Micro Monkey
Micro Morphis
Mighty Millennium – A Bash for 2000
Mild Epoxy Sludge
Milk in Motion
Milk Master In Motion
Milk Moovers – Udderly convenient!
Milk of Millennium, for that thousand year tummy ache.
Milk the Porcupine
Millennium Me, Millennium You
Mind Over JunkFood
Mind Over Mayhem
Mind Your Future
Mindfree Bodymellow
Mindful Service
Minding Your Future
Minds Over Matters
Mine the Zone
Mining the Zone
Mining Your Future
Minnesota Pop
Minting teen CEOs every year.
Mired in its own admiration.
Missouri Loves Company
Miway on the Internet Highway
MIX Music…A Sound Decision
Mixing metaphors with hurled invective.
Mo’ better pun slogans!
Moan Money
Mode Monger
Moisten and Remove
Moments for Memory
Mom’s in the kitchen, but she don’t have to know you’re here.
Money Can’t Hide
Monkey Buzz-Cuts
Mood creator at your service.
Mood Salvo
Moon Over Nowhere
Moonshine Under the Moon
Moral Less
More customers per gallon.
More Fiber Than the Leading Strand
More Floating Restaurants!
More for less…more or less.
More freaks per capita.
More fulfilling than the other leading brand.
More great banking, less wait wanking.
More Juice From My Tree
More New Hampshire than you can shake a stick at.
More Oil Majority
More Pork on Your Fork
More prawns than you can shake a stick at.
More Puns per Pound
More Quark on Every Fork
More real than estate.
More Real Than Time
More Simple Everyday
More slogans than Microsoft.
More switches in our britches
More Tech for Your Buck
More than a home – a family.
More than just cars – a way of life. Christensen Motors.
More Than More
More than one way to sin with scat.
More than the sum of our parts.
More then a club, an institution. 4H
Mornings With Jesus
Morpheme Addiction
Mother’s Milkman
Mothers Together
Motivation Mentors
Move it with Dignity
Move it with Dignity. ICON
Movements for Health
Movers and Shakers
Moving Food Through the Pipe
Moving Right Along
Moving the skeletons out of your closets and onto the Internet. Algotec Medical Imaging.
Moving Your Cars is My Business
Moving Your Cars Is Our Business
Mowers, Tillers, Mai Tais
Mr. Tee
Multi-culturalism is the road to diversity and creativity.
Multihued, Multiethnic and Multiprocessor
Multi-Level Magic!
Multi-media Document Presentations a Complete Manual Operation.
Muse Bemused by Fate. Fate’s Fate Undetermined. Will Human Inspiration Survive?
Mused Confused? Mortal Inspiration Jeopardized. Will Fame and Fortune help buy love?
Mused confused? You betcha…seeks Fame and Fortune’s help to buy love.
Music for Drones
Music Mixer for Many Moods
Music Moods
Mustang Mania
Muzak Theory and Practice
My best friend is a placemat.
My browser wore DotCondom, and I enjoyed Safe Surf.
My Buzzword
My dad’s made up more words than your dad. WordLab.
My Dinner with Dracula…Transylvania
My Grain
My Kingdom for a Dog
My line or yours?
My prawn or yours?
MY professional opinion? Sorry Pal…
My Thai
My Way or the Cryway
Mystic Blowout
Name Nog
NASA. Because there’s no such thing as a free launch.
Native Connectivity
Native ET
Natural Beauty and Relaxation
Natural beauty and relaxation…it’s in your backyard!
Nature Calling – Ohio.
Nature Needs a Handout
Neau Whirled
Need a Revolution for your Systems Evolution!
Needless Markups
Nerds can become Seniors too!
Nest Vesting
Net Without Boarders
netSurfin’ Safari
Network design from the ground up.
Network Pilots
Networking is a swift and effortless breeze
Networking Your Business
Networking Your Business From the Ground Up
Networking Your Dreams
Nevada – You Bet Your Ass!
Never Being Right About Anything Again
Never Kitch in the Devil’s Kitchen
Never Lonely in Elgin
Never look a gift racehorse in the mouth.
Never mind the rest. Delaware.
Never No
New and experienced computer processing power!
New and used equipment for your hard driving pleasure!
New Freeland Service from IndeServe
New Generic Prozac – Being Happy Has Never Been So Affordable
New Perception in Three Dimensions
New Possibilities
New Richland Community Daze!
New slogans in rotation every twenty seconds.
New Whirled
New Whirled Order
New World Order in a Can
New World Technology in a Can
New world, same people.
New Year’s resolutions not allowed.
New Year’s Resolutions Not Included
New York isn’t what you used to be.
New York Punks Polka under the Planets
New Zealand’s Technical Experts. IndeServe.
Newco Never Had it so Good
NewRockin’ ChristRadio
Next Time / Last Time
Next time someone whines about their vacation nightmares, tell them about Concierge Travel.
Next time you reach for power, grab it! StiggyWeed Cream.
Next time your lost in space, Springboard.
Next time, pack a concierge in your suitcase.
Next time, put the Springboard away when you’re done.
Next Time, Remember the Last Time
Nice uvula.
Nirvana non grata.
No Down About It
No genre is safe from our stinger.
No Greece Stains
No Guns are Good Guns!
No hard sell at Christensen – we don’t need to.
No Harm No Charm
No matter what , it’s just a car. At Dan’s Towing, we understand that.
No More Telemarket Tears
No need to get Loanly…Consolidate.
No one ever promised that Armageddon would be pretty.
No Porking Zone
No price is too high for customer loyalty.
No Product. Nothing to go Wrong.
No roaming charges, just lunacy.
No Scraper Toilet Paper
No Splash for Cash!
No Stain No Pain
No Tax on Time
No Worries – Tailored Travel
No, You Listen. Raytheon
Nobody said “nobody said it would be easy” until now.
Nobody Said Fate Was Easy.
Nomenclature for the Rest of us
North Carolina – You’re Soaking In It
North Dakota…Stop Awhile
North Dakota…We’ve Got Big Plans
North Hollywood Squares
Northern light show nightly. Saskatchewan
Northern lights get in free. Saskatchewan
Nosh on the Net
Nosh Online
Not a clown in disguise.
Not a Golden Egg, but a Fine Goose
Not by the hair of my Cheney Chen Chen.
Not just another HIPPI!
Not just Another Millenium
Not Just Another Moneylender
Not Just Drugs, Lifesavers
Not just Mother’s Little Helper anymore.
Not Just the Sex, but the Punch Parties that Made this Y2k Cruise Special.
Not your Mama’s Matches
Not your parents lunch spot. Red Rocks Cafe.
Not your typical Saab Snob.
Nothing between the pipes in Saskatchewan
Nothing but Net
Nothing More Than Nothing
Nothing to fear – until you land!
Nothingness…Expect Nothing Less
Now more than ever – booze!
Now Surfing
Now that’s a confident smile.
Now We’re Cooking with Butagaz!
Now you can get away without the worry.
Now you can’t afford not to call.
Now You’re Cooking with Sass
Nude Everest Expedition and other fun stuff.
NY Spree
Nyght Owl – A Wise Place to Whoo!
Nyght Owl. It’s a Hoot!
NYour Time</p>
<p>O8 is Bettor
Objectify Your Future
Objective Banking
Objectively Suited to Your Needs
Obscene Serene
Ocean to Ocean Marine Recycling
ODdS are, our switches are faster!
Of Corsica
Of Mice and Mein
Off to a roaring year! Albright Lions.
Offer her water with a lemon wedge – because she deserves the finest.
Ogle the Dongle
Oh Bouy! Tanks!
Oh Canadad!
Oh My Hovercraft
Oh what a tangled web they weave without an ISP
Ohio is for lovers.
Ohio Ohio Ohiooo
Ohio. How ya doing’ -0?
Oil Patched
Oink if you like pigs.
Oklahoma is Just OK!
Old fashioned milk delivery is back! Now via the Internet!
Old Money Problems
Old New Age
Old South charm in the booming New South economy.
Old World Techie Gifts and Other Anomolies
Old World Techie Gifts and Other Oxymorons
Old World Technology in a Can
Older than Alaska – The Jaycees
On a mission to tune in the World!
On Again Cardigan
On Any Line
On Holds Barred
On My Way
On the Cutting Edge of Cutting Edge
On the Middle of the Road
On the Path of New Diections…Qualcomm
On the Que
On the Spot Car Wash
On Your Side
Once and For All
Once Upon a Millennium…
Once You Know, You’ll Know
One Cabaña Is Never Enough
One Cabaña Too Many
One call does it all – hassle free service for your entire technical infrastructure.
One Clerk at a Time.
One For Al
One For the Road Hog
One Hot Mama
One Legged Jambox
One Million Prawn Fans Can’t Be Wrong
One of Life’s Butter Pleasures
One Planet. Your Profit.
One small parcel for Man, one giant rigload for Mankind
One Step Further
One trade and you’ll know.
One Tree at a Time
One Word, One Voice
Online Insurance – an idea who’s time has come.
Online. Offline. All the time.
Only L’Île-d’Olonne
Only once in a century comes a movie this powerful.
Only Springboard can make you whole again.
Only Springboard changes color in reaction to emotional cues.
Ontime Help
Open Minds, Open Wallets
Open the Door
Open the Gate to Real Estate
Open the Kimono – A New Fragrance by Prince Matchabelli
Open Wallets for Open Minds
Open Wallets, Open Minds
Open Wider
Open your head, and let in the world.
Open your mind to the wonder of nature.
Open your trap.
Opening ears for forty years.
Opening Minds
Opening up the world of wireless. TrinTel.
Operational Responsive Technology
Oprah. Lets talk about it.
Orange Clutch
Orderfill, not landfill!
Orders filled with speed and skill
Organic produce from the ground up.
Organized Paranoia
Organized to the Teeth
Original Sinbad
Others Blow Smoke. We Open Windows.
Oui Sell
Our business is helping you get back to your business.
Our Customer Service is built upon Relationships…On-line Dating Service
Our customers are honorary members of the Steering Committee. Christensen Motors.
Our deals are carved in stone.
Our Diamonds are a real Gem!
Our Diamonds are…Forever!
Our Diamonds will bring a Sparkle to your Eyes.
Our Father, who ART in Heaven
Our Favorite Place to Be
Our focus is on your success.
Our Future Legacy Awaits
Our Home Is Your Home
Our hospitality is legendary.
Our Karats are Fresh
Our Lady of Countless Miracles
Our low profile is famous.
Our Medical Imaging Services will knock your sockets off.
Our Mission is Your Vision
Our Objective is Suited by Your Needs
Our online benefits brokerage benefits you in so many ways…
Our Place is First Place
Our quality comes through. Christensen Motors.
Our Sales Force Is Slicker Than Owl’s Shit
Our service is only Smiles apart
Our Ship Finally Came In – Sailed At Dawn
Our Silence is About to be Broken
Our Spider Sense is Tingling
Our Staff is Infectious!
Our Stand is to Deliver
Our standards are higher – for all the standard reasons.
Our stocks will knock your socks off!
Our team has the highest water displacement per capita!
Our true reward is making you happy…Nissan
Our vision is beyond the horizon of our Industry
Out of Our Beds
Out of the box is out on a limb.
Out of the frying pan and into the pyre.
Out of Work? Shop Online!
Out on a Lamb
Out to Launch!
Outsource This!
Outsource you company’s benefit program…get it off-mind and on-line!
Outsource your benefits plan, and outsource the hassles of launching your company.
Outstanding Performance Inhibitor
Ovals are Forever
Over Land, Sea and Air – We’ll get It There!
Over the Horizon
Overflowing aisles and friendly smiles.
Overheated from Overheating? Dan’s Towing.
Own Your Own Knowledge Factory
Oy Vegas
Oye Vey, coma va, va, voom!
Ozone Challenged? You Need Burning Man’s Ultimate Protection
Pacific Sunwear On Earth
Pack It Up and Go
Pack It Up To Pakistan
Packed with Pure Chipotle Pleasure
Padding your bottom. Line.
Pain by Numbers
Pain relief you can count on.
Paint Me a Picture
Paint Us a Picture
Pair a normal
Pakistan By Me
Pakistan For Something
Pakistan Soaring
Palapa non grata
Palapa Power
Pale in Roy Orbison
Palms for Psalms
Papel Perfect
Paper View
Paperback Alley
Parcel Post-Productions
Paris – It’s The New Paris
Particularly When Aroused
Partnership for the People
Party A New Millennium Style
Party Favoritism
Parvenu Francais?
Parvenu Porkchop
Parvenu Well To Do
Pass the Glory
Pass the Springboard.
Paths of wireless glory. TrinTel.
Pave Our Driveways
Paving Your Dreams
Pavlov’s Booth
Paws for a meal…Purina Cat Chow
Paws for Life
Paws for Thought
PEACE – Providing Employment And Career Education
Peace – the Real in Thang.
Peace be Wit
Peace Be With
Peace by Peace
Peace is Good Food
Peace Love and Kitty Cats
Peace Meal
Peace of Cake
Peace of mind is only a click away.
Peace Rocks!
Peace Sun Earth
Peace Unearth
Peace, Love and Poverty
Peachy Preachy
Peak Processing
Peanut Gallery Next Exit
Pedaling Okay…Schwinn
Peddling the edible commodity.
Peet’s and Freedom
Peet’s March
Pelican Do
Penny Makes Cents
Pensione Plan
Penultimate Cute
People to People
People Waiting
People’s Trust
Perch with Us
Perfect Coffee… Every Time!
Performance Doesn’t Have a Bedtime
Performance Enhancing Chilli
Performance has no Curfew
Persistent and Contagious
Persistent Paws Power!
Personal Awareness Through Sound
Personal Power through Awareness
Peru. Who knew?
Pet My Squid
Peter Pipe’s Pride Plumbing…Your Drain, Mainline Main Man!
Peugeot Sound
Pharm Animals
Pharm Phresh
Pharmaceutical solutions for a brighter tomorrow.
Phat Kettle ‘O Prawns
Phatten Up for the Holidays
Phatten Up!
Phil it to the brim with heart and soul.
Phreedom Phreeloader
Pick up the Peaces
Pick up your trash or pay by cash!
Picking Up the Tab for Tomorrow
Picture Archiving and Communications Systems. It’s all we do.
Picture the human body. In three dimensions. Inside and out. On the Internet. Algotec.
Picture This!
Picture yourself in a boat on a river…Infinity Travel
Pierced by Lugosi
Pig Laughin’
Pigzart – the Mozart of Pork
Pike’s Peak and Prozac
Pills of Perfection
Ping-Pong, the Witch’s Head
Pinky Stoop
Pipping Hype
Piss On
Pissing His Sheets
Pitch the Boss
Plan Saphron
Planet Africa
Planet Earth – Let’s Root for the Home Team
Planet Ice
Planning for the Inevitable
Plant a Kiss and Smile
Plant Life Support
Planting the seeds of common understanding and respectability.
Plastered, insulting, vulgar and stupid.
Plates of Perfection. Red Rocks Cafe.
Platinum Home Accessories
Play Chicken with Your Karma
Play To Schwinn
Playing Your Song – Continuously!
Please have a seat.
Pleasing Jesus
Pleasing Techies for Over 42 Minutes
Pleasing Techies Since Sunrise
Pleasure in every sip.
Pledge to keep the Sermon Flowing
Plug in to the buzz.
Plumb Magic
Pocket Tones
Podunk Pride
Podunk Punch
Poetic Justice of the Peace
Poi Time
Point of Known Return
Pointing Buyers to their Next Cars
Pointing the Way. Louisiana.
Pointing Your Direction
Poised for Promise
Pokemon Off It
Polar Magnetism for Attractive Designs
Poor Man’s Ikea
Populating the Planet
Pore Gold
Pore It On!
Pork rinds never tasted so good.
Pork the Pig
Portal Africa
Portal to Profit
Positive Stinking
Poster Child Prodigy
Potato Pathos
Potter Fodder
Potter Trained
Potty Train Station
Poughkeepsie Gettin’ Better All the Time!
Pound in some nails and light the fuse.
Pounding the pavement for you.
Power Cabañas
Power Credit
Power Cruisers
Power Fool
Power Latte
Power Pools
Power to the Baby…Carnation Baby Formula
Power Tools Cruise
Power. Intrigue. Suspence. Amusement! A comedy in the clouds.
Prawn Care
Prawn Phreak
Prawn Power!
Prawns – one bucket at a time.
Prawns by the ton.
Pray for Latté
Prayers and forgiveness are free, but donations are welcome.
Precision Mapping Solutions
Precisionist planning suited to your personal needs.
Prepare for Excellence
Prepare to be dazzled. Red Rocks Cafe.
Preparing Excellence
Present and Descent
Preserve your Ass-ets! Insure Your Title.
Preserving Data to Increase Your Interest.
Pretty Redneck Sure
Preventing Madness From Spreading Further
Prey for Piece
Prey we don’t catch you! The Lions.
Price Skating
Pride Aside
Pride of Empty Spaces …Montana
Princess Tiller
Prior IT
Priority is our Top Priority
Pro Money
Pro Testors
Proactive Rest is Best
Pro-Bono, Sonny.
Prod the Red Tree
Prodigal Sunburn
Productivity is the Soup…Creativity is the Flavor!
Professional Expectations with Exceptional Presentations!
Professional Staging for Maximum Results
Profit Sharing People
Programming Languages to Perform
Programming that’s family friendly…The Disney Channel
Project in the Future
Projecting Faith
Projecting New Sounds to Old Ears
Projecting the Word
Promoters of internal body fluid collection devices.
Protect yourself with a squirt from Artemis.
Protecting Dental Health with Pride…Lion Dental
Protest Ant
Proud. But not too proud.
Providing win-win solutions for a troubled world.
Psalm Construction
Pssst, lady. Here’s our catalog. Buy him a gadget, any gadget. He’ll love you for it.
Psychology In Motion
Publish The Ground You Stand On
Puck In, Eh!
Puck U
Puckin’ A!
Pucks across the Prarie
Pucks on the Prairie
Puff the Magic Drag Queen
Pull Together and Win Big!
Pull two quarters from your pocket. Now put them in the slot and talk to a loved one for five minutes, anywhere in the U.S. it’s that simple.
Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and fly by the seat of your pants.
Pulling rugs out from under continents.
Pulling Together to Benefit All
Pummeling our livers night after night.
Pump Up My Room
Pundit Farm
Punmanship Exorcises
Punning for Gold. WordLab.
Pure Chipotle Pleasure
Pure Diamonds…Pure Quality!
Pure Hockey…Pure Madness! Saskatchewan.
Pure Pedal Power
Pure Virginity
Purity PLUS!
Purpose for Higher
Purrrrrfect!…Purina Cat Chow
Pushing the Sermon on You. CHR.
Pushing your buttons again.
Put a bounce in your bottom line.
Put a little Elgin in your life.
Put a little Mardi in your Gras!
Put A Quark In It
Put a quark in it.
Put a roof over your headache.
Put a rope around it and yank.
Put Amen on the Moon
Put gingivitis in its place.
Put that in your data basket and smoke I.T.
Put the Art in Front of the Horse
Put them out of your misery. Euthanasia Now.
Put this in your VCR and smoke it.
Put your buckets in our seats. Christensen Motors.
Put your competition to work for you.
Put your money to good USE. The United States Employee Credit Union.
Putting a new spin on it.
Putting all the pieces in place.
Putting America Back On Its Feet
Putting cartography before the horse.
Putting Descartes Before the Norse
Putting filth under your feet.
Putting it all together.
Putting our kids to work, now.
Putting physiology on the Web, in 3-D.
Putting your best speech forward.
Putting your bottom line on the line.
Putting your face where your feet should be.
Putting your network to work on the Net.
Putting your network to work.
Quality and Efficiency is our Growth Formula
Quality and Service is Set in Stone
Quality is a Grain of Sand
Quality not Quantity. Elgin
Quality on the Cheap
Quality, not quantity. Oh, hell, quantity then. WordLab.
Quantasis. For a heightened sense of emotions. It’s Scentsational!
Quantity, dammit!
Quantity…and then some.
Quark It Up!
Quarks Don’t Care!
Quarnford Lodge – It’s in Your Nature
Queen of Hype
Quench Drench
Query of Relativity
Quest For Time
Quick Licks for Fast Chicks
Quiet Solutions From TrinTel
Quiet Thunder
Quiet, you’re disturbing my high school silence project.
Quip while your’re ahead.
Quit Tinkering
Quit While Your Less Behind
Quite frankly, our friendly sales people will never No.
Quite simply a better head of cheese.
Quite simply, we’re better – for the standard reason that our standards are better.
Radiant Earth
Radiant Fire
Radiant Fresh
Radiant Real Time
Radiant Rest is Best
Radio Free Jesus
Radio Free University
Radio My
Raffle Your Feathers
Raid Is Forever
Raise for the Praise
Raising Brand
Raising Our Voices
Raising the Bar on Computer Literacy
Ramp Up Your Fiber
Ranch animals, lighter fluid, matches, and carnivores – what else is there in life?
Rapid Fire Integrity
Rare IT
Raspberry Perfect
Rates of Steel
Reach For Peace
Reach for the Sky with TrinTel
Reach Out Management
Read it and Weep Freak
Read Like Hell!
Read my lips…Blub, Blub, Blub! Albright Swimming Lions.
Ready and Rising
Ready to Change. Union Carbide.
Real People…Real Time
Real Service for Real Estate
Real Time 8hr. Restoration
Real Virtual
Reap the Mercury
Recommended Daily Endowment
Reddish Fetish
Redneck Ready
Regain Your Composure From A Brand New Foreclosure.
Regis Philbin says so.
Relatively Responsive
Relax, Retreat, Refresh
Religion in a bottle. Godka
Religious Order in the Court
Religiously Good Coffee
Religiously Good Gelato
Relish a Good Dog
Remebrance of things past.
Remember the good ol’ days when we thought things were bad?
Remember Your Pants
Remember Your Team
Remote Imaging is Everything.
Remote Radiology Imaging…It’s all we do.
Renaissance – The Tax People. A new way to save.
Renewing Our Bond
Repetitive audio terrorism…repetitive audio terrorism…repetitive audio terrorism…
Researching Cures
Restaurant On Wheels
Restoration Nation
Results in Lightening Speed
Retired at Thirty
Return of the Lemmings
Return the Spiritual Favor
Revenge of the English Majors
Rewind that tape. Elgin.
Rhapsody in Foam.
Rhode Island – Can you afford us now?
Rhododendrons and Dragons
Rib Rage. A bucket, a hammer, and a shotglass.
Rich and Pour
Rid Your Life of Teal
Riddled with Possibilities
Ride with pride, don’t strive to drive!
Ride your power mowers into the new dawn.
Right on Broadway
Right up your oily.
Righteous Rock. CHR.
Ring the Basement Bell
Ringing Belfast
Ripe For the Puking
Road Rage just got a whole lot friendlier. The all-new Humvee.
Roam Away! TrinTel.
Roam on the range, with TrinTel.
Rock My Pony
Rock The Bloat
Roll Back, Beethoven
Roll on in to Christensen.
Rollin’ on Down the Highway- To You
Rome Was Built In A Day
Rome Your Own
Romp in the Rockies
Root for God with more than an amen and a nod.
Round Trick Specialist
RTD…Beats Walking!
Rub a dub dub your car in our tub
Rubbing Computers the Wrong Way
Ruckus in the Rockies
Rum For Your Life
Runt and Rove
Rustic Ohio Charm, bringing you back everytime.
S.O.S. – Sex Organized Safely
Sabbath Body Sabbath
Sabre Slayers
Sabre Tooth Ache
Sacrificial Mobster
Saddam-bam, thank you ma’am.
Saddle Butt True
Safe for Conservatives
Safe Sex – More then two vaults in love.
Safe Sex and a Barrel of Monkeys
Safe Sex Today for a New Tomorrow
Safer Chatter ‘Cause Children Matter
Saginaw on That
Salt the Taffy
Salvation Navy – All Hands on Deck!
San Diego. God forgive us.
Sarin Getty
Sask Watch Ice Hockey Tournament
Saskatchewan Wander
Saskatchewan Battlezone – Hockey’s Finest Just Crossed the Line
Saskatchewan fans are preparing for the Hockey Draught
Saskatchewan is Stacked Up
Saskatchewan Light Show Nightly
Saskatchewan prairies=hockey’s hotbed? You bet your Ice it is.
Saskatchewan Turns on the Lights
Saskatchewan Wonderful
Saskatchewan. Give us your Slap Shot.
Saskatchewand of Northern Lights
Saskatchewan’s Black and Blue Line
Saskatchewanton Desire
SAT – Sober About Testing
SAT down and lurn something.
Satisfy and then some.
Saturday Night Favor
Saturday Night Fever Blister
Saucy Sucklings
Save Face with Grace
Save Face. Buy Grace
Save the Ants
Save the Dates
Save the lace for the tall dark stranger. Cotton.
Save the Plankton
Save The Prawns!
Saving Lives – One Pill at a Time
Saving You Time is Our Business
Saw the Branch on which Your Competitors are Sitting
Saw the Competitor’s Branch Clean Off!
Sawing the branch on which they are sitting… Raytheon
Sawing the branch on which your competitor is sitting.
Say “Oinkle!”
Say Head Cheese
Say Sayonara To Cysts
S’cadaddle to Saskatchewan and see the hockey event of the year!
Scared Sheetless
S’Catch a Puck in Saskatchewan
Scene Not Herd
Schwinn…Your Bycicle SPOKESman
Scorched Sunwear
Scrabble. Rewarding people for what computers do better.
Scratch Your Pavich
Scroll back the years with Dead Sea Cosmetics.
Scuba Do…Deep Sea Diving Co.
Sculling in the same direction…Not an OARdinary Solution
Sculling Together…Making Waves in the Industry!
Sea Senior!
Seafood Seranade
Seaing is Believing
Seam Me Up
Seamless Books
Search and Rest You
Searching for Cthulhu in the afterworld!
Searching for the MISSING LINK
Season of Love
Sea-Sought Battle
Seattle. It’s what’s up.
Secure your future online.
See New Zealand in a whirrl!
Selectively Frothy
Self Absorbing Contemplation
Self Appointed Disaster
Self Employment is where the Heart is!
Self is Team
Sell Phone!
Sell today, Caribbean tomorrow
Sell Without the Hell
Sell your way to the Caribbean.
Selling Computer Education to Future Geeks
Selling Heart for Forty Years
Selling the Business of Selling Cars
Send In the Prawns
Send the gifts you love to the one you love.
Send Your Dog To Camp This Summer
Seniority is Not a Punishable Offense
Sense of Tumor
Senseless Acts of Violins
Sensible living in Elgin.
Serve your friends. Serve toast.
Service Able Home Maintenance and Improvement
Service and Then Some
Service beyond the boundaries of Expectations!
Service is embedded in our business.
Service is our Meat and Potatoes…the rest is Gravy!
Service Tree
Service with a Scalpel
Services for Social Change
Serving Techies Breakfast for Over 42 Minutes
Serving Techies Since Breakfast
Serving the Community…Campbells
Sesproctyl Puts the Fire Out!
Set Yourself Free with Sesproctyl
Seven Pillars of Quizdom
Sew Up The Deal
Sew What
Sex and Snooze
Sex in the Underbrush, and other juicy stuff.
Sex Not Guns- But Use A Condom
Sex on the Lawn
Shake your booty in Nebraska.
Shall I Crow?
Shanks for the Memories
Shape the Scape
Share it with your lover.
Share the Fare
Share Your Creativity
Share your game, don’t spread the blame
Share Your Life With Us
Sharing Computer Literacy
She doesn’t appreciate Burl.
Sheep Don’t Fail Me Now
She’s on a mission to bemuse.
Shiftless In Saskatchewan
Shining Sea Marine Recycling
Ship and You Shall Receive
Shipping at the Speed of Commerce
Shipping for the Next Millennium
Shipping You Can Depend On
Shoot From the Quip
Shop About
Shop Better
Shop rules: don’t hit the fan with shit.
Shopping 101
Shopping 2.0
Shotgun! – Smith and Wesson
Show Me More
Show Me the Monkey
Showing you the car of your dreams. Christensen Motors.
Showroom Savvy
Shut up and eat!
Sideways at Best
Sigh Bore
Sign on the potted lime.
Significant Transformations
Silican Alley
Silicon Solutions…living on the edge, not your fault!
Silly Satan, Trix Aren’t for Kids
Simple Acrobatics for Testing
Simple Solutions For A Complex World
Simple Strategies
Simplified Real Estate Services On Your Behalf
Simplify Your Life – Make Money
Simply Electric
Simply Smarter. Lockheed Martin
Simply Terrifying
Simply the best cars at the best prices. Christensen Motors.
Sincerely Up Yours
Sine, Cosine and Porcine
Sing and Pray for Jesus in the New Century!
Sing into Spring
Sink your roots in Gaston.
Sit back and enjoy Phil’s harmonic orchestration of events.
Site Site Baby
Six Billion People Can’t Be Wrong
Six Degrees of Jesus Snacks
Six Degrees of Separation – From Our Competitors
Six Degrees of Separation…From our competitors, that is.
Six, Seven, Eight Balls of Fire!
Skirting the Tissue
Slang Machine
Slanterror…suffering from vertigo!
Slanty crew… pickled as usual!
Slanty You Jest
Slanty.Net… Home for the Lonesome Canadian!
Slap It in Saskatchewan
Slap Schtick in Saskatchewan
Slap Shot in Saskatchewan
Sleep Away The Creases…RipVanWrinkles Dry Cleaners
Sleep on it.
Sleep tight – you insured yourself online tonight.
Sleepless in Saskatchewan
Sleevy Wonder
Slo-Cooked Prawns
Slogan Slinger
Slogans for Shoguns
Slogan’s Talk
Slogans You Can Count On
Slogans You Can Trust
Small, Sleek and Powerful
Smarter bombs for a brighter future.
Smelt and a Smile
Smelt Like A Rose
Smelt or be Smelted
Smile – you live in Elgin.
Smile a little smile for me.
Smile a milliion smiles for me…
Smile Awhile
Smile, you have no cavities!
Snip and Lick – Lickety Split Pet Grooming Service
Snorting coke never felt THIS good.
So good it’s risk free!
So much more than Mardi-Gras. Louisiana.
So much more than wireless. TrinTel.
So So Toboso
So You Can Get Better
So Young So Cruel
Soaps Up!
Soda Baking
Soft, Sensual, Spiritual – Cotton
Software Sensation
Soho Cares
Sold Before Breakfast
Solution Doesn’t Have a Middle Name
Solutions for a troubled world. Springboard.
Solutions for Living
Solving Problems Together
Some call us a restaurant, others call us a crime scene. One hell of a BBQ, in any case.
Some old guy in Podunk hasn’t opened the envelope yet.
Some People Have a Photographic Mind – Most People Don’t
Something For All
Something for every budget.
Sometimes even the Muses are uninspired…
Sometimes not even Springboard can help.
Sometimes your memory needs a reminder
Somewhere an octopus is snoring.
Somewhere between my ass and Texas.
Somewhere over the rainbow is Oz. Somewhere under the rainbow is a house you can afford, Jack.
Somrthing cushy for your tushy
Son of a Muggit
Son of a Muggit…Daughter of Fire
Sony Bono
Sooner or Leather you’ll have a fit!
Soul of the Sale
Soul You Know
Sound Advise!
Sound Therapy Session
Sour Organic Grapes?
Sour pickle for your nickel? Wet mortor for your quarter? Saucy duck for a buck? Just place your order, you’re in luck!
Source Sports
Sow You Know
Sow Your Wild Oats!
Soy Ploy
Spank the Bank
Sparkling Waterslide
Spatial anomolies for the worm hole!
Spawning Deals for Fishy Meals
Speaking By Appearance
Spectacular Hiding Places for Men on the Lamb
Speech Out!
Speech therapy for the rust of us.
Speeching of Pathology…
Speechy Keen
Spelling was never my strong sute!
Spend and Shout!
Spend less time on the shit, so you can concentrate on the Shinola.
Spend Your Way to a Million Dollars.
Spinning music faster every Year
SpiritCrafts – Malaysian Arts from the Orang Asli People.
Spiritual Convocation
Spiritual returns on your money
Spraytection from Artemis.
Spreading Knowledge
Spring to Life
Springboard for Jesus.
Springboard IS music!
Springboard makes even the little things just a little extra special.
Springboard the hell outta’ here!
Springboard to a better tomorrow.
Springboard your blues away.
Springboard your cares away.
Springboard your net worth through the ceiling.
Springboard yourself to the university of your choice.
Springboard. It’s not just for Wordlab anymore.
Springboard. Tedious yes, but never dull.
Springboard. The new new way.
Springboard. We got moxie.
Springboard. When you have time for the very best.
Sprit of the Arts
Square Root Beer- It’s Twice The Power!
Squeeky shoes is your kryptonite
Squint, Sweat, Dance
Squirrel Monkey Business
Staff Suggestion
Staking a Claim on Love
Stand By Your Manicotti
Stars and Strikes
Start Kidding Around
Start Milkn’ It!
Start spreadin’ the news. Elgin.
Startup the successmobile!
Station of the Crossed
Stay Awhile
Stay right there – we’re on our way!
Steel Abs Construction
Steel This Plant
Steer Toward This Firelight
Step Into Our Shoes
Step on Up!
Step onto the Springboard, and bounce into the unknown.
Step onto the Springboard, and leap into the future.
Step over the great divide. M3 is here.
Step up to God’s Plate
Stevie Wonder Gave Me Puffy Eyes
Stick ‘Em Up – With a Hot Glue Gun
Still crazy after all these jeers.
Stinging the MusicBUZZ
Stock Mockit Retort
Stocked and Stationed
Stone Plenty
Stool’s Out For Summer
Stop Norsing Around!
Stop the vicious cycle of violence.
Stop World Hunger…but start in your own back yard!
Stopping Disease In Its Tracks
Stopping the Madness for Nearly Half a Century
Stopping violence before it starts.
Stopping violence with love.
Store Your Oats
Storm Proof Leather – All Weather Leather
Stormy Leather
Stormy Weather Pleasure – All Weather Leather
Straightforward, honest autos. Christensen Motors.
Stranded in the Present
Strategically Hip…Battleship
Stretch for the Stars!
Stretch it all by Walking Tall…Holiday Health Spas
Stretch it Out and Lose that Gout…Holiday Health Spas
Stretch that muscle. Stretch that limb. Then dive in and take a swim…Holiday Health Spas
Stretch to Stay in Shape…Silly Puddy
Stretch Your Limits!
Stretch Your Tires
Stretched, Alligned and Feeling Good! Vertabractics.
Stretching is good for the Body and Soul…Silly Puddy
Stride for Life
Striders on the Storm
Striding Light
Stronger Together
Stronger, Faster, Cuter
Stuck on Your Flower
Stud Puffin
Students Rock Schools Roll
Stuff Your Face
Stumped? Let Us Cut Down Your Leg Work
Sub Dude
Subaru Full
Sublimely Sponsored
Submerge you hopes – here come the Albright Swimming Lions.
Subtle Little
Success can only be measured by our failure to work together
Success is just around the bend
Suitable Pharmaceuticals
Summer of the Shark
Summertime and the living room is easy.
Sunny and Share
Sunscreen by Burning Man
Super Facial Surgery
Super Information Highway Blues? Let us help you spark your fuse!
Super Sonic Market Tonic
Superior online technical writing – we wrote the book on it.
Supper Highway
Support Your Local Guru
Supreme Baja!
Sure it’s just Sales, but it’s better than being half-dead on the operating table.
Sure to ruffle your feathers!
Sure, we’ve got standards. Which ones do you want?
Surely You Crest
Surely You Jets [for NY Jets]
Surely You Jones
Surgeon of Growth
Surplus Plus!
Surrender to Unconditional Love
Sustaining Lives
Suture Me With Karma
Suture Your Future
Suture Your Quotas
SUV Jesus
Swallow the Porcupine
Swallow the Sun
Swallowing pride, and a lot more.
Swap Linking
Sweat + Dirt = Mud. Lots of Mud.
Sweat and Shower
Sweatshirts For Sweatshops
Sweet and Sour Power
Swell the Ranks
Swept Off Your Feet Service
Swept Off Your Feet Technology
Swill, Swarm and Smarm.
Swimming Upstream
Swimming with the Big Fish.
Swish it around a little.
Synergize – Making the community work, together.
Synergy – The sin qua non of Cooperation
Tab for the Future
Tab knows who you really are.
Tablets of Love
Tactical Data Burst
Tagliatelle at the Red Rocks Cafe
TagTeen. An Emily Dickinson Circus.
Tahoe a Go Go
Tailored Concierge Service. Come home not needing a vacation.
Tailored to your every travel need.
Tailored to your travel needs.
Take a bite into health…Washington Apples.
Take a bite out of hunger
Take a bounce on the Springboard.
Take a breather. Ohio.
Take a byte out of your memory problems.
Take a deep breath where the sun doesn’t shine.
Take a Flying Leap…Bungee Jumping!
Take a leap down under.
Take a load off…give to the Food Bank Drive!
Take a lunch – hour culinary trip to Italy. Red Rocks Cafe.
Take a seat. You’re the last man standing.
Take a Wok on the Wild Side
Take instruction for construction.
Take me to your bleeder.
Take me to your Reader and I will show you the Word!
Take More Crack and Thrive!
Take Notes!
Take off your coat, stay awhile. Elgin
Take the Complications out of Communications
Take the Complications out of Telecommunications- IndeServe.
Take the First Step
Take the time to learn your trade.
Take Us Literally…Don’t Litter!
Take Your Life Off ‘Hold’
Takin’ it to the Green
Taking Care of Family
Taking Care of People
Taking care of your systems.
Taking Know for an Answer
Taking Notes for an Answer
Taking the IF out of LIFE. Prudential.
Taking your ears to the cleaners.
Talent Shout
Talk About Jaycee – A Great American Civic Group
Talk is Cheap. Get Up and Dance.
Talk is cheap. Thank you, TrinTel.
Talk to me. The American Psychological Society.
Talk To Us
Talking Gingivitus
Talking in darkness, culminating in love.
Tango Bango
Tankful Reflections
Tap Tap Tap…The Creative Juices
Target – just enough.
Target Your Direction
Tasajara. We put the Omm in Dot Com.
Taste Makes Waist
Taste Tease
Tax ConSultan
Te Doorway to Success
Tea, Biscuits and Elgin
Teach and You Shall Find
TeachTalking the New LingoAge(.com)
Teaming with Success
Tech stocks for the long term. Just kidding.
Tech Supporters
Tech Tech Goose
Tech Text, Context and Specs
Tech Yes. Tacky Not!
Technical Document Presentation the Write Way!
Technical Know How for the Technical Age – IndeServe.
Technical writing for everyone.
Technically speaking, we can do that today!
Technically speaking, we can do that.
Technically speaking, we’re here to do all the tweaking.
Tech-wet Dreams are Made of This.
Tel-A-Friend. TrinTel.
Telemarketing Intelligence You Can Glean From
Television – because it’s there.
Television. It’s what is.
Telluride Now
Ten dollars to payday.
Ten minutes of blow drying can’t do This.
Ten tows and the next one’s free…Because you can count on us! Dan’s Towing.
Tender meats and tender drinks at tender prices.
Tender tushy – paper plushy. Soft Swipe
Tequilla Monster
Testy? It’s the testosterone honey!
Texas just ain’t big enough.
Thank God For A New Cereal
Thanks for the Mammaries
Thanksgiving Pheast
That Certain Curtain
That Swing Thing
That was then, this is now. Union Carbide
That’s a Wrap!
That’s Funny and Sick!
That’s Great News – Let’s Cruise!
That’s mistletoe-Kiss Me!
That’s Mr. Coffee to You
That’s One Angry Bovine
That’s One Hummer of a Jesus
That’s Ouzo Talking
That’s Spine With Me.
That’s Wheel Nice…Goodyear
The 21st Century Is Here (Chances Are, We Brought it to You!)
The 4-Club: Helping today’s children to become tomorrow’s self-sufficient and resourceful adults.
The Age of Nefarious
The Agressive Earthworm
The Albright Lions – the Wild Pride
The Albright Lions go to great lengths to beat the competition!
The Albright Swimming Lions – Grrrrrr!
The All-New Hampshire
The All-New Millennium
the alphabet predicts our memories.
The American Lesion
The Annual Symposium that Pays Dividends
The answer is SOOO simple…
The answer to all of life’s persistent questions. Springboard.
The Antidote For Normal
The art of breathing Dairy Air…In through the mouth and out through the nose!
The Art of Science
The Art of the Comp
The Arts and Crafts of a Peaceful People
The Baby Boomer Generation…A future global reduction in the use of combs.
The Bagel Has Landed
The Bank of Dreams
The Bar B Quest
The Beginning of the End of the Road
The best 3D design money can buy, for less than you think, in the blink of an eye.
The best consultation in lawn and garden equipment.
The Best Cruise Party in the Next 1000 Years.
The best friend your Intranet ever had. IndeServe.
The best millennium party in one thousand years.
The Best Naming and Branding in Life is Free
The Best Part – It’s Poughkeepsie!
The Best Rinse in Town!
The best thing after your stock option plan.
The best thing to happen to Civilization since…Civilization
The better butter.
The Better Pills to Swallow
The Better the Butter
The Bible Belt buckle.
The Big Dream Team
The Big Fish in a Small Monde
The Big Fish in a Small Ponderosa
The Big Little Store
The Big Little Store with the Bright Red Door
The Big Noise. Illinois.
The Big Store on the Little Island
The Biggest Pride in Town
The Blight at the End of the Tunnel
The Bottom of the Seasickness
The Buck Starts Here
The Buick Stops Here
The Bumper Squad
The Burgie Generation
The Business of Cards
The Business-to-Business ePlosion!
The Buzz Heard ‘Round the World
The Calming Effect of Chicken
The Captain of Your Championship Team
The Caribbean Incentive – Don’t miss THIS boat!
The Caribbean sure is warm in January.
The Cat’s in the Hand Bag
The Center for Measure
The Centre of the World
The Chafe of things to come.
The Changing Nature of Nature
The check is in the Male!
The Chopper’s Block
The Chopsticks of this Community for Over 50 Years
The Chopsticks of Your Organization
The City of Charm
The City of Motherly, Fatherly, Sisterly, Brotherly.
The Clan Bake
The Class to Create. The Challenge To Grow.
The Coarse Print
The Color of Insanity
The competition is stiff, but they don’t measure up to our standards.
The competition isn’t going to relax. You need the strong bench support our temporary staffers provide.
The Complete Social Toothpaste
The Computer Education Centre of Your Dreams
The Concierge Consortium
The Consumer’s Advocate
The Consumer’s Friend
The Continental Break Fest
The cool tool. Too cool!
The Copy Cat’s Meow
The Copy Cats Meow…Xerox
The Cost is Clear
The Costume is Clear
The Crew Thru You
The crustacean formerly known as Prawn.
The Culmination of Your Vision
The current BOG (Board of Governors) is stuck in one.
The Customer’s Oasis
The Dairy Fairy
The Dakotas – Empty Together
The Dark Side of Mindfulness
The Deal Finder
The deal of the rest of the century.
The Delaware Corps
The Delaware Pride
The Diaper Decade
The difference is clear. TrinTel.
The drain in brain falls mainly on the plain.
The Dream Brokers
The Dream Precisionist
The drugmaker of choice.
The Ear Opener
The Economy Wants You!
The Edge of Worry
The eight second stud provin’ grounds
The Elgin of Progress
The Employable Solution
The Encryption Pyramid
The End of Business As Usual
The End of Now
The End of the Beginning
The End of the End of the Road
The ending is always a beginning.
The Environment is Our Neighbor – Be a Good Neighbor
The Era of New Possibility
The Erector Set
The Essence of Eastern Sense
The Essence of Nature
The Essence of Popcorn
The Essence of Subliminal Stimulation…Chanel
The Evidence Express
The Evolution of Music
The Exoshop
The Fair and the Virile
The Family that gets together creates Good Weather.
The faster the speed, the higher the WARP.
The Fat Extreme
The Fat List of Facts
The FBI Never Forgets
The Few The Proud The Employed
The Final Authority on BBQ
The Finite Frontier
The fire-breathing BBQ joint.
The First Ingredient On Your Recipe For Success
The First Internet-ready Shoulder Pads
The First Lady of Art
The First Mutual Fund That’s Truly Mutual
The First Step To Success…Addidas
The Flannel Authority
The Fleet Fleet
The Flowering Body
The Flowing Agents
The Food Middlemen
The Fool on the Pill
The Foundation For Future Excellence
The Foundation For Peak Performance
The Foundation of Your Future
The Fragrance of a Thousand Flowers…Kinmokusei
The freshest dish.
The Full Wheel Deal…Goodyear Tires
The future in automotive necessity. Christensen Motors.
The Future is Mined
The Future Is Past
The Future Near
The Future of Engineering
The Future of Well-Being
The FYI Guys
The generation that still doesn’t have its act together.
The Geography of Your Life
The Ghost of Christmas Never
The Gift of Filling
The glass is neither half full nor half empty.
The glorious beauty of computer code.
The Good Life Starts Here
The Good Lord Architect
The Good Luck Shop
The Good Old Daze
The Good Shiite Lollipop
The Goof Life Starts Here
The Graceful Face
The Green Generation
The Guam Grocer
The gumption to say “screw you.” The power of the Internet. The smell of fine perfume. Springboard.
The Guru is You
The harsh, repetitive agent of audio Good.
The Havoc is Here
The Healing Feeling
The higher caliber caliber. Smith and Wesson.
The Hipster’s Heavenly Hoedown
The home for upstart startups.
The home of your dreams is now within your means.
The Hookers are on the street in your neighborhood! Dan’s Towing.
The Host with the Bose
The Host with the Gloutos
The Hostess That’s Too Mostest!
The Hot Shop on Guam
The HR Department…Don’t be a Stranger.
The Human Tsunami…The Baby Boomer Wave
The Humbling Wipe
The ineffable flavor of krill.
The ins and outs of ups and downs.
The International House of Pups
The Jesus Alternative
The Jewel of the Business
The Joy of Prawns
The keys to the Dot Com Car.
The King of the Dental Plan Jungle…Lion Health
The Knowledge Bank
The Land of Meat
The land of milk and homey.
The Last Computer You’ll Ever Want to Buy
The last ice age waved goodbye long ago.
The last song in the jukebox has never been played.
The last word in Pontiac-Buick-GMC cars. Christensen Motors.
The Latte Starts Here
The Leader in Workforce Workouts
The Lion In Water
The Lions are fast in the pool and just as cool!
The Lions dive right in!
The Lions have built a bigger and better team from scratch!
The Lions like it raw…because swimsuits are just a drag!
The Little Anti-Viral That Could
The Little Conundrummer Boy
The liver and kidneys of the food transaction industry.
The Loan Factory
The Loan’s On Us (Hug Optional)
The Lord will pave the way
The Lure of Pakistan
The Master Flan
The meaning of life is in… Pediatrics!
The Means To Your Dreams
The Meating Place…Black Angus
The Medi-Call Directory
The Mercury of Food Delivery!
The Mid-Life Crisis Hotline…Phone One
The Milky Sleigh
The Millennium, starring Ernest Borgnine
The Millennium. Not just for breakfast anymore.
The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Buy Now.
The Moaning of Life
The Name Behind Your Good Name
The National is now Local.
The Nature of Nurture
The Navy is Next!
The Net can be work, so why not let it work for you!
The New 3D, from an Old Master. Coyote Concepts.
The New Abnormal
The New Buick Turtle – Sometimes Slower IS Better
The New Dimensional of Industrial Design and Illustration
The New eCiety
The New Holy Trinity: The Phone Company – You – and TrinTel.
The new IRS: we’re waiting for you.
The New Millennium – guess it depends on when you began counting.
The New Millennium Power Princess!
The New New Economy
The New Old World
The new shoes on the top of your mind, the tip of your tongue, and the bottom of your feet.
The Newsletter for Strategic Programming
The next Century and beyond! Christensen Pontiac-Buick-GMC.
The Next Generation Deli Meat
The next ice age is already getting off the plane.
The Nimble Thimble
The Noose Around Zeus
The Nor’east Feast
The Norse Race
The Nyght Owl – Nyght Flyght and a Tasty Byte.
The Odd Squad
The One New Year’s Resolution You Will Want To Keep!
The On-Line Learning Mine
The only BBQ you’ll ever need
The only name synonymous with towing. Dan’s.
The only raisin you need.
The ONLY Root Beer Made From Whole Prawns!
The only school where students power lunch at on-campus bistros.
The Only Store You’ll Ever Need!
The Only Way- For Those Who Can Pay
The Oregon Donor
The other team never knew what hit ’em. Albright Swimming Lions.
The Pace of Success
The Paws that Refreshes
The Paylittlephone
The Peak of Foresight
The People’s Portfolio Manager
The Perfect Raspberry
The Performance Accessory Standard
The Pharmaceutical Company With the Smiley Face
The Pharmaceuticals of Heaven
The Phat List of Phacts
The Phat Mondo Extremo
The Piney Barrons of Elgin.
The Pizza Will Kiss You
The Planets have Aligned at Worldo.
The Plunder Years
The Point of Known Return
The Point of Rational Return
The Portal Portal
The Power Cruise for Power Dealers.
The Power of Chipotle
The power of small time living.
The Power-Tortoise of the Heartland.
The PR tsunami.
The Prawn-Colored Love Machine
The Prawns Age
The Preferred Hybrid
The price is so reasonable we sell it by the pound!
The price of nature has just gone up.
The Process is Delectable
The Promise of Real Time
The proven way to grow up strong. 4H
The pure pleasure of data.
The Quiet Friends from TrinTel
The Ramen Shamen
The Raw Materials of Life
The Relationshipping Department
The Renaissance Tax People want to save you money – lots of money. It’s that simple.
The Revolution Inside
The Rides of Your Lives. Dan’s Towing
The Right MIX for You
The Right Touch is a Women’s Touch
The Rolling Class
The Rolling Highball
The romance of databases.
The Ronald Reagan Memorial Safe Sex Society
The Rot Pack
The Salt of Adversity
The Satin Toothpaste Collection
The Sauce Age
The Scent of Light
The School of the Human Condition
The Science of Coffee
The Science of Competitive Awareness
The Science of Sales
The search for new algae begins at home.
The Sense of Love…Conroy’s Flowers
The shape of things to comfort.
The shape of thongs to come.
The Sheep of Reason
The sheer joy of information.
The Shopping Buzz
The shortest distance between two points is irrelevant.
The Sin Must Go on
The Sky’s the Limit at TrinTel
The sleep of reason may breed monsters, but the sleep of automobiles breeds Dan’s Towing.
The Slogan Generation
The Slumbar Region
The Smarter Barter
The Smell of Fine Prawns
The smell of pie is in the sky.
The Sonoma County Allergies are Coming
The soul of the sale is what matters.
The Sound ePlosion
The Sound of Drizzle
The Sound of Kudos Falling
The Sound of Musak Falling
The Speed of Right
The Spic and Span Cleaning Clan
The Spirit has Grown
The Sponge of My Youth
The Sport of Ace-King
The Sport of Aces and Kings
The Starbucks Generation
The Summit for Performance
The Super Duper
The Swimming Lions
The Swine Flew
The Tao of Fragrance
The Taste of Pains to Come
The Teal Deal
The Tenacious Snail
The Thousand Year Grudge
The Thunder in the Crowds!
The Tipper Gore of Tomorrow
The Tomorrow Report
The Topic of Cancer
The Tow in the Know. Dan’s Towing.
The Town That Knows
The Town That Knows How
The Trouble Shovel
The Tumor Buster
The Ultimate Landscape Artists
The Unfolding Drama in Three Dimensions
The unfolding drama of statistics.
The Urge to Surge
The Usual End of Business As Usual
The Velvety Toothpaste
The View from Nowhere, Everywhere
The Vinyl Solution
The Vision Incubator
The Vital Link Between You and Emergency Healthcare Service
The Vulture – We’ve got a bone to pick with you.
The Warm Feeling of Astragalus
The water looks brown because we scare the other teams Shitless!
The water’s always boiling at Quarx.
The way we never were…nor will be.
The Way You Want It
The We Can Do Crew
The Wheel Deal
The Wheels of Business Turning Your Way
The Whispering Winds of Elgin.
The whole shebang network.
The Will to Fulfill
The Winch Who Saved Christmas. Dan’s Towing.
The Windfall Follies
The World at Extra Large
The World at Larchmont
The World Without Decaf
The Write Stuff
The Yearning Channel
The Young and the Listless
The Young and the Useless
Their money can run, but it can’t hide.
Then again…Amagansett
Then there’s Guernville
Then There’s Vacaville
There For You Consulting
There was Bach and Mozart and Chopin and Ravel…Now there’s Noise Maker!
There’s a new Jesus in town.
There’s a sucker born every minute…Transylvania
There’s a trend, it’s called TrinTel.
There’s always enough time for a little poi.
There’s always room in the peanut gallery.
There’s everybody else – then there’s us.
There’s going to be some changes here.
There’s life in the Middle Ages.
There’s no one to blame as long as you get your money.
There’s no place like home. Get yours now and pay only 5.25% interest.
There’s no time like the Present – Happy Birthday!
There’s only one proper place to litter…The Trash Can!
There’s room for a new window of opportunity.
Thermoly Yours
These aren’t bowling lanes! Albright Lions Swimming.
These Boots Were Made for Stalking
THESE Cats Love the Water!
These houses just need a good home.
THESE Lions are even faster in water than on land.
These Lions prey upon opposing swimmers.
They don’t know they don’t know, and it’s hurting them.
They keep asking to be treated as adults , so we put ’em to work!
They sold us the problem, now for the answer. Y2KANSWER.COM.
They’re the little blue and white caplets that make all the difference.
Things simply taste better with Springboard.
Think Globally – Drill Locally
Think Globally, Drill Locally…Bolinas Oil
Think Motor Fast
Thinkers and Solvers
Thinks fast – runs cool.
Third time around the block.
This ain’t no sissy Tour de France
This Ain’t Virtual – This is Australia!
This Ain’t Virtual – This is Roller Derby!
This ain’t virtual. This is Hockey!
This aurora is no boring Alice. Saskatchewan
This big cat purrs about the dental plan…Lion Health
This Chili is Talking to You
This Christmas, Springboard.
This Corner Store Fills the Whole Block
This holiday season, join our nocturnal partyworld.
This is a food drive. Let’s work together. I’ll navigate, you steer.
This is an origami house. Get it? You should.
This is not even your son’s Oldsmobile anymore.
This IS the first half-billionth second after the Big Bang!
This is where the rubber hits the road!
This might strike a cord with you! Bungee Jumping Tour 2000.
This Muse Has Attitude.
This NET just WORKS!
This one’s on the house. Acme Roofing.
This Portal Coil
This Pride Rules! Albright Swimming Lions.
This Princess Built to Party.
This Side Up for Safety!
This Sold House
This summer, Springboard your mind.
This That and the Phat!
This Ware
This year’s Hockey Hotbed is on the Prairies… Saskatchewan.
This, That and the Udder
Thompson’s Ghazal
Thong Thong Blue
Thong Thong Blue – Everybody Wears One
Those Magnificent Mustangs!
Thou Shall Not Chaste
Thought For Food
Thread the Noodle
Thread Your Needles
Threading a thin line.
Threading Lightly
Threading the Need
Three Mile Island…Gone Fission
Three Telecommunications Towers from the company that brought you quiet.
Thriving yourself well with an agenda to boot.
Through Rain and Snow…All Weather Leather.
Throw Your Dog a Citroën
Throwing his weight around. The Fat Man.
Thumbs-up in the mirror!
Tickle My Spine
Tickle the T-Rex
Tickle Town
Tickle your tummy with Alphabet Bubbles.
Tiffany for Christmas
Tiger Tan
Time is money – Access your personal concierge and save on both.
Time is money. Saving you time is why were in business.
Time Motors On…
Tip tow through the tow trucks. Dan’s Towing.
Tired of So So Choritzo?
Tired Of the Roam for a New Home?
To B2B or not to B2B, that is the question.
To Bead or not to Bead
To dig a pig pit you gotta’ get up very early.
To Errand is Human
To Server &#038; Protect
To the Future and Back
To University, and Beyond!
Toad-all Annihilation
Toast…It’s A Natural
Together, We Can Make A Difference
Together…a little goes a long way.
Togos. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Maybe.
Toledo Sunrise
Tomorrow is the next day of the rest of your life.
Tomorrow is the second day of the rest of your life.
Tomorrow Never Comes…Easy
Tomorrow Never Drives
Tomorrow was so beautiful yesterday.
Tomorrow’s Bank – Today!
Tomorrow’s Jello
Tomorrow’s Pasta…Today!
Tongue and Groove Economy
Tongue and Groove Experts
Tonight I’m gonna’ party like it’s 2999.
Too cool for words.
Too Faux the Show
Too Many Cabañas
Too Many Larrys
Too many trees have fallen unheard in the forest.
Too much on your plate? China and ceramics sale.
Tooth Pillow – Sweet dreams from overhead while your tooth rests snugly in your bed.
Tooth Pillow holds babyteeth for the tooth fairy while you sleep!
Top Dealers wanted for fun in the sun. Caribbean 2000
Topographic Pudding
Topple Kopple
Tori Spelling Salts
Torn between a new prostate and a swimming pool.
Toronto. It’s not just for filming anymore.
Toss aside your cooking mits for on-line tasty tidbits.
Total Beatnic!
Touch Me…I need to find out if we can all work together in a pinch
Touch My Titles
Touch Tone Service
Touch Tone Service and Support
Touching People’s Lives
Tour the Sewer
Tow Tow Tow your Boat…
Towers for Communication Across the Nation
Towers of Power
Towers of Power. TrinTel.
Towers Over Texas. TrinTel.
Towing the Line with Dan.
Trade-On, Prawn!
Trained for Speed…Guaranteed – IndeServe.
Transcending the Normal Future
Transforming lazy teens into Corporate Sharks.
Transforming People Through Sound
Transing with Wolves…Transylvania
Transitioning Your Evidence-Based Practice
Transparent Desires
Travel is the springboard to adventure.
Travel jumping headlong into the new Millennium! Bungee Jumping Tour 2000, New Zealand! -Slogans
Treat Yourself To Power
Trials upon trials go better with smiles.
Trials upon trials still need smiles.
Triannual, and so much more.
Tribe Elation
Tricks of the Tirade
Trinity Towers from TrinTel
TrinTel – The future of wireless communications technology.
TrinTel – we’re coming in loud and clear.
TrinTel Gives You a Towering Presence
TrinTel Towers of Babylon
TrinTel, and tel it like it is.
Trip the light fantastic under the New York Novas.
Triple Shot Communications From TrinTel
Trips of a lifetime…hassel free.
Trollope the Competition
Trona Mating Call
Trona: What the end of the world already needs.
Trouble amoung the Muses.
Troves of Quality
Truck Off ! Dan’s Towing.
Truck On!
Trucked up Babylon Kitty.
True By You
True Cents of Security
True Courage is Love
Trust and Found
Trusty Solutions
Truth or Dare Demeanor
Truth or Darian
Truth or Derriere
Try Colonics
Try harder for Jesus.
Tucks Not Treats
Tuliptime Tunefest
Tune In and Absorb – CHR
Turn the Other Chic
Turn the Other Meek
Turn Your Head and Coffee
Turnaround Trick Specialist
Turned On By a Dime
Turning Flaws Into Features
Turning the Other Chic
Turning the Other Chico
Turning Upside Down For It
Turning Waste Into Wine
Turnkey Vision
Turquoise – It’s the New Purple
Turtle Quick
Turtle Soup for One
Tusk to Dawn
Tutor de Force
Twenty thousand Entries Can’t Be Wrong. Wordlab.
Twenty Thousand Leaves Under the Tree
Twenty Thousand Prawns Can’t Be Wrong
Twenty thousand reasons why lobsters don’t like Jell-O and other pithy tales of darkness, obsession, and cereal. WordLab.
Twice the Ice for Half the Price
Twinkies Don’t Count
Twinkle Tows
Two book ends with the Universe between them.
Two Bottles of Jagermeister
Two Faux the Show
Two Like You
Two-ply Paradise
Tyco To Go
Tyrannosaurus Rocks!
Ulterior is Our Middle Name
Unabashed Concern. Exxon.
Unchained Voices
Uncle Billy never smelled THIS bad.
Uncle Truck Wants You
Uncoil and Float
Under God’s Construction
Under the best circumstances, no one gets out alive.
Under the Boardroom
Under The National Hood
Underwear from the ground up.
Unholy Master of Terror
Union Carbide. An otherwise fine track record.
Union is in the name. Union Carbide.
United States Employee credit union…It’s easy to USE
Unity and Diversity means Eqaulity for All.
Universal Impact
Unlocking the Silence
Unocal. We Know.
Unravel the Gravel
Unrollier Than Thou
Up the Creek with Beaver
Up the Maypole
Up To Our Waste In It
Upscale Credit for Upscale Debt
Upscale Fish Products
Urban Wilderness
Urly Bird gets the Worm!
Use a pun, go to prison.
Use Us
USE your money wisely…United States Employee credit union.
Utah – not just for mormons anymore.
Utahing to me? Utahing to me?!
Van Damn It!
Vegan the Veguine
Velocitize Your Life!
Ventura Sensation
Vermont. Shhh…
Vern chats on his girlfriend.
Vertically Elevated Emotion
Vested Interest In Fashion
Viagra – Better Loving Through Chemistry
Viagrunt of the Litter
Victor You Go
Violence begets violence… the outcome is always the same!
Violence caused this letterhead. Let’s stamp it out now.
Violence Hurts Everybody.
Violence is a round trip ticket.
Violence is for cowards.
Violence is for pricks and cowards. Love and peace require true strength.
Violence Only Causes Problems, Never Solves Them
Violence only makes it worse.
Violence only tells the world that you’re stupid.
Violence Sucks!
Violins Not Violence
Viraling out of Control
Virginia Sweet
Vision Launch
Vision Maximizer
Visions from the Snail’s Mind
Visualize World Piecemeal
Viva la Towing!
Voices Not Violence
Volvo Pride
Volvo Vitae
Volvo. Because Turning Radius is That Important.
Vortex Mex
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sink
Waisting Away
Wait Reduction
Wait till the Queen gets a look at this!
Wait till you see the new century we have planned for you.
Waiting an Internet Eternity?
Wake Up and Dance
Wake up and eat. IHOP
Wake up in the morning with Entality. Your everyday, every need.
Wake up the Bisket!
Wake Up to Your Dreams
Wake Up, You’re in Elgin!
Walk a mile in your shoes…Car Free Day
Walk to work on car free day or take your bike, the healthy way!
Walking Glass
Walking on Tomorrow
Walking to Rwanda
Wall to Wall Wizardry
Waltzing with Eternity
Wander Saskatchewan
Wanna’ be a real tough guy? Hug your enemy.
Wanna’ pet my squid? and other romantic pick-up lines.
War Paint by Numbers
Wardrobe of Mass Destruction
Warm Up to Credit
Warmth is so cool.
Warning Track Jesus
Wasabi Eating Contest
Wasabi Fresh
Wasabi Good
Wash &#038; Shine – Ask about the Details
Washington Apples…You’ll love them to the core
Watch out for Malaria
Water is to the body what music is to the soul.
Water Whole
Watts Happening
Wattsnew?…Watts Towers
Way out there in Podunk.Com
Way Past Tense
We broker your benefits – so you don’t have to.
We take the hassels out of traveling.
We won’t rest until you’re sleeping. Sleepworks.
We Advocate Safe Sex – and Lots of it!
We Aim to please…Aim Toothpaste
We Aim to Name!
We aint no Barrel of Laughs…Smith and Wesson
We appreciate people sniffing around our business…Four Way
We Appreciate The Value of Time
We are one with you!
We are Accommodating
We are ahead of the competition…Iceberg Lettuce
We are captivating businesses
We are in context, we are sensitive to your needs and we can help you.
We are the Builders of IT
We are the Skill Prospectors
We ARE Us!
We Begin Where You Leave Off
We believe in you, even though you don’t.
We bring results, not just pretty pictures.
We Bring You the World, Fatser.
We built the network your calls depend on. TrinTel.
We Can Help You!
We can help.
We can put a new spin on your old hard drive!
We Can Save Your Bacon
We can’t bring your car back to life, but we CAN bring it back to the garage. Dan’s Towing.
We care more.
We care, so you don’t have to.
We cover Triple-A and all other baseball leagues. Dan’s Towing.
We deliver within the hour or the Pizza’s free… Dan’s Towing.
We designed it like that.
We Didn’t Know That You Knew
We Digitize Your Life
We do it in the pool.
We Do Leeches
We do only one thing , but we do it better than anyone else alive. Anywhere. Guaranteed. Dan’s Towing.
We do the work. You do the relaxing.
We don’t blow up the bombs, we just make them.
We Don’t Promise the World Only To Deliver a Donut
We dream in cotton.
We Endorsal Our Products
We Fail Harder
We Fulfill Your Needs with Diamonds!
We Get Around To It
We get things done.
We give directions to make connections.
We give your car a clean bill of health
We Go Home At Five, So You Don’t Have To
We go to great lengths to meet our standards, do yours measure up?
We Grill to Chill
We Hard Drive a Bargain!
We have a beautiful way of speaking without speaking.
We have a Phil for what ails you.
We have a taste for meal dealing.
We have our standards in hand.
We have the connection so you have the protection. IndeServe.
We have the connections…so should you!
We have the drive to feed our friends.
We have the owner’s manual to your success.
We have the Power to make Peace
We have the right connections with the right protections.
We Have Tower Power
We have you in our Sites!
We heard you the first time.
We help build the foundation for your career.
We help your firm to Ad up – Synergy Advertising
We Helped to Sow the Seeds Of the NYSE…Market Gardens
We just blow smoke. Others open the windows.
We keep getting better, even if you’re not.
We kill the competition …Literally
We know how to absorb you in your paperwork…Charmins
We know how to dish it out!
We Know the Drill – Anadarko Petroleum
We Know the Drill…Austin Tech
We Know What You Don’t
We know where you’re coming from.
We know you’re always behind us…Because we’re pulling for you! Dan’s Towing.
We left Y2k to the Other Guy.
We let them eat cake. Bartel Family Reunion
We Love Kids – We Have To
We love to seethe. You smile?
We love you. Christensen Motors.
We make every penny USEful…United States Employment
We make malaria a relic of the past.
We make money the new fashioned way…we burn it.
We make the goods nobody dares to make. All Weather Leather.
We make video editing easy.
We Make Your Vacation
We manufacture freedom – freedom from pain, from stress, from aging and early death.
We may be slow, but at least we’re expensive!
We must be heard!
We Need an Iceberg
We Need Gage and Desoto
We Need to Talk
We Never Cease Keeping On Trucking
We never putter when cleaning clutter…Chuck’s Cleaning
We only hate ourselves.
We Own Your Face
We put Calm into your Dot Com.
We put the Calm in your Dot Com.
We put the Sass in Saskatchewan!
We remember, so you don’t have to.
We rewrote the child labor laws, and called it education!
We sell Under Wear…Deep Sea Diving Co.
We serve our customers with pride and pleasure…Holiday Inn
We serve up eats and other treats!
We sold the farm to get here.
We Specialize in Life
We Stand to Deliver
We Swim Fast, Win the Meets, Eat the Competition, and Mate. The Albright Lions.
We take care of everything.
We take care of the headaches, so you can get down to business.
We take care of you, so you can enjoy your vacation.
We Take Requests!
We Take the Edge Off
We take the hassle out of shopping for the best insurance rates.
We take the hassles out of visiting the castles.
We take the worry out of traveling.
We teach deaf gorillas to be clowns. Television.
We tower above all the others. TrinTel.
We Turn Up the Heat to Get What’s Yours
We use the Stick… for personal protection!
We Want Your Waste
We work on pins and needles everyday… haven’t you got the point?
We worry, so you don’t have to.
We Worry. You Don’t.
We Write it Right!
Wear with a Smile
Wear Wolf
Weaving Future Threads
Web Feats
Web Thoughts
Website of Mass Deconstruction
Webvan on the Atlantic
WebVision, the Anti-dot for your commerce needs!
WebVision. Commerce for your financial needs!
WebVision… e-commerce development strategies that help you put the dot after your savings!
WebVision… e-commerce strategies that make cents!
WebVision… Your clear path to financial freedom!
We’d like to be your best coworker.
We’d like to challenge the rest of you to Springboard too!
Wedlocks and Bolts
Wednesday Night Polka Rave
Weed-wacking the Millennium.
Welcome Home
Welcome to a millennium of wellness.
Welcome to Hockey Week In Saskatchewan
Welcome To Mind
Welcome to the LION’S Den!
Welcome Young Yankees
We’ll Back You Up! The Memory Bank.
We’ll do Tel, at TrinTel!
We’ll get there Soother And Lather…Vidal Sassoon
We’ll Give Your Home The Brush Off!
We’ll guide you through eWorld…Earthlink
We’ll Hammer Out A Deal For You…Bon Tools
We’ll have fun fun fun ’till the teacher takes our Springboard away.
We’ll help you cross paths.
We’ll Let You Know
We’ll make your dreams a reality, or vice versa.
We’ll only intrude to deliver your food
We’ll praise Jesus into Y2K!
Well Proper Drinks and Chicken on Fire
We’ll rub you the right way
We’ll take care of that.
We’ll take care of the worry; you take care of the relaxing.
We’ll think on it.
We’ll watch your car for scratch.
Wellness 2000
We’re a cut above the rest…Diamond Girl
We’re as high as our standards.
We’re better, for all the right raisins.
We’re bigger and Albrighter than the competition!
We’re bound to please.
We’re Building Bridges not Fences
We’re cash poor and talent rich!
We’re Counting on You…Transylvania
We’re Dedicated to your Technical Needs. IndeServe.
We’re Goin’ Down on Prices
We’re going to great lenths to pull this one off
We’re head over heels for New Zealand. Bungee Jumping Tour 2000.
We’re here for you. Every minute of every day.
We’re Here to Clear
We’re Here to Stay
We’re here to weight on you…Gold’s Gym
We’re higher than your standards.
We’re In the Know
We’re in your face for Jesus.
We’re in your SITE everyday…Yahoo!
We’re Just Like You Northern California. Unocal.
We’re Just Your Type…Ace Typewriters
We’re Listening to YOUth
We’re not free, but we’re awful close!
We’re not only getting older, we’re also getting smarter!
We’re on the forefront of something.
We’re Putting Off Tomorrow…Today
We’re Ready for You
We’re Shipping Out
We’re slow, but we’ll get you there. Power Tortoise.
We’re slower and we cost more, but at least we don’t care. Springboard.
We’re spreading the word through wireless. TrinTel.
We’re Streel the Best…Bethlehem Steel
We’re Tankful For Your Business…Deep Sea Diving Co.
We’re the Cat’s Meow!
We’re the little foam thing in the urinal.
We’re the Money on the Net
We’re the Money on the Web
We’re The Other Other Guy
We’re the telecommunications experts around hear.
We’re using our noodle!…Campbells
We’re what you hear, and what you don’t. TrinTel
We’re Working on It
We’re Working On It. Dupont.
We’re Your Biggest Fan…Modine Air Conditioning
Wet Dreams in Dry Places
Wet the People
We’ve been to the Ridge and Back
We’ve been traveling apart but we stay Heart to Heart.
We’ve come back to you. Again.
We’ve come from behind to reach new standards, but yours aren’t all their cracked up to be!
We’ve got a good idea where you’re goin with it.
We’ve got everything you need – And the Kitchen Sink!
We’ve got it in the Bag!
We’ve got Music on the Brain
We’ve got the car that will change your life.
We’ve Got the Whole Kitchen Caboodle
We’ve got you Hook, Line and Blinker!
We’ve got you hooked now!
We’ve Got Your Number
We’ve sawn the branch on which our competitors were sitting.
We’ve set excellent new standards for excellence.
What John Davidson Won’t Do for Money
What the Elite Delete
What the end of the world already needs.
What the Flock!
What to do this Millennium? Why, to cruise, that’s what.
What we do is your business. Anderson Consulting.
What Went Enron?
What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Maybe.
What You Won’t Do For Money
What, We Worry?
Whatdayaknow? SAT.
Whatever it is we’re doing wrong, it’s working.
Whatever it is we’re doing wrong, we’re doing right.
What’s so wrong about peace, love and slogans?
What’s the deal with teal?
What’s up with Seattle?
Wheel Good Deals…Goodyear
When a Weak Bench Just Won’t Do
When almost anything will do.
When April 15th comes along, wouldn’t you rather be laughing all the way to the bank instead of crying in your soup?
When coping just gets too difficult. Booze.
When Extreme Isn’t
When ‘Good Enough’ Is Too Good
When good enough isn’t.
When in doubt, clout. Mastercard.
When it won’t stop snowing, you can depend on Dan’s Towing.
When it’s a Matter of Fast
When it’s not snowin’, we’re hoein’!
When its time to stop thinking and start sweating.
When it’s time to talk.
When it’s time to talk. Duncan Hines.
When life gives you hail the size of lemons…
When Life Gives You Lemons – Eat More Gelato!
When life gives you lemon-sized hail, make Italian Ice!
When moonlight isn’t enough. SUN.
When Muses go bad…
When Nothing Ever Works Anyway
When out of the box means out on a limb.
When sad Muses let our writers down, we all suffer.
When sarcasm isn’t sarcastic enough. WordLab.
When telecommunications means business, we’re your business.
When the city beats you up, we’ll cheer you up.
When the forgetful undertaker stamps his feet all the dead have chattering teeth.
When the machine goes crazy, run like hell.
When the Paperwork Needs To Be Done In Overtime
When the Stock Market crashes, you’ll be glad you put a roof over your head.
When the work is done and the day is over. Balance with Quintity.
When we launch our ship together, we’ll make more than a ripple in the sea.
When you can afford the very second best.
When you care to eat the very best. Red Rocks Cafe.
When you crave the very best. Red Rocks Cafe.
When you have an urge for spice dog food. Taco Bell.
When you need a good hug. Proctor and Gamble.
When you need it to be HyperReal.
When you need to keep your data safe and sound.
When you need us most…Blue Shield
When you want to escape the hub, join us for a tub.
When you want to play, it’s only a short drive away.
When You Want To Roar About Your Teeth…Lion Dental
When you wipe with this it’s like a kiss.
When your bungi’s lost its bounce.
When your car’s no longer going. Dan’s Towing.
When your company depends on technology, depend on IndeServe.
When Your Engineering Department say’s “This error is not possible,” do yourself a favor: call IndeServe
When your house needs a good home…Consider it Sold!
When your Network IS your Net Worth.
When you’re ready for something different.
When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with Cola!
When you’re the Center of attention , just Wing it!
Where a kid can talk kidtalk with kids.
Where all the Cowboys ride off to
Where do you want it, winch?
Where have all the data gone?
Where Homeroom is a daily Board Meeting.
Where it’s At Shack
Where it’s Shaq
Where students don’t graduate, they vest their stock options.
Where the Faithful get Funky
Where the real rubber hits the road! Christensen Motors.
Where wireless begins…TrinTel.
Where’s my teeth? Florida.
Where’s the Biscuit?
Where’s the Cheese?
Where’s the leaf blower in this joint anyway?
While your customers use the snowblowers you sold them, you’ll be snoozing beneath a palapa in the Caribbean.
Whine and Dine
Who Art in Heaven
Who Can Tell? TrinTel Can Tell
Who hasn’t got 12 hours for Mardi Gras?
Who killed my fish?
Who Said Fate Was Simple?
Who Said Muses Are Always Nice?
Who used my Springboard?
Who wants a warm colon?
Who Wants Astragalus?
Who Wants To Be An Idiot?
Whole Foods Hog
Whole Lotta’ Gilla
Whole Paycheck
Whole Suite Software
Whoopie Birthday
Who’s Sane?
Whose Carolina is it?
Why 2 Cruise
Why 2k? To PowerParty!
Why dry out when you can get wet? Booze.
Why Hawaii?
Why sell your soul when you can lease?
Why settle for just a modicum of access?
Why Solvang?
Why the next time won’t be like the last time.
Why Too Cruise
Why Wait an Internet Eternity?
Why won’t my past just leave me alone?
Wild Oats – High quality, whole food without the whole paycheck.
Wild Oats – Organic food which won’t eat your Whole paycheck.
Win ‘N Sin
Winch way to the repair shop? Dan’s Towing.
Winter Mint Cash
Winter Mint Credit
Win-Win Community Development
Wipe Down the Leather
Wireless and so much more. TrinTel.
Wireless loud and clear. TrinTel.
Wisdom Now
Wish you could pick up a house for a song? Start crooning.
Wish you were here. Instead of me.
With all the dot coms gone, who’s left to inspire and thrill you? WordLab.
With Dan’s Towing the Toast Falls Butter Side Up!
With Instructions Even Your Grandmother Could Follow
With Neighbors for Prizes
With our low home loan interest rates, you can’t afford not to buy a new home now.
With our low rates, these houses just need a good home.
With over 150 years of service, even Paul might Revere us.
With over 50 years of service, you might even say Paul Revered us.
With Springboard, the future is only a hop, click and a jump away.
With Springboard, you’ll never need God again.
With, you’ll never misplace anything again.
Withdraw McGraw
Within Reason – For Whatever Season
Withstand and Deliver
Witness A Thyroid
Woe is Free
Wok Don’t Run
Wok ‘N Roll
Women – The Better Business Bureau
Women Have the Right Stuff – Not Just the Stuffing!
Women in Business: Brains. Intuition. Standards
Word Labor
Word Patrol
Word Surgeons
WordLab – A Safe Place to Pun
Wordlab – Let Us Drink the Coffee
WordLab – Quantity Assurance
WordLab – the first twenty thousand entries were just the warm-up.
WordLab – the New Language search engine.
WordLab – we sell ideas by the pound.
WordLab – We’re Bigger Than We Are
WordLab – We’re Giving it Away
WordLab. You name it, we name it.
Wordly Confessions
Wordly Goods
Words from the Wise and the Wisened
Work Surface is Everything
Working almost as hard as you are.
Working to Live and Living to Work
Working together for a Cleaner Environment
Working while they learn.
World of Love
World of Peace
Would Have to be Whidbey Island
Would you like to pet my Springboard?
Wow ’em with your smile.
Wow, they can keep the Grim Reaper from your door – now THAT’s a service!
Write That Up
Wyoming Aint No Wastebasket
X Marks the Slough
Xeno Clip
Xeno Knows What Shirt You Wear
Y Tokyo
Y2 OK! Now Cruise Away.
Y2K 2Day
Y2k the Princess Way
Y2k Wellness
Yada Yada Prada
Yearning to Learn
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…Jesus.
Yield of Dreams
You are the nipple of my eye.
You Asked for It You Got It. Payola
You Auden Have
You better be a shark if you swim with the Lions.
You Bring the Dreams, We’ll Bring the Means
You can tel the difference. TrinTel.
You can build it, but they still may not come. Iowa.
You can call us Twinkle Tows. Dan’s Towing.
You can count on us to count for you.
You can drop off your Karma Check on the way out.
You can have the puppy, but you can’t pet it.
You can’t go wrong with Soft and Strong.
You can’t make sperm if you don’t eat. McDonald’s.
You can’t take it with you anyway.
You drive the software and we provide the hard drive!
You Gonna Eat That?
You Gotta Be In It To Wynn It!
You Gotta Belize!
You Gotta See Gallup
You Gotta See Galveston
You Gotta See Garberville
You Gotta’ Surf, Somebody!
You hated that picture of yourself 3 years ago. Today, it looks pretty good.
You have a license to deal with us! Christensen Motors.
You have Great Expectations, we have Great Standards.
You have No Business voting for anyone other than David Navarrete for Vice President.
You Have the Powder
You have the power to end hunger.
You just might owe your life to Springboard.
You know how to Phil in your ballot.
You know us for imaging. Get ready for remote data management, on a browser!
You know you want it. Red Rocks Cafe.
You know you’ve arrived when you get here.
You Live, You Lean, You Die
You made a wrong turn five hours ago…Welcome to North Dakota.
You might be taking the long way home without even knowing it.
You Missed the Future
You Need It, We Got It!
You Need Wordlab
You pick ’em, We play ’em.
You pick up the money, and we’ll pick up the pieces.
You see, at Dan’s Towing, we understand that it’s the little things which sometimes add up to the big things.
You want Towers? We’ve got Towers!
You Were Born to Deserve
You wouldn’t wear grandma’s doily between your legs, would you? Cotton.
You Yeats to See That
You’d have to pay me not to come to the 12 Hour Mardi Gras Marathon.
You’ll be hooked on our service! Dan’s Towing.
You’ll do a parauet for Navarette!
You’ll Go Clean Off the Road
You’ll Love what you Leave Behind
You’ll never have a Brighter Day…Lamps By Leonardo
You’ll never know the trouble we went through.
You’ll never know the trouble you missed.
You’ll Tied
Your #1 Talent Shout
Your 30 something, well educated, upper middle income… We’d like to talk to you.
Your Agent …On Location!
Your baby will smile when you wipe him in style
Your basic host organism designed for the times.
Your Best Friend – Pre-trained!
Your blown gasket is our bread basket. Dan’s Towing.
Your Bottom-line Pioneer
Your car is dead. You’re stranded miles from anywhere. Dan has a tow truck – it’s that simple.
Your Career Contact Source…Control Data Institute
Your car’s lifeline to a new tomorrow. Dan’s Towing.
Your Clan against theirs.
Your cockroach survival depends on it!
Your Comptroller for Everyday Life
Your Costume Base
Your Credit Partner
Your credit union just got wiser.
Your Data Base Camp
Your Digital Duplication Service
Your Down to Earth Entertainment Connection!
Your Dream Bank
Your Dreams Within Your Means
Your East Coast Energy Source…Kineticcut.
Your Extended Use Facilitator
Your Family has places to go. Christensen will help you get there.
Your Fertility Outsource Specialist
Your First Choice for a Better Future
Your Future Here
Your future is in good hands. Dan’s Towing.
Your future is in the formula!
Your future means a lot to us… Raytheon
Your FYI Guys…and Gals
Your gonna’ love what we’ve cooked up!
Your Guide to Losing It!
Your Hair Care Provider
Your Hip Alternative Jesus
Your holiday night life just got a whole lot brighter.
Your Honour is on the Bench!
Your House, Your Dream – 5.25% Home Loans.
Your In Site
Your Inn Sample
Your Insult Specialists
Your last gasp chance for a cleaner future.
Your life doesn’t depend on it….her child’s just might
Your Local Motion Marketplace
Your Local Store to the World
Your mind may wander, but your memory will stay with us.
Your Moral Suasion Station
Your Natural Hair Care Provider
Your neighborhood snip and clip lawn grooming center
Your new home base for generations to come.
Your Old Bank Just Lost Another Customer To the Future
Your Online School Bussing System
Your Opportunity Precisionist
Your OSPN – Ohio State Parks Network
Your Outsource Source
Your Parvenu IT Crew
Your Personal Concierge Consortium
Your Personal Efficiency Service
Your Personal Executive Services
Your Pesonal Concierge Network
Your product rendered in spectacular 3D!
Your question is a springboard to the solution.
Your Right We’re Enron
Your safety line for the Corporate Ladder.
Your Sales Operating Theatre
Your Secured Credit Lending Superstore!
Your Ship Just Came In
Your Shopping Buddy
Your Sound Logic Will Never Be the Same.
Your Specialty Mobile Gourmet…Meals on Wheels
Your sponsorship matchmaker.
Your Stategic Information Source…Commerce One
Your Success Depends on Us. Ernst &#038; Young.
Your Supplier of Experienced Surplus Equipment
Your Texas cell brought to you byTrinTel.
Your Time is Our Business
Your Tourguide to Words Unknown
Your Tow, My Truck. Dan’s Towing.
Your Travel is Our Destiny
Your Trick or Treat Cheat Sheet
Your very own clown nose.
Your Wad’s Worth More at Longfellow’s
Your wanderlust won’t be a bust.
Your Waste Is Important To Us
Your Well Equipped Experienced Utility Warehouse
Your World in Relief
Your World is my Canvas!
Your Worldwide Concierge
You’re Almost to Pinole
You’re already 98%water. Why not go for the other 2%.
You’re as Old as You’ll Never Be
You’re as Young as You’ll Ever Be
You’re choking on it.
You’re damn right I Springboard.
You’re not out of the woods yet…Duraflame
You’re still driving that heap? Dan’s towing.
You’re Swimming In It
You’re working harder. And we’re right behind you.
You’ve Been Simonoised!
You’ve bought books online, now buy peace of mind online.
You’ve earned it, so now enjoy it. We’ll take care of everything.
You’ve found your favorite. Red Rocks Cafe.
You’ve got a powerful friend in Artemis.
You’ve Got Prawns!
You’ve Got Sole
You’ve Got Waste!
You’ve hassled enough, come to IndeServe.
You’ve never had it so good. Elgin.
You’ve partied like it’s 1999, now unwind.
Yugo Not!
Z-103.5 – Active Radio
Z-103.5 Alive
Z-103.5’s Active Radio Relay for Life
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Parts
Zilla remembers what others forget.
Zilla’s Scents of Cheese
Zip Up Your Rants
Zoinage. A protein-rich flavor fiesta.
Zoom Over to Pakistan

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