Zealotry never goes out of fashion. Here are 377 religious slogans and product names here to keep your faithful, well, faithful:

24 Hour Jesus
29 Psalms for 29 Palms
700 Clubbed Pup Seals
A Boy and His God
A Christian Oasis
A Flock of High Priests
A Jesus of Plywood
A Laud of God
A Millipede Dreams of Christmas
A new kind of spirit. Godka
A Penny To The Pope
Abbot Stew
Adam Fathom
Adultery Between Consenting Adults
Aerosol Jesus
Allah Gory
Alternative Jesus
Amish Beauty Pagent
An Ocean of Christ
Antenna to God
Apocalypse Now and Then
Ask Jesus
Atheistic Nativity Tomb
Aurora Tora Baalis
Axe of God
Babble Belt
Background Jesus
Believe It or Not – CHR
Bible Quest
Big Mother
Boat Pope
Boo? Duh.
Born Again. Again.
Born Freak
Bouncing along on a higher plane.
Budapest Priest
Buddha Bait
Buddha Belly
Buddha Belt
Buddha Bread
Buddha Computha
Buddha Loops
Building a better You , through Hymn
Burly Gates
Burn Again
Butter Jesus
Cain Unable
Candied Cain and Abel
Cantor Bury
Career Christians
Catholic Cowgirls
Catholic Quilt
Chacmol full of nuts
Cheez-Its Christ
CHR – Angelic Rock
CHR – Rockin’ Hits for Today’s Believers
CHR – The Alternative Savior
CHR – The Eleventh Commandment
CHR – The Music Savior
CHR – The Righteous Rock Station
CHR – Thou Shall Listen to No Other
CHR. Even the Devil tunes in!
Christ Crossed
Christ Inanity
Christian Cuisine
Christian Hit Radio…It’s bigger than the Beatles!
Christmas PeaceFest 2001
Christmas Together
Christmas Turkey
Christ’s Cliff Notes
Church Grope
Church Grouper
Coffee Gods
Coiled Pope
Come back little jesus and rise again.
Consummate Confessional
Contemporary Christ Radio
Convenience Shrine
Coronal Massage
Cosmic Church
Cosmic Saint
Crosseyed Christ
Crucifile you taxes
Crudest Priest
Cruzing Fiction
Dance with the Holy Spirit in your Heart
Deal Light
Deconstructing the Devil…Reconstructing with the Lord.
Demolish the Devil
Demon Scene
Dictionary of Consciousness
Dollar Llama
Dolly Llama
Donation Vault
Don’t be liable, read the Bible.
Don’t Pray to MY God – A Religion for Toddlers.
Double Jesus
Drops of Divine
Ear Reverend
East or Famine
Easter Famine
Excavating Eternity
Exhibit Enlightenment
Fair Weather Father
Faith Dance…Get Your Souls Moving!
Father Chutney
Father Pickle
Faux Faith
Finally, a holiday gift guide to compete with the Bible.
Fire Monk
First Faith
Fishes and Wishes
Flying Monk
For Allah’s Sock
For God’s Fruit…Contribute!
Forgiveness is Free
Free of Science
Freedom Friar
Game Face Jesus
Gems for Jesus
Genesis, from the Ground Floor Up
Genius Christ
Geo Christ
Get off your ass and see the light.
Give for Christ’s Sake!
God Billing
God Bless Antarctica
God Bless, Not Blast
God is my Buddha
God Loves a Consumer
God We’re Good
God. Zilla.
God’s Day Off
God’s Empire State Camp
God’s Foundation
Gods Girls
God’s Gonads
God’s Hip Radio Station
God’s Hometown
God’s Projectionists
God’s Right Hand Man
God’s Waystation
God’s Work is the Foundation to Build On
Grindstone Cowboys
Guns: God doesn’t need them so neither should you!
Guru Cricket
Gutting for God
Habitual Church
Hangin’ with the Lord
Hark, the Year-old Angels Swing
Hebrew Beer
He’ll be with us in Y2K: Jesus Christ.
Hell to Pave
He’s a People Pope
Hindu Barbie
Hindu Stan
Hindus and Don’ts
Hit the Good Books
Hold his hand and he will lead you into the next century. Jesus Christ.
Holy Mess
Holy Nest
Holy Sauce
Home Plate Collection
Honda Unitarian
Hue Bris
Hue’s Bris
Hype and a Prayer
I Believe In Prawns
I found the Lord on the second story
If the Messiah is here can the Apocalypse be far away?
Impacted Spirit
Inhale Satan
Inspector Jesus
Inspire Choir
Invisible Undergod
It’s God’s Turn
Jabrappin’ with the Alternative Apostles
JC for the New Century
Jehovah’s Witless
Jenny Jonestown
Jesus Airwaves
Jesus Bent
Jesus Blush
Jesus came. He saw. He conquered.
Jesus Christ will walk you into the next century.
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Come Back!
Jesus Crest
Jesus Crisis
Jesus didn’t mention you were coming.
Jesus Drone
Jesus is as Jesus does.
Jesus is Coming to a Theater Near You
Jesus is the sunshine of our doubts.
Jesus Jams – CHR Alternatives
Jesus Jeans
Jesus Jello
Jesus Jive
Jesus Jr.
Jesus Juice
Jesus knows what you’re doing.
Jesus Larry
Jesus Waves
Jesus, stop the shopping madness!
Jitterbug for Jesus
Just think…Jesus!
Kenny G-sus
Kissing Buddha
Let God’s Children Dance
Let Jesus be with you in the new millennium.
Liturgical Surgical
Lookout! The holidays are coming.
Looping Buddha
Lord on the Rocks
Lutheran Luau
Macro Monk
Meet Jesus
Methane Messiah
Micro Monk
Monk in the Garden
Moral Less
Mornings With Jesus
Moses Supposes
Muscular Christianity
New Wave Religion
New World Same People
NewRockin’ ChristRadio
Nirvana non grata.
No Convent
No Further Convents
No Harm No Charm
Nudist Buddhist
One last drink for Jesus.
Ordinary Papal
Our Lady of Countless Miracles
Palms for Psalms
Parish Able
Pawn Tiff
Peace Sun Earth
Peace Unearth
Peanut Buddha
Peanut Buddha and Jesus
Peek-A-Boo Buddha
Penis Buddha
Pew Chew
Plug and Pray
Portly Pontiff
Port-of-Call: Heaven
Praise Be Retrace
Prawn God
Pray and Play
Prayers and forgiveness are free, but donations are welcome.
Praying for Dollars
Preacher Perfect
Pride Aside
Priest a Plenty
Project God
Projecting Faith
Projecting the Word
Projector Jesus
Protest Ant
Psalm Construction
Psalm Trees
Pulpit Muster
Pushing the Sermon on You. CHR.
Put Amen on the Moon
Put Jesus on your team.
Question Quest
Radio Free Jesus
Recognizing the Truth
Relief Ministry
Religion in a bottle. Godka
Religious Order in the Court
Religious Sack
Retro Sin
Reverse Curse
Righteous Rock. CHR.
Rosecea Stone
S.O.S. – Saving Our Souls
Sacrificial Monster
Saint Aphasia
Salsa Sect
Salty Dogma
Save Your Soul Graphics
Sensor Noah
Seventh Day: Add Dentist
Shanty Town Jesus
Shantytown Jesus
Sidecar Jesus
Sikh and Ye Shall Find
Silly Satan
Sin n’ Spin
Sin Thesis
Sing and Pray for Jesus in the New Century!
Sir Zen
Sister Resister
Sledge Hammers of Salvation
Snark the Harold Angles Sing
Someday Prayers
Soul Centric
Soul Deception
Soul Depot
Soul You Know
Spin Jesus
Springboard for Jesus.
Star of John Davidson
Station of the Crossed
Stormin Mormon
Stormin’ Mormon
Sufi’s Choice
SUV Jesus
Tabernacle Inquiry
Talkin’ God
Teach and You Shall Find
Tele Vangelis
Thank God For A New Cereal
The Bible Belt buckle.
The Blame Cain Game
The Blame Cain Project
The Catholic Comrades
The Gardena Miracle
The Good Lord Architect
The Jesus Alternative
The Lord will pave the way
The Lords Little Ladies
The Pope Report
The Pope’s Nose
The Running Monk
There are no atheists on the benches.
There’s a new Jesus in town.
This one’s for Jesus.
Thou Shall Not Chaste
Trailer Park Jesus
Trinity Trona
Trona Trinity
Waiting Jesus
Warning Track Jesus
Water Monk
We’ll praise Jesus into Y2K!
We’re in your face for Jesus.
Wheat Toaist
Where the Faithful get Funky
With Monk Ease
Your Hip Alternative Jesus
Zen Cohen
Zen Coin
Zen Collar
Zen Doctor Nate
Zen Kola
Zen Tax

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