Phil E. Buster brings you 475 choice campaign slogans, causes, smear tactics, dirty tricks, slush funds, and moral retorts — the whole gamut for whatever your game, from the local School Board to Capitroll Hill:

100 Snoring Elephants
A Bush in the Hand is Better
A Clean Bill of Healthcare
A Conservative’s Guide to Sex
A Laptop In Every Lap
A New Bush for a New Millennium.
A New Generation of Balance
A New History
A Parent’s Guide to Chomsky
A Parent’s Guide to Superdelegates
A Parent’s Guide to the Bush Administration
A Prawn In Every Pot…
A Prick of Porcupines
A Republican’s Guide to Masturbation
Acorn Palace
Al Gore – Bush Beater
Al Gore Rhythms
Al Gory
America Remains
America’s Mouth
An Alarm Clock For The American Dream
An Eye for a Lie
Any Other Candidate 2004
Are you bored of Governors?
Ashcroft. Trés.
Aurora Tora Baalis
Balancing Action
Beat Around This Bush!
Beating Around the Bush for Imbeciles
Because I Said So
Because It Couldn’t Get Any Worse
Because the environment isn’t something you visit on the weekend.
Because We Care
Because We Know
Belfasten Your Seatbelts
Ben ‘Hold-the-Bag’ Bernanke
Better Promises
Better Than Iowa
Better Than Nothing
Better Than the Last Guy
Better, Not Bitter
Big Mother
Bigger Than You
Blow-up Rights
Bob Doldrums
Bound To Improve
Bradley In Overtime
Bradley’s Fighting Vehicle
Braving the Future
Buddha Pests
Camp Pain
Campaign Bingo
Campaign Daddy
Candidate For a Day
Centered – Right in the Middle
Capitroll Hill
Chain Cheney
Chain Gangey
Cheney Chain
Cheshire Rats
Chipotle Power
Chocolate Mussolini
Chopping off the executive branch in a declaration of sovereign tree.
Con Grace
Confetti Logic
Conquer Consortium
Cons For Coffee
Conservative Pornography
Conserving Conservatives
Consummate Poor
Corn Doggery
Cornbread Optimist
Cower to the People
Czar Donic
Daft Portley Act
Deadlines and Drumbeats
Dedicated Bunny
Defecating the President
Demonstration Sunday
Dim Summit
Discarding the Present
Dishing Out Diatribes
Diversity Rocks!
Do You Belize?
Dole Troll
Dole Your Own
Don’t Gore me with the details.
Dot Combat
Duct Tape and Cover
eBay of Pigs
Elect To Begin
Electing Your Future
Emperor’s R Us
Empire’s R Us
Era Fat
Everything’s Better In Iowa
Everything’s Worse In Iowa
Fat Cat Chit Chat
Feel the Pride
Feinstein’s Monster
Fire Strom
Fissures of Freedom
Foil Force
Follow the Lieber
For Texas
For the love of Pete. Wilson.
Forbes Absorbes!
Forbes Absorbs
Forked Tongue Twister
Four Moore Years
Four More With Gore
From Herd to There
From Promise to Pork
Galápaghost Islands
Gaul Blather
GD Peon
Gephardt Attack!
Get Together
Giddy Ms. Liddy
Give Duct Tape a Chance
Give Prawns A Chance
Go Go Perot!
Godzilla In Pinstripes. Bill Bradley.
Gore Core
Gore Corp
Gore Gore
Gore In ’04
Gore In Four
Gore Me with the Details
Gore Me!
Gore More Years
Gore On The Floor
Gore Texas!
Gore Values
Green Party Animal
Grudge Report
Guaranteed 100% Conservative Safe
Half Full Future
Hands Across Belfast
Harry Kerry
Heady Lamar
Here We Go Again Is Here Again
He’s a People Pope
Home of the fearful, land of the bereaved.
Hopalong Cheney
Hot Air Baboon
House About Now?
House of Card Sharks
House of Cards Representative’s
Housing Solutions Not Industrial Pollution
Hunan the Barbarian
Hybrid Politics
I say Saddam-bam, you say Sadamna-bama!
I am Bushed!
I Care For Your Cares
I Dare To Care
I Stand Alone
Ice Cream Socialism
Idle Warship
If you’re not part of the problem, you may unwittingly be part of the solution.
I’m A BushMan!
I’m Bushed!
I’m Giddy For Liddy!
Imagination Equals Suicide
Impeach Melba
Imperial Fire
Incumbant DNA
Independent Pickle
Infantry Pruning
Influence Paddling
Inspiration Hat
Integrity Constraint Violation
Intern, Turn, Turn
Internet Police
Irreversible Optimism
Irreversible Order
Irreversible Sentiment
Isn’t it time you felt proud to be human again? Phil S. for BOG rep.
It’s Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Worse
It’s time we had a real Vice President , instead of a President of Vice.
Jack Of All Tirades
Jurassic Pork
Just A Two-Bit Gore
Just Say Know
Just Say Now for Seniors
Juz Checkin
Kill the Will
Lamar Alexanderplatz
Legally obligated to serve you better.
Lessor of Two
Let him show you a thing or two.
Let him show you.
Let Peace Be
Libation Nation
Libby Doldrums
Liberty Arian
Liddy & Liddy, Finally Together
Liddy Doleful
Liddy oh Liddy, have you seen Liddy?
Liddy On The Dole
Little Mussolini
Loan Us Your Dreams
Local Globe
Look What Your Money Can Buy!
Looting the War Cabinet
Love in the Time of World Domination
Magnetic Cocoon
Mallard Air
Mao Tse Tounge in Cheek
Marry Nader
Maternity Warden
Mealworms for Peace
Media Pet
Mending America
Mending Not Bending
Methode Campaign
Middled – Not Muddled!
Minion Rings
Miss Rice Thinks Twice
Mobilizing For Progress
Moral Less
More Gore!
More Oil Majority
Mrs. Richard Ramirez Goes to Washington
Nader Ration
Naom Nuts
New Whirled Order
New World Same People
Next time you reach for power, grab it!
Next Time, Remember the Last Time
No No Perot!
Not That Bad, Yet
Not What You Thought
Nothing More Than Nothing
Nude Attitude
Nude Gingrich
Obama Boda-Bing
Obama Rama
One Step Further
Open Wallets for Open Minds
Operation Burning Bush
Operation Bushwhacker
Operation Condoleeza Confetti
Operation Get Cheney
Operation Ignore Senate
Operation Ineffectual Congress
Operation Jalala Good
Operation London Broil
Operation Media Spoon
Operation My Sharon
Operation Numb Chomsky
Oregon Failure
Organized Paranoia
Orin Hatchling
Ovum Office
Parvenu Gingrich
Pass the Sea Turtle
Paul Revered
Pawn Tiff
Peace by Peace
Peace Prosthetics
Peace Rocks!
Peace Through Death
Peace Unearth
Peace, Love and Poverty
Phil E. Buster
Picking Up the Tab for Tomorrow
Planet Earth – Let’s Root for the Home Team
Polite-hiccup Debate
Political Athena
Political Windbag
Pontif Parliment
Pork Barrel Jumper
Pork Promise
Pork Promises
Pork Slurry
Power Fool
Practical Pork
Preacher Comforts
Preachy King
Present Dante
President for the Next Thousand Years
Presidential Erection
Preventing Madness From Spreading Further
Pride Aside
Pride Forgery
Pro Choice Prozac
Problem Salved
Prodigal Sunburn
Protecting Your Future
Protest Ant
Prozac Choice
Pushcart Politics
Putting America Back On Its Feet
Putting Ideas into the Heads of the Thoughtless
Raising Our Voices
Rebuttal Rocket
Red Nerve
Reform Torn
Remember Your Pants
Roll the Dole
Rubber Media
Rush Limbo
Saddam-bam, thank you ma’am.
Safe for Conservatives
Santa Clause
SARS and Stripes
Save Face with Grace
Senator Handjob
Seniority is Not a Punishable Offense
Shoe Roosevelt
Smoke Filled Room Tax
Smores and Greedy Ants
Sneer Campaign
Snow Pundit
Soft Shark
Solid True
Somewhere between my ass and Texas.
Soul Cancer
Soul Combat
Spending Your Future, Today!
Spin Jesus
Spokesperson for the future.
Squeezing the Beans
Squeky Clean and Ready For Dirt
Stand Churchill
State Mints
State of Fish Oil
Stretching the truth for power and profit.
Stronger Together
Sump U.S.
Surpassing Expectations
Swine List
Tajik Stand
The Beef Plank
The Best Kemp’d Secret
The current BOG (Board of Governors) is stuck in one.
The Daft Portly Act
The End of Business As Usual
The Environment is Our Neighbor – Be a Good Neighbor
The Era of New Possibility
The Hillary Step
The Humvegan Society
The Key To The Future
The Million Mime March
The New Beginning
The newest “Old Boy” isn’t. Liddy dole.
The Oregon Donor
The Peace Engine
The Pride Is Home
The Pull It’s Ear Prize
The Tipper Gore of Tomorrow
The Wounded City
There’s everybody else – then there’s us.
These Are About to Be the Good Old Days
Think Globally – Drill Locally
Throwing his weight around. The Fat Man.
Thurston Haliburton
Tipper Tape
Tirade Relations
Topple Kopple
Tora Borealis
Torpor Senate
Tort Resort
Tour the Sewer
Transforming Your Money Into Legislation
Trent’s Warfare
Trippy Pre-Tipper Gore Culture
True Liddy. Very Dole.
True To The Last Buck
Tsunami Endgame
Uh Oh-Bama
Under God’s Construction
Under the best circumstances, no one gets out alive.
Up With Papal
Usurper Delegates
Vacant Lott
Verbal Spill
Visualize World Piecemeal
Voices Not Violence
Walking Taller, Talking Welfare. Bill Bradley.
War Auntie
War Bonnet
War Chord
War Paint by Numbers
We care, so you don’t have to.
We Didn’t Know That You Knew
We Know What You Don’t
We’re in this Bush together.
We’re Putting Off Tomorrow…Today
We’re Working on It
West Bank Robbery
Wet the People
What is FBLA, anyway? Elect Maryrose VP, and she’ll tell all.
When good enough isn’t.
Where have all the Flowers gone? – The Bill Clinton Story
Who’s Sane?
Will Liddy be Bush’s New Vice?
Wish, Toast and Smear
Withering Slights
Withstand and Deliver
Woe is Free
World Domination for Dummies
World of Love
World of Peace
Yangtze Doodle
Yo Yo Tokyo
You Deserve Better
You know how to Phil in your ballot.
Your Last True Friend
Zen War Ship
Zen Warship
Zip Up Your Rants

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