Specifically, 207 verb+proper name movie titles, a sub-species of contemporary movie titling so egregious, obsequious, ubiquitous and viral that WordLab could no longer resist pointing a nagging wagging digit in its direction. You know the type, which may or may not have begun with 1982’s Eating Raoul and 1983’s Educating Rita, but which has definitely reached critical mass recently with such gems as Raising Arizona, Chasing Amy, Deconstructing Harry, and Feeling Minnesota. Well, hang on, for soon you may be feeling your Minnesota as well:

Absolving Trish
Acclimating Andy
Alerting Julio
Analyzing Fresno
Antagonizing Polly
Anticipating Kevin
Articulating Vicky
Averting Leslie
Bandaging Benji
Beaning Milwaukee
Bedding Dawn
Bedding Don
Berating Clifford
Billing Mildred
Blanching Amy
Blinding Hugo
Blinking Modesto
Blogging Henry
Bonding Jeremy
Bullying Jerome
Bussing Trey
Carving Hermione
Cataloging Brenda
Catapulting Seattle
Certifying Tina
Channeling Barbara
Chastising Hillary
Cheering Larry
Chewing Guam
Choking Houston
Circling Seth
Circumnavigating Dorothy
Circumventing Lois
Cleansing Dayton
Closing Herman
Collating Fritz
Conjuring Rick
Consorting William
Constituting Marvin
Contemplating Reseda
Creating Karma
Crouching Mildred
Culturing Carl
Curtailing Norma
Dating God
Daunting Reginald
Declassifying Edna
Defending Omaha
Defining Marco
Digging Jane
Discerning Ted
Discovering Chloe
Doubting Thomas
Downsizing Richard
Drubbing Hank
Eavesdropping Gallup
eMailing Linus
Excavating Eternity
Excusing Susie
Exorcising Ondine
Expecting Saratoga
Exploding Walter
Farming Steve
Faxing Rodriguez
Fermenting Joel
Figuring Newton
Filibustering Regis
Filtering Walter
Fishing Paul
Flaying Marsius
Flipping Pavlov
Flossing Heidi
Flying Chaucer
Fooling Margaret
Franchising Arthur
Franchising Todd
Frisking Vicky
Frothing Hillary
Gentrifying Earl
Gesticulating Miami
Getting Ritch
Gluing Tina
Hue’s Bris
Humiliating Dave
Hurting Lowell
Identifying Christine
Igniting Grace
Imagine Maggie
Impacted Spirit
Implicating Downey
Infiltrating Gina
Ingratiating Tustin
Integrating Dick
Kissing Buddha
Landing Chad
Leaching Melinda
Leaving Richard
Licking Syracuse
Lifting Nigel
Liking Juanita
Maintaining Persephone
Mapping Carol
Marketing Louie
Marshalling Tito
Masking Tate
Mastering Gladys
Memorizing Astrid
Mentoring Ed
Messaging Jaime
Milking Linda
Miming Quincy
Motivating Plano
Mugging Cameron
Multiplying Hemet
Mystifying Alberta
Mystifying Irvine
Navagating Harold
Nocturning Sabrina
Obliging Terrance
Orbiting Sister
Outsourcing Tracy
Pacifying Vince
Pausing Regina
Penetrating Mort
Pestering Johnson
Plastering Abigail
Pleasing Jesus
Plying Venice
Pondering Rosa
Predicating Jules
Predicting Jeanne
Predicting Jules
Preventing Milton
Punishing Alex
Quantifying Larry
Raiding Rhoda
Reconciling Patty
Rehearsing Doug
Rejecting Sausalito
Remembering Carla
Repudiating Clovis
Respecting Suzi
Retrofitting Betty
Revering Lady
Revering Larry
Revering Paula
Rewarding Cleaver
Romancing Fred
Rounding Elenor
Rounding Sally
Sanitizing Ricky
Satisfying Mitch
Satisfying Rebecca
Satisfying Zilla
Scalping Troy
Scamming Ryan
Scratching Pete
Scrolling Roger
Sequestering Harriet
Shafting Monty
Shifting Fanny
Slapping Chico
Sleuthing Ingrid
Sliding Flo
Smashing Adam
Smelling Jeremy
Sniffing Tiffany
Spanking Florence
Spoofing Pip
Spotting Al
Staffing Nebraska
Standing Chocolate
Stewing Eugene
Substantiating Willard
Sucking Harold
Suggesting Maria
Summarizing Goleta
Surging Clarence
Surviving Tate
Sustaining Nance
Taming Melvin
Tantalizing Corky
Telling Reno
Testing Tennyson
Thanking Eugene
Thinking Rudy
Tintinnabulating Larry
Tipping Dakota
Titilating Todd
Tormenting Pico
Transcending Anaheim
Treadleling Quentin
Trouncing Wayne
Trying Ernest
Tunnelling Midge
Unlocking Zelda
Uprooting Sandy
Venting Topeka
Waiting Jesus
Walking Rwanda
Weathering Heather
Weeping Wyoming
Whipping Kafka
Whispering Columbus
Wooing Virgil
Wrestling Juneau
Wronging Cicely

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