Here are 331 titles you’ll want to line up behind on Oscar night, the one’s that clench their teeth, that buck-up in the face of unspeakable pain, that can’t believe you really like them, that congratulate themselves for having the courage to have been made, the stalwarts that cry like a river, sing like a canary and laugh all the way to the bank:

A Boy and His God
A Buddy Holly Past Life
A Failure of Probabilities
A Feather From My Heart
A Mensch in Time
A Millipede Dreams of Christmas
A Simple Moment
A Snail’s Face
Abigail Force
Albuquerque Acquittal
Alice B. Toklas in Wonderland
All Night Long
American Gobi
Axe of God
Azerbaijani Picnic
Back To Eden
Bad Faith
Barn Spectacle
Be My Trotsky
Beef Storm
Beyond the Surface
Bible Belt
Black November
Blind Fury
Blue Horizon
Blurred Horizons
Born Apart
Bristol Diamond
Broadway Sanguine
Broadway Trotsky
Broken Together
Brunchilli Sunrise
Cannery Row
Carver’s Cut
Cathode Mary
Chaucer’s Choice
Cherry Asphalt
Children of the Sun
Cold Tortelini
Confetti Underground
Conned, Some Are Confidants
Constance Paine
Coriander Puppy
Cosgrave’s Problem
Counter Coy
Dangerous Libations
Dare Demeanor
Darwinter of my Discontent
Daughter of Fire
Days of Promise, Days of Hope
Dead Rockers
Depriving Jessica
Devastating the Obvious
Disorder in the Court
Dr. Truly
Drifting Off
Dusty Saddles
Elsie’s Plumbago
Elvis Othello
Evidentiary Material
Excuse for Homicide
Exhibit A
Fair Weather Father
False Witness
Father Earth
Faustus Frieze
First Faith
First Snow
Fish Dreaming
Flesh Sisters
Flowers for Algernon II
Folding the River
For the Benefit of Joseph K
Forever Gone
Fraternal Instincts
Free Leon
Freedom From Fear
Gandhi With The Wind
Genius Christ
God’s Hometown
Graphic Evidence
Grounded In Time
Gumby on a Hot Tin Roof
Gumby Sleeps with Fishes
Gumby’s Choice
Gumby’s Last Dance
Gumby’s Mandolin
Guru Smile
Gwenevere Experience
Half Full
Hangin’ Tree
Happy in Spite of Myself
Having Eddie’s Baby
Hester Pure
Holly’s Holding Together
How’s About Ned
Hype’s Sorrow
Jack Addict
Jackie Diamonds
Jackson Vile
Jawing The Moon
Jaws of Life
Jigging Sinatra
Joan of Arkansas
Jocks and Mobsters
Johnny Law
Johnny Nobody
Kaiserian Sanction
Keister’s Kiss
Lack of Planet
Landmark of My Youth
Lap Tiger
Lars Makeshift
Last Light
Leather Roads
Left Turgenev
Lisa’s Kimono
Living Trust
Lone Licorice
Love Canal Story
Lovebox Hotel
Lynne’s First Cramp
Me First Cafe
Merry Bilgewater
Miles and Flora
Milk the Porcupine
Milky Feeling
Mining the Zone
Mirror Mirror
Missed Call
Moments In Time
Mommy Coke
Monkey Double
Moon Over Nowhere
Mrs. Richard Ramirez Goes to Washington
Mudrick Forest
Mustang Uprising
My Croatian Tan
My Glass Eye
Naked Apathetic
No More Misery
November in Napa
Off the Record
On the Stand
One Foot Out the Door
One Thousand Tears
Open the Kimono
Ordinary Nipple
Outer Monrovia
Paloma the Ruffian
Pandea in Gondwanaland
Pandora’s Boxing
Passages of Time
Paved Curtain
Peanut Gallery Next Exit
Pigeon Wednesday
Pike’s Puke
Pork Promises
Prawn Crisis
Prawn Song
Primarily Susan
Princess Prawn
Purple Letters
Queen Martyr
Question Quest
Rain Monkey
Rainy Days
Realm of the Woods
Restored to Dignity
Revering Paula
Ripple Effect
Road Worrier
Rodeo Days
Rodeo Stories
Royal Spell
Rude, A Walking Ham
Rumpuddle Flounder
Running On Ice
San Onofre Fallout
Santana Winds
Saturday in Bolivia
Saturday Night Ferver
Seize the Biscuit
Sent to Finland
Shadow of Sunlight
Sicilian Mud Puppet
Sick of Turtles
Sister Borneo
Sister Zilla
Six Angry Jockies
Sky Theory
Sleepless in Saskatchewan
Smiles Apart
Soma Nights
Soul Cancer
Soul Sketch
Sour Fates
Sour Glass
Spider Sense
Splinter Kiss
St. Peter’s Bird
Star Daughters
Summer of Prawns
Summer of Sickness
Summer of the Shark
Swap Keats
Sweet Lies
Sweet Rainbow
Swimming in Silence
Tender Ties
Tenderly, Edward
Tennyson Alley
Tennyson Woodbridge
Terra Trona
The 4AM Club
The Agenda
The Avenging Art Angel
The Blinder
The Caffeine Problem
The Centre of the World
The Contender
The Cudahy Witness
The Days of Zero
The Dissident
The Edge of A Midsummers Night’s Dream
The Endless Mirror
The False Front
The Fetus Wars
The Final Cabaña
The Fire Storm Verdict
The Frenchman’s Resolve
The Gardena Miracle
The Glaswegian Miracle
The God Mixer
The Great Bovine Picnic
The Great Plumbago
The Hedonist
The Hunger
The Irvine Scenario
The Khalua War
The Laser’s Edge
The Last Cabaña
The Last Today
The Lemonade Stand
The Lowie Realm
The Mandible Situation
The Mist on Dog Mountain
The Modesto Effect
The Modoc Littany
The Noose Around Zeus
The Okapi Mandate
The One-Up
The Parafin Directive
The Pharmaceuticals of Heaven
The Philatelist Dances
The Pied Sniper
The Portuguese Wife
The Reflecting Pool
The Samarkand Witness
The Sanguine Five
The Scent of Light
The Shadow Chasers
The Sodium Podium
The Tearstained Papaya
The Tenacious Snail
The Truth Turtles
The Turning
The Veracity of Slugs
The Winchester Sisters
The Wounded City
This Little Big
Three Cheers for Chelsea
Time Gone By
Time of Day
Tolstoy Hotel
Tornado Picnic
Torsion Grab
Truckee Love Poem
Twisting Fate
Two Birds
Ultrasound of Music
Unbridaled Amy
Uncertain Wisdom
Unchained Voices
Uncoil and Float
Under the Boardroom
Understanding Gerald
Undivided Highway
Walking to Rwanda
Walt Sing Sing
Waltzing with Eternity
Wannabe Heights
War Whore
Water Monk
Wax Nest
Wednesday Morning Picnic
West Bank Story
Where have all the Flowers gone? – The Bill Clinton Story
White Girl Jumping
White Trash River
Wicked Bored
Wig Work
Wise Yankee
Wretched Ex-cess
Yankee on the Yangtze
Zilla’s Scents of Cheese

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