Naming is serious business, and there’s nothing funny about this list of 525 comedy movie titles:

1/2 Shelly
24/7 Dwarfs
5 O’clock Shadow Boxing
69 Scoops
A Dolt Supervision
A Fish Called Rwanda
A Room with a Ewe
A Successful Failure
A Tale of Two Smittys
Abbey, Norm and Al
Above Bored
Accountant of Monte Cristo
Ad Nation
Adam Fathom
Agitator Tot
Air Farce
Al Told
Aligator Booties
Allen’s Woody
Almost Scary
Aloha Vera
Alpha Mail Order
Alpha Moyle
An Alm and a Lug
Anger Angel
Apocalypse Now and Then
Archibald Spot
Are We Dying Vain to Do It?
Ass Texas
Attila the Bunny
Attila the Honey Bee
Aunt Bea and Nothingness
Babbling Brooklyn
Babylon Cheyney
Bacon Jack
Bagel Bandit
Balmy’s Tranquil Tank
Baltimore Orless
Bay of Pig Latin
Beauty & the Feast
Being John Malcontent
Being Thar
Below the Beltway
Big Bother
Big Mother
Billy’s Night Off
Bingo Jones
Bitter Herb
Blake’s Drakes
Blonde Buffalo
Bob Steps Out
Bollywood Babylon
Bone Free
Boomer Bust
Booty and the Beast
Boring Alice
Born Fritz
Born Lucky
Boswell That Ends Well
Boyd’s Master Plan
Brand New Larry
Broadway Baggins
brother e
Brute Farce
Buddha Bowl
Buster Boon
Buster Cornhusker
Caliope’s Kittens
Call Randy
Carnegie Hall and Oates
Carnival Knowledge
Catching Candy
Chambermaid Placemats
Chapter Elvis
Chateau Yo
Châteaux Double Wide
Checkon, Checkoff
Ciao Buddha
Code Redhead
Colonel Runty’s Jazz Poker Party
Corn Dog Social
Corn on the Bob
Corporal Tunnel
Could Be Worse
Counting Busses
Court of Slaw
Crew Goo Goo
Crotch Jockey
Crustacean Prince
Cubicle Wars
Daddy Knew
Daisy and Confucius
Damn Cockroaching Outlaws
Dan of the Dead
Dear Hunter
Death by Lampoon
Defrosting the Prawn
Dirty Old Ma’am
Doctor Cutlass Ciera
Doctor Sloth
Dome Bone
Donner Party Two
Double Jump
Downward Facing Dogs
Downward Facing God
Dr. Boyle
Drawing Conclusions
Drew’s Militia
Dry Humor Cleaners
Dull Drums
Earnest Ernst
East or Famine
Eat My Stick
Eating My Brain
Electrocution for Dummies
Eli Loud
Empire’s R Us
Empirical Dana
Espresso Versions of the Truth
Eugene Plonk
Ever Since the Car Caught Fire
Eve’s Droppings
Evidently Graphic
Existential Ass
Existential Boy’s Night Out
Ezra’s Quiz
Face Pundits
Family Brawl
Fangold Buttonsworth
Fantasy Buyland
Father Earth
Fear and Meaning
Felix Helix
Fiddler’s Fig
Fiddler’s Folly
Finishing School
Flip Out
Flop Star
Flying Fool
Flying Noodle
Fog Horney
Fool Proof
For Allah’s Sock
For Whom the Goldfish Trolls
Fort Potato
Freakin’ Out
Fred in Needles
Free Germs!
Freelance Feline
French Lessons
Frog Meal
From There to Eternity
Fry Lance
Full Spread
Gee Spotty
Gene Poole
Get Ready
Get Ritchie
Girdle Hurdle
Gnome Genomics
God’s Day Off
Godzilla In Love
Going, Going, Gandhi!
Good Dog, Bad Dog
Granola Fantasy Canteen
Grizzled Heights
Gurus Get the Girls
Hair Test
Hairs of the Dog
Hallos and Heaven
Hank’s Gadget
Has Ben?
Hasn’t Ben?
Hazel’s Headband
Head Full of Gilla
Heavenly Bodies
Hedge Over Heels
Heir of the Dog
Hell Hath No Fur like a Woman Shorn
Hello Lita
Hemline of Fire
Hex Marks the Spot
High Voltaire
Himalayan Pool Party
Hindu Stan
Hog Oscar
Hold the Malaise
Honey, Get Money!
Hop Along Chastity
Hop Along David Cassidy
How To Bury A Billionaire
Hue’s Bris
Hughe’s Bris
I Kant Believe It
Information Aged
Inhale Satan
Intern Al Hope
Ironic Man
Jazzy Jim
Jen & Barry’s
Jennifer’s Pager
Jesus Crisis
Joan of Arkansas
July Fools
Jung Wordsmiths in Love
Kabuki Joint
Keeper’s Promise
Ken Dread Spirit
Keyed Up Darryl
Kiddie Wizard
King Bling
King Lear Jet
King of Gnomes
King Wasabi
Kiss Ann Tell
Kissing Cousins
Knock Three Times
LA Mischief
Lacking Toast Intolerance
Lance Happenstance
Larry Get Your Gun
Last Train to Hoboken
Left Bank Robbery
Lets Have A Donner Party!
Libido Shuffle
Life With Parrots
Like it or Not
Little Red Virginia Woolf
Lively Deadbeats
Loaded and Bloated
Loathsome And Then Some
Loathsome Twosome
Loin Ranger
Loins’ Logic
Looting the War Cabinet
Lose the Dog
Lou Cid
Louis Bitterface
Love Bomb
Low Life
Loyalty Oaf
Mad Nest
Martin Had A Party
Martin’s Boner
May Divorce Be With You
Measles ‘n Weasels
Meet the Bartels
Men In White Dresses
Minnesota Pop
Minnetonka Norse Wedding
Miser Despiser
Miss Thing
Mister Happy Goes Ballistic
Mister Market
Mister Postal
Mojo Buddy
Mona and Lisa
Money Cured Pam
Monty’s Last Stand
Moon Filth
Moses Supposes
Mother Flickers’ Hot Spot
Mr. 24-7
Mr. Down and Out
Mr. Fedup
Mr. Fortnight
Mr. Frenzy
Mr. Little Fingers
Mr. Mackin’ s Day Off
Mr. Mercurial
Mr. President
Mr. Wonderful
Mrs. Beasley
My Bad
My Brother My Pusher
My Dinner with Dracula
My Nine Wives
My One-Legged Clam
Nadine’s Tunic
Naive ET
Native ET
Navajo Dad
Neils Particle Board
Nest Vesting
New Whirled
Newly Wedlock
Noodle Doodle
Norse Thieves
Obstruction of Judd Sis
Off and Whining
Officer Lovely
Old Men Eat Cookies
On Golden Ponderosa
On Golden Spawn
On the Threshold of a Dream
One Hot Mama
Operation Buzz Kilt
Operation Turn Turn Turn
Out on a Lamb
Oy Vegas
Paint Me a Picture
Pancakes for Pablo
Paperback Alley
Park and Ryed
Pastor of Paris
Patchwork Guilt
Paul Tree
Paula Drew A Picture
Paula In The Dark
Paula Revered
Paws City
Penelope’s Bathroom
Pet Seminary
Pharm Team
Phat City
Pickled Pete
Picnic Train
Picture Perfect Parker Posey
Pierced by Lugosi
Pig Holiday
Pile Driving Miss Daisy
Pilgrim Marge
Pineapple Day
Pink Hundred Watt
Pirate School
Pitch the Boss
Planet Harry
Plastic Fantastic
Plato’s Promise
Poi Party
Pomona Lisa
Poor Trot of a Horse Player
Poor Trot of a Salesman
Pope of America
Potter Training
Prawn Daddy
President of Vice
Priscilla the Hun
Quiz You Like It
Rachel Switches Teams
Recommended Daily Endowment
Reptile Holiday
Requesting Urges
Return of the Lemmings
Revenge of the Administrative Assistants
Revenge of the Mod Squad
Richard the Turd
Risking Nostalgia
Rock and Roll Picnic
Rodent Scholar
Rookie Fingers
Rude Therapy
Runaway Nanny
Saint Bonneduce of Danny
Sanchica de Ville
Sand Waves
Sap Detectives
Saving Face in Tulsa
Scrubbed Mission
Shock and Almonds
Shoot-out in the Pickle Factory
Shylock on Wallstreet
Silly Satan
Silly Satan, Trix Aren’t for Kids
Sin Thesis
Sister Karen
Skin Patrol
Smack My Cake
Small Potatoes
Smooching with Bobby Lewis
Smorgas Borgnine
Snow Flake
Soured on Albany
Space Pizza Initiative
Spank the Pudding
Spitting I’m Age
Spoke Anne
Star of John Davidson
Star Trout
Stavrogin and Tonic
Stereo Signals
Steve My Queen
Stool Patrol
Storm Seller
Stucco Palace
Sue the Gods
Sufi’s Choice
Support Your Local Guru
Swell the Ranks
Temporary Larry
Ten Percent Down
Tension Plan
Thar Hills
That’s the Wrong Bong
The Accidentist
The Art Monster
The Ass-tronaut
The Big Smoothie
The Bored Chairman
The Bouncing Quark
The Calling Companion
The Cantankerous Dwarf
The Carpet Baggers
The Celery Mob
The Cheese Whisperer
The Confiscators
The Critic
The Crustacean Prince
The Daddy Option
The Dog Philosophy of Life
The Dubious Brothers
The Easy Seed
The Evidence Express
The Existential Buddhist
The Existential Nudge
The Fidget
The Fish, the Knot, and the Wetnurse
The Flotsam Jetset
The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse
The Fraternal Brothers
The Ghost of Christmas Never
The Goy Who Cried Wolf
The Great Neckbrace Race
The Grim Leaper
The Hairy Potter
The Happy Zygote
The Latvian Cat
The Mail Carriers
The Million Mime March
The Mucky Mucks
The Nervous Tick
The Norse Whisperer
The Perky Pallbearer
The Pope’s Nose
The Possesive Sloganeer
The Queen of Siberia
The Return of the Dog
The Revenge of the Dog
The Schtick
The Sheriff of New York
The Snark
The Sound of Drizzle
The Sound of One Finger in the Air
The Stool Pigeon
The Sweltering Sky
The Total Fluke
The Tule Elk Flasher
The Whimsical Despot
The Windfall Follies
Three Guys and a Husband
Tied Up in Zoe
Toe Taggin’
Token of My Affliction
Tongue Dancing
Too Chez
Tori Tori Tori
Tostada Oblongata
Tour of Judy
Towering Baba
Tres Huggers
Trotsky Rode Sidesaddle
Tuesday’s Chicken
Turtle Problems
Twenty Thousand Leaves Under the Tree
Ukranian Sister
Uncle Bulgaria’s Wand of Sand
Uncle Goldilocks
Uncle Hermione
Valley of the Dole Trolls
Virgil and Stardust
Walter Falls
Waltz Dizzy Knee
Wanton Won Ton
Was Honey’s Money
Wes World
West Bank Robbery
Wet the People
Who Art in Heaven
Who Took Bobby’s Mop?
Wicked Cute
Wig Week
Will Drink for Food
Winston Foremost
Woke Up Late
Yangtze Doodle
Yanking My Tail
Yo Yorkshire
Zen Monster
Zilched Again

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