295 names for your action epic, in soul-bludgeoning WhyDefinition:

60 Grit
Agent Yellow
Air Force of One
Angry Tank Swan
Anthrax Alley
Anthrax Cove
Australian Counterforce
Back Off!
Ballast and Balls
BBQ Force
Because I Said So
Bedlam and Broomsticks
Big Ass River
Big Sir
Bleak Sunrise
Blood and Gus
Bolts and Thunder
Bone Bandits
Bound for Fury
Break a Leg
Breaking Protocol
Brew Toil
Bring on the Boss
Bungee to Borneo
Burning Sand
Burnt Umber
Cajun Trapper
Care to Step Outside?
Carnage a Trois
Category Foreplay
Change of Face
Chemical Hill
Cheney Chain
Christ Crossed
Christmas Turkey
Citizen Pain
Commando Farm
Cost of Living
Count the Dead
Countdown to Chaos
Courages Conviction
Course for Destruction
Crazy Matrix
Crutch and Dagger
Danger Ranger
Darwin 911
Dead Before Breakfast
Dead Meat
Dirty Laundry
Dot Combat
Dotting the Eyes
Double Meaningless
Eastern Blocks
Eat Bay
Eat My Stool
Eccentrifugal Force
Eleven Seconds
Endangered Ethos
Enter the Sanctum
Executive Incision
Existential Boy’s Night Out
Face Fight
Fast Proof
Faster Disaster
Final Consumption
Fire Sippin’
Firelight Forge
Fissures of Freedom
Fistful of Doll Hairs
Flight Risk
Flying Fracas
Flying Without Tickets
Fort Angus
Fort Knocks
Freakin World
Freeze Factor
From Here to There
Full Fathom Five
Fuzz Fracas
Gavel Road
Gibralter Top
Godspeed, Gumby!
Grim Again
Gristle Gang
Ground Chuck [Norris]
Gumby Over Tokyo
Gumby’s Revenge
Halcyon Arms
Hammer & Roach
Happy Combat
Hardpan Alley
Heavy Putting
Her Majesty’s Little Black Handbag
Hit and Amis
Hold the Line
Hole Earth
Hollandaise In Cambodia
Hostile Makeover
Hunker Down
Hurricane & Abel
Hurricane Force
I Heard That
I Speak to No One
I Stand Alone
Ice Crush
Ice Runner
Imperial Bedlam
In The Dirt
Johnny Cashbook
Jolted by Truth
Kalashnikov Drops
Kalashnikov Medicine
Kentucky Shakedown
Kill ‘N Kill
Land Escape
Leon Freon
Lesion of Honor
Lessor of Two
Let Fate Decide
Life Dialer
Liquid Mountain
Lord on the Rocks
Love it or Leave it
Lump Jumpers
Mach Epoch
Maritime Out
Marshall’s Plan
Mastic Man
Maximum Casualty
Maximum Penalty
Mean Business
Meet You at the Bottom of the Sea
Melt the Tuna
Missle Messenger
Missle Morning
Mister Resistor
Mosh Pit
Mounty Metal
Mr. Vengeance
Muscle Bitch
Muscle Hustle
Mustang Stampede
Mystic Blowout
Naval Gazing
Network Pilots
No Free Lunch
Nose to the Wind
On High
Operation Buddha Pests
Operation Courtesy Bomb
Operation Courtesy Bomb II
Operation Final End
Operation Miss Rice Thinks Twice
Operation Rue Morgue
Operation Summer Assault
Operation Taxi Dance
Operation Toe Taggin’
Operation Wink Wink
Panic Button
Papel Justice
Pawn Storm
Pikachu and Hello Kitty Fight to the Death
Pile Driver Justice
Pilot Error
Plum and Bone
Polar Storm
Pork the Pig
Postal Force
Pox in Socks
Prawn Storm
Prisoner Scratch
Prize Flight
Punt of No Return
Raw Harm
Recline and Deliver
Red Badge of Carnage
Red Nerve
Red Pudding
Red Thunder
Red White Black and Blue
Reno Boy
Revenge of Gumby
Revenge of the English Majors
Riddler’s Reach
River Cowboys
Rocket Protector
Ruthless Toothless
Sand Swarm
SARS and Stripes
Sea Edge
Sea Thunder
Season Al
Send ’em Over
Seven For Death (Five For Life)
Shovel Up and Buck
Sixty-Seven Seconds
Slave to Revenge
Slogan’s Talk
Slug and Slay
Smash and Grab
Smoke and Smolder
Son of XOR
Stopping Stones
Stud Fee
Sudden Enemy
Sudden Fury
Swallow the Porcupine
Territory Al
Terror Firm A
Terror Quest
Texas Firewalker
That Would be Mine, Thank You
The Boss Hunter
The Burning Flame
The Chorizo Proviso
The Cinch
The Clay Gang
The Collective
The Crowd
The Cyclemen
The Fatal Exception
The G Force
The Gorganzola Effect
The Imploder
The Nine
The Palermo Effect
The Pontoon Effect
The Running Monk
The Sibling Riot
The Signal
The Snide Sniper
The Taming of a Few
The Teal Threat
The Trilobite Factotum
Thresher Point
Time Assassins
Time to Die
Tip, Toe and Go
Tongue & Groove
Tora Tora Bora
Torpedo Sunrise
Torrid Territory
Total Impasse
Tough Goings
Trial by Terror
Trouble Boy
Tusk to Dawn
Tussle In Tuscany
Twelth Fight
Typhoon Booth
Wall of Fire
Wallstreet Weak
War Chord
Wasted Motion
Watershed Wasteland
Withstand and Deliver
Wrath’s Path
Yes I Do Mind
Zero Hour

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