Here are 436 names of future Military Operations, to be conducted by government or emerging private-sector security forces:

Operation Able Parish
Operation Above the Belt
Operation Absolute Betrayal
Operation Abundant Wrath
Operation Abused Beagle
Operation Acquatic Desert
Operation Air a Fat
Operation Angry Angus
Operation Angry Bovine
Operation Angry Crayfish
Operation Anguished Praline
Operation Appealing Curve
Operation Apple Prawn
Operation Arctic Sturgeon
Operation Artificial Daylight
Operation Asbestos Flamingo
Operation Audacious Intrusion
Operation Aurora Tora Bora
Operation Azure Intentions
Operation Baby Nipple
Operation Baitless Angler
Operation Ballistic Missive
Operation Bare Yer Asses
Operation Basking Tuna
Operation Beautiful Nerve
Operation Been There Done That
Operation Beleaguered Rainbow
Operation Below the Beltway
Operation Bent Paisley
Operation Bible College
Operation Bid and Ask
Operation Bid and Ask Spread
Operation Big Bend
Operation Bilbao Baggins
Operation Bison Snipe
Operation Bitterbug
Operation Blame Cain
Operation Blatant Snub
Operation Blind Allegiance
Operation Blind Orpheus
Operation Blistered Pickle
Operation Bloated Budget
Operation Boiled Power
Operation Bong Bait
Operation Bookie Joint
Operation Bootless Nova
Operation Botox Detox
Operation Brazen Beef
Operation Bruised Ego
Operation Brutal Bog
Operation Brutal Sincerity
Operation Bubble Butt
Operation Buddha Blast
Operation Buddha Pests
Operation Budding Peanut
Operation Budget Overrun
Operation Bulk Rebuke
Operation Bull and Cock
Operation Bungled Pirate
Operation Buoyant Psychopath
Operation Burger Mania
Operation Burning Book
Operation Burning Bush
Operation Burning Sand
Operation Burnt Umber
Operation Bushwhacker
Operation Buttons Red
Operation Buzz Kilt
Operation Cabin Boy
Operation Cactus Bottom
Operation Cadmium Carcass
Operation Cantor Bury
Operation Cantor Sore
Operation Carrion Salad
Operation Casino Economy
Operation Casino Hack
Operation Cast Party
Operation Castration
Operation Castration Oil
Operation Cattle Ploy
Operation César Coupe
Operation Chain Cheney
Operation Champion Frat Splat
Operation Cheney Hiney
Operation Chewing Guam
Operation Clean Laundry
Operation Clobbered Foe
Operation Coastal Ivory
Operation Coffee Parade
Operation Cold Shoulder
Operation Collateral Damage
Operation Compromised Comic
Operation Condoleeza Confetti
Operation Condoleeza Please
Operation Congealed Shadow
Operation Conquered Militant
Operation Courtesy Bomb
Operation Courtesy Bomb II
Operation Crazy Fish
Operation Critical Pig
Operation Cruel and Arbitrary
Operation Cruel and Usual
Operation Cruel Professor
Operation Crystal Cathedral
Operation Cyclical Spin
Operation Cynical Arthropod
Operation Dandelion Replacement
Operation Dangled Metaphor
Operation Dangling Gristle
Operation Declining Dollar
Operation Defense Industry
Operation Dejected Theory
Operation Demented Surgeon
Operation Demonstrate Madness
Operation Depleted Demeanor
Operation Deploy Airbag
Operation Deprived Dope
Operation Destitute Warden
Operation Dial-a-Ride
Operation Diligent Restraint
Operation Dinner Companion
Operation Dirty Laundry
Operation Discredited Poet
Operation Disturbed Protein
Operation Don’t Ask
Operation Don’t Go There
Operation Donut Drop
Operation Dormant Tornado
Operation Double Dip
Operation Double Wide
Operation Dream Decoy
Operation Dry Cleaner
Operation Dung Beetle
Operation Dust Biter
Operation Dusty Rainbow
Operation Eager Desire
Operation Eagle Justice
Operation Elementary Lead
Operation Eliminate Hope
Operation Eplode
Operation Escape Goat
Operation Excruciating Witness
Operation Exfoliation
Operation Extreme Prejudice
Operation Eye for a Lie
Operation Faithful Mousetrap
Operation Farmer’s Daughter
Operation Fearsome Transgression
Operation Final Authority
Operation Final Consumption
Operation Final End
Operation Final Tango
Operation Fire Friendly
Operation Fist Weasel
Operation Flagrant Violation
Operation Flagship Fungus
Operation Flaming Bunkhouse
Operation Flanker Steak
Operation Flaunting Floozy
Operation Floating Jetsam
Operation Floss and Deliver
Operation Flossed Planet
Operation Flowing Agents
Operation Flying Mountain
Operation Flying Turtle
Operation Foot Flower
Operation Force-Feed
Operation Forgiven Fortress
Operation Fortunate Sunshine
Operation Freedom Fissures
Operation French Kiss
Operation Freudian Slipper
Operation Friendly Firefly
Operation Frightened Kitty
Operation Froggy Bottom
Operation Frown and Pound
Operation Fruitless Task
Operation Fry Willy
Operation Gelatin Stronghold
Operation Geriatric Sweetener
Operation Get Cheney
Operation Gotham Roadmap
Operation Granite Drop
Operation Groovy Landmine
Operation Ground Turkey
Operation Guilty Membrane
Operation Guru Screw
Operation Hairy Cooperative
Operation Halcyon Arms
Operation Hangnail Tiger
Operation Heard That
Operation Heavenly Backlog
Operation Hint Drop
Operation Hippy Pox
Operation Hopeless Endeavor
Operation Hungarian Jelly
Operation Hurled Invective
Operation Icky Rouge
Operation Idle Warship
Operation Ignore Senate
Operation Impaled Moment
Operation Incredulous Remorse
Operation Ineffectual Congress
Operation Infected Jargon
Operation Inflammed Mouthpiece
Operation Inflated Opinion
Operation Invent Tory
Operation Irrational Exuberance
Operation Irreversible Hangover
Operation Jah Libation
Operation Jalala Good
Operation Jazzy Tetanus
Operation Jilted Seahorse
Operation Johnboy Goodnight
Operation Jungle Tissue
Operation Just Checking
Operation Karelian Poundcake
Operation Kookie Magnet
Operation Ladle it Thick
Operation Lanced Boil
Operation Learned Muskrat
Operation Lethargic Sunrise
Operation Line Dance
Operation London Broil
Operation Lost Floss
Operation Lost Planet
Operation Lower Bite
Operation Lullabye Sneeze
Operation Mad Peacock
Operation Malignant Mansion
Operation Mannequin Mime
Operation Mannequin Piss
Operation Manners Camp
Operation Maximum Casualty
Operation Maximum Penetration
Operation Media Spoon
Operation Melting Patty
Operation Mild Extinction
Operation Mindless Vacation
Operation Minor Damnation
Operation Misplaced Trust
Operation Miss Rice Thinks Twice
Operation Missing Husband
Operation Missive Vaccination
Operation Mixed Metaphor
Operation Moist Weasel
Operation Moon Swaddle
Operation Mountain Home
Operation Mr. Bubble
Operation Multitudinous Orphanage
Operation Mustard Plaster
Operation Mustard Seed
Operation Mutton Mauve
Operation My Pirahna
Operation My Sharon
Operation Negative Notion
Operation Noble Claw Hammer
Operation Noble Global
Operation Noble Nuke
Operation Noble Savage
Operation Noble Screw
Operation Nordic Surfer
Operation Numb Chomsky
Operation Nutty Flavor
Operation Nylon Furnace
Operation Obsolete Scarecrow
Operation Oil Toil
Operation Ointment Fly
Operation Open Container
Operation Open Wound
Operation Organic Cannibal
Operation Ornery Catalog
Operation Over Bite
Operation Painful Exuberance
Operation Pale Suggestion
Operation Panicked Pony
Operation Panther Trap
Operation Papal Visit
Operation Paper Posse
Operation Parched Palette
Operation Pawn Storm
Operation Peeking Duck
Operation Pensive Pony
Operation Permanent Ante
Operation Permanent Drawl
Operation Permanent Press
Operation Personnel Extraction
Operation Pet Peeve
Operation Pilfered Snowball
Operation Pinched Nerve
Operation Pisces Pusher
Operation Placid Filiment
Operation Pleasant Forgiveness
Operation Plumb Bomb
Operation Plunder There Somewhere
Operation Pole Fiction
Operation Polite Punishment
Operation Polka Dip
Operation Poor Hostage
Operation Porcelain Princess
Operation Pox in Socks
Operation Pox on Sox
Operation Prehensile Foreplay
Operation Pretentious Eviction
Operation Primed Rib
Operation Punitive Damages
Operation Punitive Force
Operation Puppet Tears
Operation Purging Purgatory
Operation Put Down Under
Operation Putin Punt
Operation Questionable Alibi
Operation Rabid Hutch
Operation Rancid Rain
Operation Raving Chimp
Operation Raw Sugar
Operation Reactive Goose Cooker
Operation Reality Check
Operation Rear Entry
Operation Red Nerve
Operation Reduced Expectations
Operation Regular Joe
Operation Religious Crust
Operation Rendered Horse
Operation Reno Rag
Operation Repellent Shadow
Operation Revised Assesment
Operation Roast Grief
Operation Roasted Riot
Operation Robotic Allegiance
Operation Rude Awakening
Operation Rue Morgue
Operation Sacred Chimp
Operation Sacred Cow
Operation Sacrificial Sheep
Operation Sadistic Agency
Operation Salvage Apology
Operation Satisfied Pimp
Operation Satisfied Silence
Operation Savory Remains
Operation Screw You
Operation Scrubbed Mission
Operation Search and Retreat
Operation Sequestered Rodent
Operation Severe Distortion
Operation Severed Gondola
Operation Shag Sympathy
Operation Shakespeare Trumpet
Operation Sharon Aerial
Operation Shattered Promises
Operation Shining Dignity
Operation Shy Lion
Operation Significant Gumline
Operation Significant Other
Operation Significant Stool
Operation Silent Inferno
Operation Silent Partner
Operation Silent Prayer
Operation Silly Putty
Operation Silly Scoundrel
Operation Sin Gas
Operation Sinking Gondola
Operation Sisyphus Waltz
Operation Slandered Songstress
Operation Smash and Grab
Operation Smashed Arachnid
Operation Smelly Rat
Operation Smoldering Dawn
Operation Soiled Sample
Operation Solvang Allegory
Operation Sorry About That
Operation Southern Comfort
Operation Spoiled Yogurt
Operation Sponge Puff
Operation Spoon Feed
Operation Spum Blue
Operation Squandered Squaw
Operation Squash and Wash
Operation Staff Infection
Operation Startled Widow
Operation Stifled Prawn
Operation Stinking Badgers
Operation Stolen Future
Operation Stuffed Stocking
Operation Sudden Afterworld
Operation Sudden Debt
Operation Sudden Widow
Operation Summer Assault
Operation Sunburned Surfer
Operation Sweaty Nutcracker
Operation Sweltering Grandma
Operation Tajik Stand
Operation Tan Can
Operation Tangled Tome
Operation Tattered Hope
Operation Taxi Dance
Operation Terror Bearer
Operation Terror Sunset
Operation That’s Gotta’ Hurt
Operation Thin Apple
Operation This!
Operation Tiger Tailings
Operation Tip Top
Operation Toe Taggin’
Operation Trouser Spum
Operation Truth Turtle
Operation Tsunami Endgame
Operation Turgid Buntcake
Operation Turn Tables
Operation Turn Turn Turn
Operation Turning Tables
Operation Twisted Fish
Operation Universal Shame
Operation Unruly Neighbor
Operation Urban Arch Enemy
Operation Urban Turban
Operation Urgent Matrimony
Operation Valley of Tears
Operation Vanity Snout
Operation Verbal Remnant
Operation Vino Vigor
Operation Wandering Soul
Operation Wasted Motive
Operation We Feel Your Pain
Operation Weeble’s Wobble
Operation Wheezing Balloon
Operation Whining Witch
Operation Widget Slump
Operation Winged Buffalo
Operation Wink Wink
Operation Winter Squash
Operation Yellow Bug Light
Operation You Rub My Back
Operation Zeno Iscariot (Balkan Theater)
Operation Zero Tolerance
The Little Operation That Could

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