So you’ve stalked a pride of lions, been haunted by a murder of crows, and inundated by a shower of meteoroligists. You enjoyed James Lipton’s An Exaltation of Larks, but have been left wanting 233 more collective nouns? As usual, you’ve come home, and like home, we’re not burdened by any need to remain rational:

A Bagel of Sustenance
A Barbeque of Good Fortune
A Barnacle of Truth
A Barney of Dinosaurs
A Beachball of Circumstance
A Beelzebub of Game Shows
A Beep of Censors
A Bellow of Windbags
A Blight of Industry
A Blimey of Lager
A Blimp of Papercuts
A Blindness of Visionaries
A Blitz of Tortillas
A Bludgeon of Puns
A Book of Lottos
A Bounty of Wastematter
A Budget of Decimals
A Bungle of Dunces
A Cacti of Pricks
A Cadence of Tarantulas
A Cage of Barflys
A Cage of Silence
A Cartoon of Cigarette Companies
A Cauldron of Distress
A Cause of Prevention
A Cavalcade of Chaos
A Cesspool of Colossal Nerve
A Cesspool of Watchdogs
A Chain Mail of Links!
A Change of Pudding
A Chicken of Doubt
A Chicken of Opportunity
A Cholic of Al’s
A Chorus of Coughs
A Circus of Clowns
A Colon of Rodents
A Comet of Christ
A Comptroller of Everyday Life
A Constantinople of Ruins
A Continuity of Freshness
A Copper of Values
A Corporation of Chins
A Costco of Canned Worms
A Curfew of Restrictions
A Curling of Fries
A Custody of Husbands
A Cyclops of Intangibles
A Dance of Dongles
A Dander of Prey
A Dawdle of Time
A Dawn of Donuts
A Diatribe of Fragrances
A Digit of Chips
A Dink of Truths
A Distemper of Jesuits
A Faculty of Misfortune
A Farm of Cysts
A Fax of Jets
A Fervor of Zealots
A Fix of Genitals
A Flange of Skewers
A Flock of High Priests
A Flock of Night Life
A Flotilla of Foolery
A Flotilla of Jetsam
A Flotsam of Jetsetters
A Foam of Ratchets
A Forest of Pens
A Frailty of Heroes
A Frailty of Meadow
A Galleon of Godzillas
A Gathering of Hunters
A Golly of Hangmen
A Granary of Salt
A Hallow of Logic
A Head of Boils
A Heap of Truffles
A Help of Tech Supporters
A Hemp of Hippies
A Hope of Failures
A Horticulture of Weeds
A Hush of Whispers
A Hygene of Viruses
A Jack of eTrades
A Jesus of Plywood
A Jesus of Tortillas
A Jones of Mrs.
A Jury of One’s Periodondists
A Kipper of Cures
A Laud of God
A Lump of Yuppies
A Mannequin of Desire
A Meg of Ryan
A Melting of Potbellies
A Memo of Self Doubt
A Menagerie of Glasnost
A Mephisto of Magic
A Mexico of VWs
A Milk of Talents
A Mill of Forests
A Mint of Perfection
A Moment of Rust
A Moratorium of Good Health
A Mortgage of Hopelessness
A Mulch of Weenies
A Nasty of Porn
A Normal of Thespians
A Pain of Sympathies
A Palindrome of Ideolgies
A Parcel of Postal Shootings
A Pardon of Presidents
A Parker Full of Posey
A Parker of Posies
A Particle of Boredom
A Persephone of Perceptions
A Persimmon of Fruit Flies
A Pigmy of Auditors
A Pimple of Pinache
A Pimple of Pizzas
A Pinnacle of Distress
A Piss of Drunkards
A Planke of Physicists
A Plodding of Plots
A Porcupine of Grad Schools
A Pork of Privates
A Portal of Insignificance
A Portion of Infinity
A Pot of Pig Bellies
A Potbelly of Fortune
A Pounding of Cheese Cake
A Power of Turtles
A Prawn of Jellies
A Preponderance of Prawns
A Prick of Breeders
A Prick of Inbreeders
A Prick of Incest
A Prick of Porcupines
A Primary of Nuances
A Prince of Sell-Outs
A procession of possibilities.
A Pummel of Advertisements
A Rage of Shootings
A Rash of Creme
A Rash of Diapers
A Relish of Past
A Rendition of Originality
A Roll of Honors
A Salt of Senses
A Scourage of Salesmen
A Sebastian of Circumstance
A Seethe of Boils
A Sentence of Cages
A Shack of Large Men
A Shadow of Sunlight
A Shakespeare of Idiots
A Shaquille of Sheqels
A Shotput of Risotto
A Shred of Epithets
A Siagon of Memories
A Siren of Rocks
A Siren of Trust
A Slime of Litigants
A slow-motion shower of Kudos falling.
A Smack of Agents
A Smack of Consciousness
A Smack of Heroin
A Smack of Liposuction
A Smarm of TV
A Smidgeon of Plenty
A Smug of Smiles
A Sniper of Wordsmiths
A Snorkeling for Slops
A Social of Capitalists
A Sorell of Greens
A Souza of Smarm
A Spleen of Diatribes
A Stage of Brilliance
A Stage of Innocence
A Stalk of Cocaine
A Stucco of Dreams
A Sump of Indecision
A Surge of Lethargy
A Swelter of Heatwaves
A Swelter of Saints
A Swelter of Witches
A Sympathy of Smells
A Tango of Generations
A Tantamount of Zillas
A Taste of Swimmers
A Telling of Bees
A Temple of Amazements
A Testament of Religions
A Thong of Genitals
A Throng of Belches
A Tickle of Paradoxes
A Tinkle of Despair
A Tiptoe of Crevasses
A Torpor of Boost
A Torpor of Mildew
A Torture of Jailers
A Tower of Pizzas
A Tsunami of Circumstance
A Tsunami of Ocean Liners
A Tsunami of Parables
A Tsunami of Poundcake
A Tsunami of Trouble
A Tummult of Chakras
A Tuscany of Epicurians
A Twitch of Habbits
A Victim of Pewter
A Vigor of Aphrodisiacs
A Vomit of Diseases
A Waltz of Contractors
A Webvan of Stock Picks
A Welt of Naïveté
A Yahoo of Apathy
A Yield of Fruit Cake
A Zero of Empties
An Ace of Jesters
An Addiction of Opportunity
An Algae of Compulsions
An Algebra of Shadows
An eBay of Pigs
An Emeryville of Internet Companies
An Enron of Desire
An Idea of Head Cheese
An Iron of Doubt
An Island of Langerhans
An Ocean of Christ
An Ocean of Leafblowers
An Ocean of Oil Patches
An Ocean of Techie Gifts
An Ocean of Tsunamis

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