After you’ve found a new name for your band in our list of Rock Band Names, and if something as quaint as a “record album” ever gets made again, here are 711 potential titles for you to play with:

10 Chalupas
100 Snoring Elephants Couldn’t Drive Me Away
20 Story Satan
24 Hour Jesus
29 Psalms for 29 Palms
59 Souls
60 Grit
7 Scentric
A Cloud to Stand On
A Corporation of Chins
A Dolt Supervision
A Dumb Doodle-Head Who Only Eats Once Every Three Months
A Feather From My Heart
A Freud to Find Out
A Million Doll Hairs
A Moment of Science
A New Kind of New
A Parent’s Guide to Ambulance Chasing
A Parrot In Every Pot
A Penny To The Pope
A Surge of Lethargy
Absinthe makes the mime grow fondler.
Acapulco Gold
Achy Blakey Heart
Achy Breaky Chatterbox
Act Out Your Age
Aesthetic Bug Gloss
Aggravated Friction
All the World is Staged
Amateur Barber Night
American Pedestrian
Amygdala House
Ancient Realm
Ann and Rex’s Dance Studio
Anne and Rex, Oh Yeah
Antelope Belly
Antenna to God
Anthrax Alley
Anthrax Cove
Arbor Day
Arise and Shinola
Aromatherapy never stood a chance anyway.
Artificial Logic
Atheistic Nativity Tomb
Audio Farm
Aunt Your Mama
Aural Sex
Babylon Cheyney
Back Off!
Back To Eden
Bacteria Love Song
BBQ Your Head Off
Bean Parade
Beauteous Maximus
Beauty & the Geese
Because I Said So
Beef Blackout
Beef Blanket Bingo
Being and Fluffiness
Belfascinating Rhythm
Belfast United in Song
Believe in Us
Below the Beltway
Below the Underground
Bennie’s Fishery
Better Fish
Betty Poop
Between Reason and the Season
Big Juicy
Big Mother
Big Shiny Planet
Binge Bingo
Bitter Plaid
Black Vinyl
Bleak Sunrise
Blongata Sunrise
Blue Horizon
Boiler Head
Boilhead Braids for Fades
Bollywood Babylon
Bolt Cult
Bone to Own
Borneo to Run
Boswell That Ends Well
Bowels and Whistles
Bowl and Bladder
Boy Wonder
Brain Gone Bad
Break a Peg Leg
Bringing Homer the Bacon
Broad and Cough Man
Bucking Ham Phallus
Buddha Loops
Buffalo Butter
Bulldog and Crotch
Bum Bait
Bum Chum
Bunny Crack
Burnt Umber
Bus Conversations
Cabaña Logic
Cafe de Vivre
Cake Walk Down the Gang Bang Plank
Calico Mountain
Caliope’s Kittens
Can I help you?
Canadian Metal Madness
Candle Opera
Candy Candy!
Cardio Radio
Carnival Knowledge
Category Foreplay
Cattle Ack
Censor Ship
Chemical Hill
Chemical Nosedive
Chuggin the Baba
Cinco Volvo’s
Cinderella Jellyfish
Clean-cut and Slobbery
Clear Skies Below
Clone Your Own
Club Hell Yea
Coal Oil Point
Congealed Moments
Constant Planck
Constant Plank
Contact Insanity
Continent 7
Contortionist’s Training Camp
Cookie Bookie
Cookie Butter
Cool Motion
Coral Sex
Coronal Massage
Countdown to Chaos
Counter Clone
Counter Coy
Counter Top Culture
Cowboy Bob Santa
Cower to the People
Crawdaddy Gumbo
Crayon Logic
Crippled Gypsy
Critical Moss
Critter Blather
Cruel Sex
Cthulhu Country
Cthulhu Music
Cult Order
Culture Mole
Cup and Chaucer
Daddy elephant has a goatee.
Dance Contagion
Dance of the Spheres
Dance Vibrations
Darwin’s Lagoon
Daughter Christmas
Dawn of the Dead Festival
Dead Before Breakfast
Dead Set Amagansett
Deadlines and Drumbeats
Dear Sir
Death by Turtleneck
Dedicated Jerk
Deep Issue Massage
Deeper Tissue
Delightful Extras
Desert Drips
Devastating the Obvious
Diamond in the Ruffage
Diamond Sky
Die Laughing
Disorder in the Court
Distinction Extinction
Donkey Logic
Don’t throw the Piano
Dose Doc
Dose Doctrine
Double Beige
Down and Ducky
Drama Trama
Dramamine for Queeny
Dream Cafe
Dream Fire
Dream Mountain
Drinko de Mayo
Drive Vibe
Duct Tape and Cover
Ear Pudding
Earth is Good Food
Earth Wind and Algernon
East of Phoenix
Eat me in my pubicle.
Eat My Prawn!
Elder Rock
Embarrassmentation Station
Emergency Roam
End of the Road
Espresso Versions of the Truth
Ethyl Ketone
Exhibit A
Existential Boy’s Night Out
Extreme Nostalgia Dive
Ezra’s Quiz
Fabric Police
Fabulous Faux
Face Candy
Fancy Delancy
Farm Fresh
Faulkner Islands
Faux Fro
Faux Fum
Faux the Show
Fear Fire
Fear the Weekend
Feeders of the Vents
Fences of Flame
Fi Fi Faux Fum
Fiddle and Twiddle
Fiddle Music Fluff
Fife Insurance
Film at Eleven
Fire Waltz
First Faith
Fish Food
Fistful of Doll Hairs
Flash in the Pants
Flophouse Jumping Jacks
Flower Whispers
Flowers for Algernon II
Fly By the Seed of Your Aunts
Fool Flavor
For Allah’s Sock
For Whom the Goldfish Trolls
Forever Blonde
Forever Gone
Fork in the Roadkill
Forty Five Kids, Hot Dogs and Spaghetti
Freakin’ Out
French Lessons
Fresh Vinyl
From Chopin to Cheese
From There to Eternity
Fully Half Empty
Get Out of Our Skies!
Get Ovet It
Get Ready for Beef Blanket Bingo!
Give ’em Lip
Glamour and Glitz
Gleaming Stainless
Glow Your Own
Go for the Juggler
God Bless Antarctica
God Loves a Consumer
Goldworthy Body Tats
Good Dog, Bad Dog
Good Morning Mr. Boil
Grits and Greetings
Grunt of the Litter
Hail Mary
Hair Test
Harboring Seals and Croft Terrorists
Harmonica Convergence
He who was not stoned may cast the first sin.
Hell 2Pay
Here Comes Me
Hex Marks the Spot
High Street Modern
High Tide at the Hostel
High Voltaire
HipHop Hooray
Hip-Hopalong Cassidy
Hit and Run Happiness
Hitting the Rewind
Hoist the Local Rag
Hole Earth
Home on the Rave
Hooligan’s Island
Hop Along Chastity
Hope Grows Fondler
Humvegan’s Hamburger Centrifuge
Hungry Head
Hunk Junkie
Hunker Down
I Love Nothing!
I Stand Alone
Idle Hands are the Devil’s PlayStation
If Looks Could Cook
I’m Going to Jonestown!
I’m Here
In the Maelstrom
Information Aged Cheese
Inspire Fire
Internet Eternity
Into Obscurity…and Beyond
Invest in Mints
It Takes an Iceberg
Jean Jacket Pool
Jesus, Gandhi and Dan
Jezebel’s Joint
Jigging Sinatra
Jimmy Buffet’s Granola Fantasy Canteen
Jingle Belfast
Joan of Arkansas
Just Say Know
Just Sell Baby
Jute Box
Kansas City BeBop
Kansas City Brass
Kansas City Jive
Kansas City Jump Blues
Kansas City Rhythms
Kansas City Swing
Karachi Nights
Kick the Beckett
Kinder Rock
Kiss My Buddha
Lacking Toast Intolerance
Lame Brain Surgery
Last Train to Hoboken
Legal Tender
Let Them Eat Crack
Lice Lice Baby
Lice on Mars
Life’s a Hit
Life’s Raw Materials
Like it or Not
Liquid Kitty
Liquid Mountain
Lisa’s Kimono
Living Furniture
Looping Buddha
Looting the War Cabinet
Lounging in a Miser’s Cochlea
Love Bomb
Love Drops
Love Scratch
Luft of the Dial
Lutheran Luau
Magellanic Dumbo
Make Indifference
Mannequin Depression
Marmalade Parade
May Divorce Be With You
Mayhem Introduce Myself
Mealy Mouthfulls
Medulla Mortadella
Meet You at the Bottom of the Sea
Miami Over Moon
Mild Epoxy Sludge
Mind Rocket
Mineral Spirits
Mining the Zone
Miss Rice Thinks Twice
Misty August Morning
Molten Plaid
Mood Swingers
Moon Filth
Moon Over Nowhere
Moose Music
Morn the Balloon
Mosh Potato
Mother Flickers’ Hot Spot
Mr. Rubber Room
Mrs. Richard Ramirez Goes to Washington
Museum of Silence and Anarchy
Music for Drones
Music Moods
Mute Camp
Naipaul Clamps
Naipul Rings
Native ET
Neau Whirled
Nerve Saw
New Dull Brain
New Farm Culture
New Wave Religion
New Whirled
New Whirled Order
New World Same People
New York Punks Polka under the Planets
No Harm No Charm
Norse Nurse
Nose to the Wind
Nostalgia Dive
Nouveau Ruckus
Nouveau Whirled
Octopus Wrecks
Of Mice and Mein
Off the Record
Old Men Eat Cookies
Oleander Ketchup
On Golden Ponderosa
On My Way
One of Life’s Butter Pleasures
Ornamental Case
Our Lady of Countless Miracles
Out of Here, LTD
Outside the Boxers
Oy to the World
Pancho Village
Paramedic Pirate
Pass the Glory
Pave to Own
Peace is Good Food
Peace Police
Pedestrian Terrafirma
Periods of Rain
Pet Rock Band
Phat City
Phil and Throb Trick
Pickled Pete
Pied Sniper
Pier Groupie
Pierced by Lugosi
Pile Driving Miss Daisy
Pinkish Honeysuckle
Pipe Dreams
Police Assisted Suicide
Port of Saul Bellow
Potato of the Brain
Potter Trained
Pox in Socks
Practical Pork
Prawn Music
Praying Manatees
Prey for Piece
Pride Aside
Prior Tease
Prisoner Scratch
Psycho Sis
Puff the Magic Drag Queen
Quatre-Vingts Morrison
Ranch Cross Dressing
Reap the Mercury
Red Badge of Carnage
Repetitive Motion Sickness
Repute After Me
Rest in Peat
Retail Roadkill
Retro Ready
Reverse Curse
Rhododendrons and Dragons
Robin’ the Hood
Rock Okra
Rogue Temptation
Roll the Dole
Roll Troll
Romeo Syndrome
Royal Lush
Royal Pudding
Royal Tease
Ruffian of Green Gables
Runaway Jute
Safety Pin Sonnet
Saginaw on That
Salt the Taffy
Sand Waves
Satelite Ranch
Saturday in Bolivia
Save the Ants
Saving Face in Tulsa
Sea Ocean Sky
Self is Steam
September 10th
Service with a Scalpel
Sexy Sadie Crunch
Shadow of Sunlight
Shakes the Clown
Shame Parade
Shock and Almonds
Signed Sealed and Deliverance
Silly Satan, Trix Aren’t for Kids
Sin Drone
Sip and Shout
Slow & Pulpy
Smash and Grab
Smash Pop
Snow Flake
So Long Barleycorn
So Lucien
Soma Nights
Songs of Renewal
Soul Centric
Soul Combat
Soul You Know
Sound Therapy Session
Soup Opera
Sour Crocodile
Soy Christmas
Spam and Deliver
Splinter Kiss
Square Mounting
Star of John Davidson
Station of the Crossed
Stay Awhile
Stellar Dump
Stereo Sobbing
Sticky Crosses in the Underwear Basket
Stranded in the Present
Stucco Palace
Summer of the Shark
Sunset Bird
Support Your Local Guru
Surgeons and Nuns
Suture Me With Karma
Swab Me Down Below
Swallow the Sun
Sweat and Shower
Symptom Crash
Tail From the Brig
Taser Guided Missile
Tempura Sunrise
Tender Loving Dare
Tennyson Alley
Terra Monk
Terra Trona
Terror Firm A
That’s the Wrong Bong
The Big Fish in a Small Monde
The Big Fish in a Small Ponderosa
The bitter end of a platonic relationship.
The Bottom of the Seasickness
The Boy Who Whined Duck
The Color of Insanity
The Dog Philosophy of Life
The Easy Seed
The Enchanted Spring
The End of Now
The End of the Beginning
The End of the End of the Road
The Endless Mirror
The Essence of Popcorn
The Existential Buddhist
The Fool on the Pill
The Ghost of Christmas Never
The Hip Knows Therapy
The Hunger
The Lying Eyes of March
The Madding Crowd
The Million Mime March
The Night Tony Orlando Didn’t Show and Other Tales from the Horrid Crab
The Noise
The Other Brownies
The Pharmaceuticals of Heaven
The Philatelist Dances
The Potato Constant
The Raw Materials of Life
The Retail Age
The Ripper
The School of the Human Condition
The Sin Must Go on
The Sound of Musak Falling
The Sound of One Finger in the Air
The Straight and Narrow
The Wizard of Osmosis
The World at Extra Large
The World Without Decaf
The Yesterday Guy
These Boots Were Made for Stalking
Thong Thong Blue – Everybody Wears One
Thou Shall Not Chaste
Tipsy Gypsies
Tolstoy Hotel
Tomorrow Never Drives
Tone Drunk
Tongue in Chic
Tora Tora Bora
Torn – A Doe Heads Forest
Tour of Judy
Toxic Pop
Trailer Park Jesus
Transparent Desires
Tricks of the Tirade
Trinity Trona
Troll Tones
Trona Drone
Trona Love Songs
Trona Mating Call
Trona Trinity
Trotting Ham Phallus
Truth or Consecration
Two Birds
Two Bottles of Jagermeister
Two Turntables and a Micro Ho
Underground Overmound
Valley of the Dole Trolls
Vaseline on the Window Pane
Venetian Sack
Viagrunt of the Litter
Virgil and Stardust
Voodoo Chart
Wake Up and Tsunami
Waltzing with Eternity
War Auntie
Wardrobe of Mass Destruction
We Need an Iceberg
Welcome Back Qatar
Wet the People
Where’s Jane?
Who Voodoo
Whole Lotta’ Lita
Who’s Sane?
Wipe Down the Leather
Wit Knee Bisexual
Woe is Free
World Domination for Dummies
World of Love
Yangtze Doodle
Yanking My Tail
Ye Old Neil Young
Your Sellin’ Heart
You’re So Vein
YoYo Go
Yuppie Slum
Zen Monster
Zilla Drop
Zoo Butter

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