WHY A CAT? – WordLab Has Your Acronyms Category And Thensome! Here are 153 Acronyms for your Bureaucratic Orgasmic Pleasure (BOP):

ACDC – Automotive Cleaning and Detailing Company
ACHIEVE – Awards Celebrating and Honoring Individual Excellence of Valuable Employees
AHOLE – American History of Latent Egomaniacs
AMYCE – Adult Mentoring for Youth Careers and Education
APWAV – All the Peoples of the World Against Violence
ARTV – Artistic Recreational Television
BLOAT – Binary Logic for Open Architecture Transmission
BOAST – Binary Open Architecture Systems Transmitter
Bop – Bureaucratic Orgasmic Pleasure
CAFE – Canadian Association For Erections
CAKE – Client Applications Knowledge Enabler
CALL – Cellular Application Logical Link
CAPTURE – Cellular Application Program Transmission and Utility Response Environment
CARD – Cellular Authentication and Recognition Device
CARD – Coalition Against Racial Descrimination
CARPE: Coalition Against Racial Profiling in Enforcement
CEO – Chief Email Officer
CLEAR: Citizens against Law Enforcement Arrests by Race
CLOWD – Communications Logic for Open Wireless Devices
COAST – Cellular Operations Algorithm for Secure Transmissions
Collar STUPID – Standard Terminology for Unique Pet IDentification
CORE – Central Operations for Remote Enabling
COST – Communications Open Systems Technology
CRAP – Cellular Recognition and Authentication Protocol
CRAPI – Control Regulations for Application Programming Interface
CROWD – Connection Routine for Open Wireless Devices
CUPID – Collars for Unique Pet IDentification
DAPITS – Direct Access Public Interface Terminal Systems
DAVES – Digital Audio Video Electronic Surveillance
DIP – Digital Installation Protocol
DOCK- Distributed Online Controlled Kiosks
DOGS – Digital Optic Guard System
DOLL – Dynamic Open Link Library
DPA – Disgruntled Poets of America
DR. MIS – Direct Retail Marketing Information Systems
DRIP – Disaster Recovery Implementation Program
EACH – Educating And Connecting Humankind
EDGE – Education is Definetly Getting Easier
EDICT – Electronic Detection Intrusion Control Technology
EGO – Electronic Geographical Overlays
ENTER-External Network Task Enabled Response
ESP – Event Service Provider
EVADER – Electronic Voice And Data Encrypted Response
EyeRIS – Eye Recognition Information System
FOS – Free of Science
FREDS – Fine Rendition of Eloquently Defined Standards
FYII: For Your Intelligent Information
GEWIZ – Genetic Engineering Wizards
GNP – Gross National Pollution
GRACE – Global Resistance Against Catastrophic Endeavors
HERD – Hedonistically Engrained Ritual and Desecration
HERD – Heterodoxical Economic Research and Development
HERD – His Elephant Reads Dostoevsky
HUGS – Home Utilized Geriatric Services
IDIOT – Initial Detection Interface for Outside Transmissions
ISO – Independent Service Organization
JUMP – Just Urban Music Professionals
KICK- Knowledge and Information Control Kiosks
KISS – Keep Internet Solutions Simple
KISS-Kiosk Information Systems and Services
LAYOS – Learn At Your Own Speed
LEAD – Leadership Education and Adult Direction
LIVE – Library for Interactive Video Education
LP Youth – Leadership Program for Youth
MA – Mallecular Activety
MBA – Making Babies Appear
MMMM – Manic Management Miracle Meds
MOST – Multi-faceted Open Systems Transmission
NEVADA – Neutral Electronic Voice And Data Algorithms
NWSP – New World Same People
OASIS – Open Architecture Software Interchange System
OCTAPAN – Open Console Technology Application for Performance Area Network
ODDS – Optical Digitized Detection System
PADDOCK- Publicly Accessible Distributed and Designated Operationally Controlled Kiosks
PAN – Personal Assistant Network
PANEL – Performance Area Network Electronic Links
PANELA – Performance Area Network Expedient Links Access
PARCELL – Parlay Cellular
PASS – Preparation of Assessment of Scholastic Status
PASS – Public Access Systems Services
PATRON-Public Access Terminals for Retail Organiztion Network
PAVE – People Against Violent Endeavors
PEACE – Protection and Employment Assurance for Company Employees
PETERPAN – Private Electronic Technology for External Remote Personal Area Networks
PETI – Public Electronic Terminal Interface
PETS- Public Electronic Terminal Systems
PICK – Public Information Connection Kiosks
PMV – Personal Mobesity Vehicle
POSES – Professional Ontario Student Engineering Society
POSTAL – Processing Over Secure Telecommunications Airborne Lines
PRISE- Public Remote Information Systems Enterprise
PRISMA – Program Related Illustration Service Management Academy
PRISMA – Providing Real Image Specific Media Applications
PRISMA – Pure Realistic Illustrations for Superior Multimedia Adaptations
PSST- Public Service Systems Terminals
QUICK – Query Utility and Information Collection Kiosks
QUIK – Query Utility Information Kiosks
RAH – Recognition Award Honors
RAIDS – Remote Access Information Delivery Systems
RAISE – Recognition Awards Increase Salary Expectations
RAMBO – Remote Access Memory Bank Online
RAMS – Remote Access Management Sytems
RAPID – Radical Accessories for Pet IDentification
RAVE – Recognition Awards for Valued Employees
READY – Re-Engaging Advantaged Disadvantaged Youth
REAP Reproductive Evaluation Access for Partners
ROAST – Remote Open Architecture for Standard Transmission
S.O.S. – Saving Our Souls
SAFE: Save American Freedom and Equality
SAP – Scholastic Assessment Preparation
SAT – Sober About Testing
SAT – Succeed At Tests
SAU – South American Underwriters
SCHNELL – Secure Cellular Hardware Networked for External Logical Links
SCM – Symptom Crash Management
SCRAPI – Standard Control Regulations for Application Programming Interface
SCT-Synchronous Cellular Transmitter
SCV – Synchronous Cellular Ventilator
SEMI – Search for Extra Molecular Information
SEND – Subscribe Extra Network Delivery
SERVE: Safe Enforcement for Racial Viability and Equality
Sole – Spirited Organisms Living Equally
SPASE – Society of Professional Accredited Student Engineers
SPEED – Special Programmed Event Enabled Delivery
SPICE – Special Programmed Internet Company Events
SSD – Selective Stress Disorder
SSD – Symptom Stress Disorder
SSS – Selective Stress Syndrome
SSS – Selective Symptom Syndrome
STRIVE – Student Terminal Room for Interactive Student Education
STUFF – Strategic Taxidermy Users and Fanciers Federation
STUPID – Standard Technology for Unauthorized Program Interface Detection
TAME – Tennessee Adult Mentoring and Education
TAMEL – Tennessee Adult Mentoring Education and Leadership
TECHS – Technology Enabled Client Help Service
TOSS IT – Total One Stop Shop for IT
TRAPI – Transmission Regulations for Application Programming Interface
TRUST – Totally Responsive User Service Technology
TUBS – Totally Unbelievable Back Stroke
TUBS – Totally Unbelievable Breast Stroke
TUBS – Totally Unbelievable Butterfly Stroke
USE – Until the Screen Explodes
VALET Systems – Virtual Amenities Locator from Electronic Terminals
VID – Video Information Delivery
VID – Video Interactive Department
VIDEO – Virtual Interactive Department for Educational Operations
VIP – Virtual Internet Protocol
VISION – Visualize International Synergy In Our Neck of the woods.
VISION – Visualize International Synergy In Our Neighborhood
Walk – Walk-up Access Location Kiosks
WARP – Wireless Access for Remote Processing
WHAT – Walk-up Hand Access Terminals
WWW – Wonderful Wedded Wife

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