Slight upgrade to The Wordlab Forum user interface

I just completed some small but powerful user interface improvements to simplify the Forum experience. There is now just one forum, re-named The Wordlab Forum, which appears only on the Home page of Wordlab. So now it makes no difference whether you have a naming project; a tagline project; a name & tagline project; any other kind of branding project; or sundry Wordlab issues, suggestions, or rants — whatever your subject, just post it as a new Topic to the one and only Wordlab Forum. Use tags to identify specific subject matter of your posts — see the Topic Tag Cloud for the most popular tags used in Forum posts.


New Wedding / Event Planning Company Name Generator

Attention all wedding and event planners: We have just launched the latest in the family of famous Wordlab Name Generators, the Wedding / Event Planning Company Name Generator. If they’re going to the chapel, and they’re gonna’ get married, and it’s your job to plan the big event, and you don’t have a name for your company, then this is the name generator for you. But it’s not just for weddings! With 1,349,271 potential names, this name generator is ideal for any kind of business – personal, social, or professional – that does planning for weddings, parties, receptions, conferences, trade shows, state dinners, and any other kind of event.

So get out your contacts list and dust off that project management app, and let’s name your wedding / event planning company! I just took the generator out for a warmup spin, and here are 15 names it generated for me (actual mileage may vary):

Everything My Party
Sculpted Celebration
Andromeda Thinking Scenes
Bonfire Décor
Wedding Pro Functions
Lucky Silver Team
Show Weddings
Topaz Creations
Eventions Entertainment
Scenario By Enchantment
Big E Gurus
Creative Fêtes
Pomp Planning Connection
PlanAhead Inc
InStyle Evermore


Welcome to the newly redesigned Wordlab!

Wordlab has had a makeover! And not just a cosmetic one, but a functional one as well. Most importantly, we have a brand new Forum, and we’ve removed all the confusing and distracting Groups and Activity Streams. This means, for users of the old Wordlab, that you must sign up all over again for a new account. Sorry about that, but we wanted to have a fresh, clean start. You can still browse the OLD Forums here.

Learn more about us and how to get started using Wordlab on our About page. Now, let’s jump right into the action on our Naming Projects forum, below (you can view all of our Forums here).


New Fantasy Name Generator

Wordlab’s new Fantasy Name Generator is here! You asked for it (silently, in prayer), you dreamed of it, but, most of all, you fantasized that Wordlab would create the ultimate fantasy name generator. And now we have. Our Fantasy Name Generator is the magical source of 6,168,669 names for every fantasy figure you’re ever likely to fantasize about. Just imagine how many Tolkien’s you’ll be able to fit on the head of a pin once you are armed to the teeth with this massive corpus of fantasy name potentiality.

I just put the new Fantasy Name Generator through its paces, and here are 30 fantastical specimens for your wonderment, an infinitesimal sampling of the more than six million fantasy names available:

Abarden the Cabbage
Bahir the Horrible
Gebeth the Arse
Wikas the Wanton
Is’tai the Popular
Keluskack the Stammerer
Azuela the Bitch
Garrar the Fallen
Nythil the Longshanks
Cirein the Crosseyed
Teg the Mendacious
Bramblerose the Lovelorn
Oras the Humongous
Ine’urnu the Inexorable
Daniel the Avenger
Honrad the Quarreller
Queul the Exile
Sylvan the Cheesy
Mimpsey the Grim Reaper
Thedelryn the Nutcase
Honther the Precious
Sealanna the Quiet
Chess the Caulker
Oldbuck the Hairless
Nijel the Charcoal Cruncher
Freca the Imp
Vesom the Gouty
Kinrr the Little Impaler
Vorsaw the Harefoot
Toyna the Shallow

For related joyful clicking, check out the Character Name Generator too. It has nearly 380 million character names for all your characterization needs. Oh hell — just go check out all our amazing Name Generators, and tell everyone you know to do the same. The world will be a better place. Cheers.


New Team name generator added

If you are looking to name a real or fantasy sports team, or a charity, academic or business team, or any other kind of team, Wordlab’s free Team Name Generator will deliver 16,703,520 of them to you one at a time, at the push of a magic button.

I just tested it for my own team name, and here are some of the beauties I came away with:

North Stucco Stumblers
Lucky Chillers
Hopping Steel Chameleons
Headless Turf Monkeys
Stealth Hillbillies
Macho Fire Strikers
Gritty Metal Aftermath
Bouncing Chemical Wheelers
Tri-City Green Wasps
Phat Vampires
Irrational Space Zealots
Pastel Beige Miltons
Hot Desert Crawlers
Tripping Silverbacks
Grunting Day Rats
Tainted City Burnouts
Giant Marsh Groundhogs
Hard Red Prawns
The Chemical Beancounters
Random Surf Rappers
The Champagne Patsies
Noble Longhairs
Limping Bush Hackers

If you need help with a specific team naming project and the Team Name Generator isn’t quite working out for you, sign up for a free Wordlab membership and post a New Topic to the Sports Team Names group Forum, and members of the Wordlab community will jump in and help you beat your arch rivals to a better team name. And see all the other name generators on our Name Generators page.


Student body election slogans, student council elections and school slogans

If you are running for a student government office at your high school, middle school or elementary school, or you need school slogans for other purposes, Wordlab is the place for you. Once you sign up for your free account, follow these links to the Student Body Election Slogans and School Slogans group forums. Whatever office you are running for — President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc. — or school slogan needs — pep rallies, cheerleaders, school fundraiser, etc. — post your project as a New Topic in the the appropriate group Forum linked above, and let the mad geniuses in the Wordlab community help you win the election or defeat your school’s arch-rival with the power of words.

Let the school election campaign season begin!


New Restaurant / Bar name generator added

If you need to name a restaurant, bar, pizzaria, taco stand, tavern, pub, cafe, bagel shop, or any fine dining or drinking establishment, Wordlab’s Restaurant / Bar Name Generator is to die for, with over 100,000 potential names to whet your appetite.

Here is a batch of Restaurant Names I just generated, fresh from the kitchen:

Shitaki Lounge
Volta Kitchen
Stuffed Shirt Tearoom
Jerky Jim’s
Mystic Taqueria
Goat and Guru Bistro
Café Left Blank
Circula Restaurant

If you need help with specific restaurant / bar names and the Restaurant / Bar Name Generator isn’t quite working out for you, sign up for a free Wordlab membership and post a New Topic to the Restaurant Names group Forum, and members of the Wordlab community will jump in and help you cook up something delicious. And see all the other name generators on our Name Generators page.


New Character Name Generator added

For everyone in need of character names, Wordlab’s got ’em in spades with our new Character Name Generator. With 379,175,790 potential names, mostly well off the beaten track, you can populate an entire country with unique character names.

Here is a batch of Character Names I just generated, fresh from the oven:

Cache Cherlin Wombatten
Nesbitt Contessa Sweet
Sleque Quincy Macropus
Delvin Umbria Snapp
Butch Tawny Logstopper
Nimon Chomsky Rugripper
Brandie Nastenka Pfinger
Froy Memora Nosewater
Xandy Zinca Black
Quiana Clishmaclaver
Bunya Sonny Wheeler
Lucifer Aglaya Jackleharp
Ally Bonner Zimley
Idalee Lesa Nickleby
Katima Opalor
Skip Tab Islip
Valterra Denver Windbottom
Velvet Lizzy Waters
Jetsam Gates
Stormy Angina Looney
Isanne Steffie Borington
Ariela Channery Bair
Zogg Tamber Spooner
Freon Brainard Graham
Phuel Trish Ding
Blaze Cloud Lockeroff
Laken Nutmeg Rhodes
Daj Randilyn Klosterfuch
Dijom Channery Eyelip
Freon Zabrina Poon
Maynard Feveria Jones
Xeno Hemp Wang
Chelsi Starr Fish
Artsie Hollie Cross
Skye Mystery Mooney
Bunt Modos Irwaks
Jimmy Pru Crampono

If you need help with specific character names and the Character Name Generator isn’t quite working out for you, sign up for a free Wordlab membership and post a New Topic to the Character Names group Forum, and members of the Wordlab community will jump in and help you out. And see all the other name generators on our Name Generators page.


Welcome to the new Wordlab

laughing manWelcome to the new Wordlab, a full-fledged social network for naming and wordplay, collaboration and creative thinking; as such it is structured a bit differently than what you are used to if you were a user of the old Wordlab and its Wordboard forum. Here at the new Wordlab, Forum topics are associated with Groups, which are roughly what the Forum Categories were on the old website.

Before you can do anything like what is described below, however, you need to sign up for a new account, which, as always, is free, and then log-in using the form in the sidebar.

Only snark, the site administrator, can create new groups, but there is a Topic for making new Group suggestions, so any groups that make sense to add and have enough users interested in, Snark will create for you. If you are interested in a particular existing group, click the “Join Group” button associated with that group, and you will instantly become a member of that group — or just post a Topic or reply to a Forum and you will automatically be joined to the group that Topic belongs to. As a member of a Group, you will have more interaction with the Group, its Forum and its members. Think Facebook Groups – same idea here.

If you want to post a topic for discussion, first find the appropriate Group, then click the “Forum” sub-navigation button within that Group, and fill out the “Post a New Topic” fields. You do not need to be a member of a Group to post or reply to Topics belonging to a Group.

For more helpful hints, see the FAQ page. Also see the sticky topic, “Getting started on Wordlab“, to help you get going. And if you have any direct questions for me, you can send me a private message from my snark profile page.

Welcome to the NEW naming playground!”


The Best Free Naming Website, Bar None

Wordlab got some good press the other day, in the Lifestyle section of the Hartford Courant. Here’s an excerpt that talks about the excellent ideas for names of bars and clubs generated by some of the creative minds that lurk in the Wordlab Forums.

Some club owners look for name advice online. The website offers a forum for entrepreneurs seeking monikers for everything from hot-dog carts to big-city nightclubs.

“I am opening a new club in Ohio, and I can’t come up with a catchy name. … It will be mostly Top 40 dance music with some older stuff thrown in, and of course requests! Can you help?” a seeker with the Web handle TamaraLynn wrote.

Responses included “Shut Up And Dance,” “Galaxy Club” and “Frequency.”

Sixtoemoe wanted a name for a club focused on soul music. Responses included “Soul Survivor,” “Bought and Souled,” “Souled Out” and “Soul Beneficiary.”

Posters on the site have to weed through some attempted humor. To a person seeking a name for a restaurant and bar in Portland, Maine’s art district, for example, a responder offered “Chez Snooty.” Another regular on the site has repeatedly offered “Alcohol & Archery” as a name for a variety of clubs and bars.

Some people do get solutions from the site. The owner of a small bar near a cemetery in Portland, Ore., was offered “The Dead End,” “Dead Zone,” “Plotz” and “Spirits,” among other names. The owner wrote back, “Thanks, we went with Spirits! Great idea.”

Several responders urged owners and managers seeking names to keep them simple. A poster with the web handle Intellishag sought suggestions for a martini bar that would play “chill-out and sexy music” for “sexy young people.”

A poster with the forum name, Elemental, responded, “Think ‘short and sweet,’ ” and suggested several signposts, including “Clean,” “Steel,” “Chrome,” “Velvet” and “Mink.”

Logos and illustrations paired with a name add another layer of style and statement. One of Connecticut’s best known music spots, Toad’s Place in New Haven, uses the image of the well-dressed Victorian Mr. Toad from “Wind in the Willows.”

Toad’s Place owner Brian Phelps says the name was derived from a restaurant “named after a toad or a frog that matched with the French restaurant theme” the original partners envisioned for the place in 1975. The Mr. Toad logo was added later, Phelps says.

Manning, the naming consultant, cites Toad’s Place as a name that stands out amid a crowd of bars and club names that sound like perfume labels.

“There are thousands and thousands of clubs that have edgy, in-your-face names like ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Opium’ – something sexually suggestive,” he says. “You actually tend not to notice. That’s not pushing the envelope. Something like Toad’s is in the other direction. You actually remember it.”

Remember, Wordlab is the best free naming and branding site on the web, bar none, and we challenge anyone to do better for less.


Snark’s Autobiographical Confession

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PC

This is My Confession

Abandoned at birth, I was an illiterate orphan, a kindergarten dropout with boils all over my face. I often forgot to bathe. Burger King rejected me. I became depressed, began to lose precious self-esteem, and grew enormously fat. Nearing the end of my tether, I tried to join far-Right Christian cults, but they too would not have me.

Desperately in need of a bathroom one day, I inadvertently stumbled into the public library. Sure, I’d heard of libraries before – that’s where you got those funny bricks that come in all sizes and colors and open up in the middle.

On my way back out from the bathroom, I was inexplicably drawn to a glowing orb with buttons in front of it – a computer, I eventually learned. I began pressing buttons at random, and magical things appeared on screen. Since nobody hit me in the head and swore at me, I decided this must be a good thing, and I liked it. For the first time in twelve decades, I was learning something. Neurons that had sublet space in my brain to advertising agencies sobered-up and evicted their tenants. My mind was ramping up.

I learned, I thrived, I grew. I came back every day. I discovered the Internet, I discovered email, and I discovered chat groups, where I learned from others like me how to be polite, count out the proper amount of money when buying things in stores, and how to shave and shower. I learned what a President was, and I wrote letters to him. I lobbied Congress. I completed a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in 9th Century English Literature through an accredited online university. I learned Latin and graduated top of my class.

Suddenly, I was everywhere, both in life and in the media. You couldn’t pick up a NY Post, Reader’s Digest or Le Monde without seeing my picture, or reading about what I’d done the night before with Elizabeth Hurley in Hungary, with Madonna in Mallorca, or with Billy Bob Thornton in Biloxi. I became very influential, and used my influence to change the world, one little bit at a time. Friends – and I now have many – urged me to run for office. However, I was beginning to get bored with my new celebrity, and desperately missed the many fond hours I had spent in front of the computer. So I abandoned my budding political career and instead became an Internet pioneer, right at the beginning of the most glorious economic boom in the history of the planet.

Again, I became fabulously famous, and everyone followed my every move. I was the ultimate high-tech guru. Confounding the pundits, I rejected offers to co-found the companies, eBay, Yahoo, and Google, opting instead to realize my life long dream of creating a new, better language for commerce and society. Yes friends, in 1998 I co-founded Wordlab with my partner quark, and the rest – as they will undoubtedly say someday – is history.

So you see, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, the computer is the most beautiful creature ever to share my bed – and I’ve had my pick of the litter, believe-you-me. I only hope it’s been as good to all of you as it has been to me. -Snark