The action is heating up on the new forum

The new Wordlab site has been up and running for a week now, and so far so good. The action has been great on the new forums! You can access the Naming Projects forum right from the Home page; access the other two forums (Taglines & SlogansWordlab Issues) from the Forums page or the sidebar links. Please see this forum post, How to Use the Wordlab Forum, for instructions on how to get started, plus Pro Tips on how best to make use of the forum.

And take these words of wisdom to heart: Please strive to be generous with name and tagline/slogan suggestions for your fellow Wordlabbers. Often, even if you are stuck trying to name your own company or product, you might have great ideas for somebody else’s project, and helping them may unblock your path to the right name for your own project.

Here are some highlights from the past week in the Naming Projects forum:

Name for fitness/apparel company: Fitty; Axis; and the best one so far, Punchdrunk (great work, Quark).

Name for Asian culture club branching into sales: Orient Express; Proton Beam; SuperCool; Otaku World; and the best one so far, Asia Vu  (great work, Quark).

Name for a Wedding/Event planning & Styling business: Big Day; Main Event; In The Moment; Three Cheers; and the best one so far, Pop! Events (great work, Franny).

Name for fandom themed bar/restaurant: Fanimal; Fan Cave; Dollop; Eat Long & Prosper; Trekkielicious; Restaurant That Must Not Be Named; Shire Bar & Grill; Smaugasborg; El Rancho Skywalker; Regalia; Fannery; Spacetoast; Chewie.

Catchy Name for a technology consulting services: Binary Partners; BeepBeep; Digitalus; Dark Star; Neutrino; Blur.

Name for a new science experiment-studying wild house mice in outdoor enclosures: A House for a Mouse; FREE: Free Range Experimental Enclosures; Free Range Mice; Mousetopia; MouseHouse: Think Outside The Lab; Project GreenMouse; The Big Cheese Lab.

Name for Couples ministry: Love Strong; Big Love; LoveWorks; Coupling; You&Me; Two Of Us; One Heart; LoveLight; Helpmate; Lean On Me.

Name for hair extension company: Destiny; Weevil; Twirl; Fresh Hair; Sweet Pea; Hair Apparent; Mane Matters; Goddess Locks; Houseplant.

New name for a retro Motocross inspired Men’s Jogging Suit line: So many good names in this thread–a real treasure trove! Jumpsuit; Fourstroke; Elsinore; Bronson; Stuntman; Moto; Fédération; Sideburn; Temescal Wash; Santa Ana; Chrome; Mountbatten; International; Ortega Hwy; Trabuco; Roller; Scrapheap.

Two attractive single moms starting a food truck need a name!!??: Food Babes; TwinStar; Rolling Thunder; The Milfwagon; Texas Mother Truckers; Hot Mamas Roadside; Lone Star Belly (or Lone Starbelly or Lonestar Belly); Wagon Mavens; Two x Southwest; Eat Prey Love.

I need names for ladies perfume: Fickle; Bombshell; Sway; Rollick; Swoon; Swizzle; Pothos (good one — one of Aphrodite’s erotes); Now; Stay; Starry Night; Connection. See also the old old Wordlab archival list of 828 Fragrance Names.

Happy Wordlabbing, everyone!


New Fantasy Name Generator

Wordlab’s new Fantasy Name Generator is here! You asked for it (silently, in prayer), you dreamed of it, but, most of all, you fantasized that Wordlab would create the ultimate fantasy name generator. And now we have. Our Fantasy Name Generator is the magical source of 6,168,669 names for every fantasy figure you’re ever likely to fantasize about. Just imagine how many Tolkien’s you’ll be able to fit on the head of a pin once you are armed to the teeth with this massive corpus of fantasy name potentiality.

I just put the new Fantasy Name Generator through its paces, and here are 30 fantastical specimens for your wonderment, an infinitesimal sampling of the more than six million fantasy names available:

Abarden the Cabbage
Bahir the Horrible
Gebeth the Arse
Wikas the Wanton
Is’tai the Popular
Keluskack the Stammerer
Azuela the Bitch
Garrar the Fallen
Nythil the Longshanks
Cirein the Crosseyed
Teg the Mendacious
Bramblerose the Lovelorn
Oras the Humongous
Ine’urnu the Inexorable
Daniel the Avenger
Honrad the Quarreller
Queul the Exile
Sylvan the Cheesy
Mimpsey the Grim Reaper
Thedelryn the Nutcase
Honther the Precious
Sealanna the Quiet
Chess the Caulker
Oldbuck the Hairless
Nijel the Charcoal Cruncher
Freca the Imp
Vesom the Gouty
Kinrr the Little Impaler
Vorsaw the Harefoot
Toyna the Shallow

For related joyful clicking, check out the Character Name Generator too. It has nearly 380 million character names for all your characterization needs. Oh hell — just go check out all our amazing Name Generators, and tell everyone you know to do the same. The world will be a better place. Cheers.


Wordboard: names for skincare & cosmetics lines

Another post in our series of deep dives into the dusty old database housing the original #Wordboard forum. The original inquiry, along with an edited selection of name suggestions, is presented below.

Naming a skincare and a cosmetics line (09/21/1999)

Hi, I need help in naming a skincare and a cosmetics line. I would like for the products to have separate but corresponding names. The skincare items are high end quality, nice clear packaging. The cosmetics are real modern with matte black packaging and brushed silver accents. Thank you soo much!!! Bella =)

Skin Care:

About Face
Acme Patrol
Acne Away
Fresh Face
Liquid Pore
Liquid Silk
Liquid Skin
Liquid Velvet
Pore Choice
Pore Girl
Pore Gold
Pore Guy
Pore Partner
Pore Power
Sea Breeze Facial Wash


Skin In A Bottle
Thin Air Cosmetics

Skincare / Cosmetics Pairings:

Cheeky | Sketch
Ciao | Bella Figala!
Gleam | Sparkle
Gleam | Twinkle
Qleen | Sutra
Silkia | Penelope
Smootch | Tickle


Acne — Do An About Face
Acne — Face Up To It
Because you needz-it!
Break Out Your Bella
Don’t just zit around, do somethin!
Face The Music
Fresh as a sea breeze.
Is zit still there?
Just Another Pretty Face
Pore It On!
Stop your zit-pickin!
Walk right in, Zit right down….
What is zit?
Zit can’t be!
Zit really work?
Zit won’t be long!
Zit-itty doodaa, zit-itty day!
Zits about time!


Wordboard: names for a coffee / candy store

With this post, we begin a regular series of deep dives into the dusty old database housing the original Wordlab forum (the “Wordboard,” for old-timers). The original inquiry, along with a selection of name suggestions, will be presented in each post. See ’em all at #Wordboard.

Need name for coffee / candy store (04/05/04)

My hubby and I are opening a coffee / candy store and are coming up short on name ideas. We will be selling old fashioned bagged candy (from gummies, to chocolates, to mints, to Swedish fish) as well as mixed nuts, and peanuts in bulk (up to 20lb bags). We will also be selling gourmet coffee beans and coffee supplies and accessories (grinders, coffee pots, filters, flavored creams…), not quite so much actual cups of coffee or lattes or things like that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Afternoon Delight
Bean Me Up
Beans & BonBons
BonBons & Beans
Candy Cafe
Chewy Brewy
Hubby’s Cafe
Jellies and Java
Le Bon Bean
Lumps and Brewses
Sipp & Nibble
Snack Shack
Sweet Brews
Sweet Confections
Sweet Java
The Candy Grinder
The Caffeine Confectionary
The Jumping Bean
The Sweet Life
The Sweet Shop Coffee House
Treat & Bean