The Strange Poetic Beauty of Redacted Chimp

Redacted Chimps in the rain

Not exactly sure what this is, but I like it. A seemingly simple concept, Redacted Chimp is exactly that — pictures of chimpanzees with black (sometimes other colors) redaction strips covering their eyes, as if to mask their identities. Or perhaps their identities have been taken from them? Or they never existed in the first place? Or perhaps they are us, our proxy in the wild world? It’s impossible to say for sure, because interpretation is left to the viewer. But what makes this site even more interesting are the poetic fragments of narrative that are paired with each image. Here, for example, is the complete text that accompanies the image above:

Redacted Chimp 010. I love holding hands with your foot, in the rain, in the sun, in the rain. I love watching the rain careen off my hand, off your face, off the palm of my hand. There are plants in the world that nobody even knows the names of yet, that don’t even have names yet, that don’t have names. I love holding flowers in your hands, with my feet, in your rain. (Redacted Chimp 010)

A lovely image, probably triggered by the chimp in this picture holding hands with his (her?) own foot. And of course I love that it is also a musing on names.

Could the chimps be the poets here? Maybe they made this website as a way to reclaim their identities? Maybe this is the true beginning of the Planet of the Apes. Check it out, and report back here if you learn anything more.


Syd Barrett – Word Song

Stained, glaucous, glycerine, gold, goat, clover
gold, local, stocks, type, food, wild, national, lake, flag,
valve, gyroscope, sect
heat, helium, lead, bare, state, invention, medieval
refraction, faction, ultra-action,
hunter, interest, bullet, market…

Loads, liquids, neon, heater, jaws, jungle
mains, signal, knives, kitchen
ingot, lovely, mirror, mold
Mycenaean, moat, poppy, rubber,
radar, rags, sugar, teak
silver, poke, tin, beetroot,
carrot, ebony, fruit, copper, silk…

Carpet, distant, pigmy, hid, pack,
timber, pudding, straw
raindrops, spattering, ramps
chameleon, prairie, pods, trigger
museum, scales, square, ultra, out of map, vent
volcano, vain, wreck, tactic
tidal, arches, valley, hand
inflect, impression, loom, last, molten
you gamma, meeting
lighting, signal, island, coral-cold


Today’s Patent Poem: get your orthogonal divisional multiplexing freq on

Have yourselves a Friday Patent Poem, inspired by Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing, in the Abstract, no doubt.

Orthogonal Freq

Systems and methods
systems and methods
what is the frequency of
systems and methods
when your orthogonal embodiment is in division
and you feel your modem go cold


A true multi-carrier uprising
receiving symbols from the plurality
the spectrally overlapping modulations
signals coupled to the transmitter
processors controlling data controlling processors
Fourier on all fours with his symbols

Payload data!

If I ever get out of this orthogonal overlap
buy me a drink and give me a slap.


The Incredible String Band — Little Cloud

Just because it’s Friday and I’m in this kind of mood, let’s listen to Little Cloud, by the The Incredible String Band. Sing along, everybody:

Little Cloud

How sweet to be a cloud, floating in the blue.

Lying awake, late the other night
Heard above me a trembling,
I looked up, it was a little cloud,
From which a gold string was dangling;
You know, I gave the string a little pull,
Just to see what was on the other end.
Just then a voice came down to me, says,
“Hey, now, don’t you want to be my friend,

And float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair;
Float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair;

You see I’m just a happy little cloud,
I laugh and float and sing my song,
But the other clouds don’t like me none.
They say I am behaving very wrong.
You see a cloud’s supposed to be sad,
To cry and weep and tear its hair and all,
And don’t matter how hard I try,
I can’t get the first little tear to fall.”

And float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair;
Float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair;

I said, “Hey, I like you little cloud,
You are a nice little fellow, yes.”
“You making some, kind of a joke?”, said the cloud,
“Now can’t you see I’m wearing such a pretty dress?
You see I am the prettiest little chick cloud
That you’d find anywhere up above.
I just dropped in on you awhile
To see if you could give me some kind of love.”

And float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair;
Float with me to distant lands wondrous and fair;

Just then the chief cloud come into view
And says, “Hey, girl, now what you
think you’re doing there?
I told you so many times before
You just don’t seem at all to care.
You know you should be floating up above, now
Don’t let me catch you down here again.”

And as my cloud pulled out of view,
There come failing down a gentle shower of rain.
Happy rain come failing down,
Red, green, blue and golden.
And every drop, as it fell, it smiled
And, throwing back its head, began singing,

“Oh float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair;
Float with me to distant lands, wondrous and fair.”