The new Wordlab site has been up and running for a week now, and so far so good. The action has been great on the new forums! You can access the Naming Projects forum right from the Home page; access the other two forums (Taglines & SlogansWordlab Issues) from the Forums page or the sidebar links. Please see this forum post, How to Use the Wordlab Forum, for instructions on how to get started, plus Pro Tips on how best to make use of the forum.

And take these words of wisdom to heart: Please strive to be generous with name and tagline/slogan suggestions for your fellow Wordlabbers. Often, even if you are stuck trying to name your own company or product, you might have great ideas for somebody else’s project, and helping them may unblock your path to the right name for your own project.

Here are some highlights from the past week in the Naming Projects forum:

Name for fitness/apparel company: Fitty; Axis; and the best one so far, Punchdrunk (great work, Quark).

Name for Asian culture club branching into sales: Orient Express; Proton Beam; SuperCool; Otaku World; and the best one so far, Asia Vu  (great work, Quark).

Name for a Wedding/Event planning & Styling business: Big Day; Main Event; In The Moment; Three Cheers; and the best one so far, Pop! Events (great work, Franny).

Name for fandom themed bar/restaurant: Fanimal; Fan Cave; Dollop; Eat Long & Prosper; Trekkielicious; Restaurant That Must Not Be Named; Shire Bar & Grill; Smaugasborg; El Rancho Skywalker; Regalia; Fannery; Spacetoast; Chewie.

Catchy Name for a technology consulting services: Binary Partners; BeepBeep; Digitalus; Dark Star; Neutrino; Blur.

Name for a new science experiment-studying wild house mice in outdoor enclosures: A House for a Mouse; FREE: Free Range Experimental Enclosures; Free Range Mice; Mousetopia; MouseHouse: Think Outside The Lab; Project GreenMouse; The Big Cheese Lab.

Name for Couples ministry: Love Strong; Big Love; LoveWorks; Coupling; You&Me; Two Of Us; One Heart; LoveLight; Helpmate; Lean On Me.

Name for hair extension company: Destiny; Weevil; Twirl; Fresh Hair; Sweet Pea; Hair Apparent; Mane Matters; Goddess Locks; Houseplant.

New name for a retro Motocross inspired Men’s Jogging Suit line: So many good names in this thread–a real treasure trove! Jumpsuit; Fourstroke; Elsinore; Bronson; Stuntman; Moto; Fédération; Sideburn; Temescal Wash; Santa Ana; Chrome; Mountbatten; International; Ortega Hwy; Trabuco; Roller; Scrapheap.

Two attractive single moms starting a food truck need a name!!??: Food Babes; TwinStar; Rolling Thunder; The Milfwagon; Texas Mother Truckers; Hot Mamas Roadside; Lone Star Belly (or Lone Starbelly or Lonestar Belly); Wagon Mavens; Two x Southwest; Eat Prey Love.

I need names for ladies perfume: Fickle; Bombshell; Sway; Rollick; Swoon; Swizzle; Pothos (good one — one of Aphrodite’s erotes); Now; Stay; Starry Night; Connection. See also the old old Wordlab archival list of 828 Fragrance Names.

Happy Wordlabbing, everyone!

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