You might enjoy this year’s Blawg Review Awards for law bloggers and everyone interested in the best blawg brands. It’s a surprisingly entertaining read, not just for lawyers but for everyone interested in law. And there’s lots of good stuff for anyone interested in naming and branding, too.

Overlawyered got the award for Best Name for a legally-oriented blog, but it looks like there’s competition heating up in this category as the Greatest American Lawyer and the Ruthless Lawyer are looking to establish domain name dominance.

This year’s Blawg Review Awards are judged and decided solely by Themis. You may agree or disagree with her decisions, and we trust that some of you might have a lot to say about these Blawg Review Awards on your own blogs. If you would like to acknowledge other award-worthy blawgs, by all means don’t hesitate to invent some new award categories and wield your authority like a law blogger by giving awards to your personal favorites—maybe even giving yourself the award you deserve.

One of our favorites is Marty Schwimmer, a leading trademark attorney, whose weblog The Trademark Blog could get an award for the Most Descriptive Name for a Trademark Blog. But hey, Google loves it.

In other news for lawyers, and naming and branding specialists, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently denied its application for trademark of that domain name. Apparently, it took twenty-nine pages to explain this seemingly inevitable result, but you can read a nice short post summarizing the decision on the TTABlog. Get it?

On a related note, Professor Bainbridge (whose eponymous law blog® picked up a Blawg Review Award for Best Eclectic Blog) recently announced that his blog name is now a registered service mark. So watch out.

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