The original Wordlab was begun by snark and quark in 1998 as a database of their logorrhea and over time grew to 25,678 names in 44 categories before Mother Nature cried foul; the creaky old site was retired in 2010, completely re-coded twice to become what you now behold. Should you suffer from insomnia or are just plain curious, here are 44 lists of legacy names, titles and taglines taken from the pre-2010 Wordlab site, along with the standard blog archives in the other tabs:

Academy accessories accounting adline admin administration advice advisor advisory aerospace agency agribusiness agriculture agritech app apparel aquaponics art arts Autism B2B back banana bath bathroom beauty behind belly bicyclcles biomass body books bottom bracelet builder's bum bum burgers burrito business business cards business coach business development business name business portal business process cafe camera camping cancer career caricature cartoon change agent charity children climate change Clinic clothing coaching coding coffee cognitive therapy collaboration community center company name compliance computer services concerts confidence connectivity Conservatory construction consultant consultants consulting consumer electronics continuous improvement cookie dough cookies copyediting cosmetics cover crafts creative crystal customer experience customer service cx cybersecurity dance data analysis decals decor defects design dessert development diagnostics diamonds diaper bags digital marketing dignity dining discreet donations drawing dreaming e-commerce eco-friendly ecommerce education embroidery employees employment energy engineering enterprise entrepreneur environmental ethical Event event planning events event space exercise Eyewear farming fashion finance financial services fine art fitness food fund funding fundraiser fundraising funny gantry Garment gemstones gift box girls glass glass bottles global grants greatstartnames green energy greeting cards growth hair care hair extensions handicrafts handmade headhunter healing Health healthcare health clinic health drink healthy help help wanted hide hiring historic holiday home decor homemade home repair housing HR Iaso industrial integrated solutions investment ios JD Edwards jewelry job job board jobs kidney kidneys kids laser leadership lean methodologies learning LED lighting leisure life coach life skills lingerie lounge bar lower back mac maintenance make up marketing massage measurement medical medical practice medicinal meditation merchant facility merger metal metalsmithing metrics mind mobile mobile accessories money management museum music naming natural network services non-profit nursing off-shore optimization organ donation organic ornaments osx paintings paper peaceful perfume personal brand personality pillows platform Point of Sale Point of Sales POS prints private label process production programming promo gear proofreading property psychological assessment Psychology coaching psychometrics Purpose recruiting recruitment reflexology relaxation remodel reputation research restaurant restaurant workers retail reviews River river sports safety sales school screen printing search SEO serene servers sexual health shampoo signs small business snacks soap social media social network software software development solar panels special needs spectrum spiral sponsorship Sports staffing startup steel stock management stomach strategy student supplements sushi sustainability swimsuit swimwear Switzerland tagline taglines tea tech technology test tours training traits transit transplant trauma travel travel bags tummy urbanism users venture vinyl virility watches Water sports wearable web Wellness wholesale window windows wine work wear

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