The original Wordlab was begun by snark and quark in 1998 as a database of their logorrhea and over time grew to 25,678 names in 44 categories before Mother Nature cried foul; the creaky old site was retired in 2010, completely re-coded twice to become what you now behold. Should you suffer from insomnia or are just plain curious, here are 44 lists of legacy names, titles and taglines taken from the pre-2010 Wordlab site, along with the standard blog archives in the other tabs:

accounting admin administration adventure advisor advisory advocacy Africa agency agriculture agritech antiseptic app apparel arts B2B bath beacon beauty body bracelet branding burgers business business coach business development business name business portal business process cafe cam camera camping cancer career caricature cartoon change agent charity chic children clay climate change Clinic coaching coffee collaboration community community center company concerts confidence connectivity construction consultant consultants consulting continuous improvement cookies cooperatives copyediting cosmetics crafts data analysis decals decor design diamonds digital marketing dignity discreet DJ donations drawing e-commerce eco-friendly education employment energy engineering enrichment enterprise entrepreneur environmental Event event planning events Eyewear fair trade feminine finance flowers food fragrances funding fundraising gemstones girls glam glamour global grants greatstartnames Green Energy name greeting cards growing growth hair hair extensions handicrafts handmade headhunter Health healthcare healthy hotel hot tub housing HR india indigenous insurance integrated solutions IT JD Edwards jewelry jobs kids leadership leisure life coach life skills lotion lounge bar make up marketing massage medical medical practice merchant facility merger metal metalsmithing metamorphosis metrics missions mobile mobile technology mosquito repellent music music festival natural NGO Nicaragua non-profit nursing optimization paper parties partner program peaceful personal brand photography platform Point of Sale Point of Sales POS poverty reduction price price comparison process production programming proofreading records managment recruitment reflexology reputation restaurant retail reviews River river sports rural safari safety sales search SEO serene sharing shopping skills skincare small business snacks snapshots soap social media software software development spa cover spa lift sponsorship Sports steel stock management strategy style supply sustainability sustainable Switzerland tagline tech technology third world tourism trade training translation trauma travel urbanism users venture video video game videography video production village vinyl virtual watches Water sports web web design webdesign web hosting website weight loss Wellness wine women

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